Flaccid Inny 5


  • NoBSinBR

    I love flaccid penises! I especially love tiny flaccid penises. I sometimes get so high on meth that I get horny as all getup, but am unable to get an erection. This is when I enjoy playing with my dick the most, because I can stroke & fiddle & flicker & manipulate into weird positions my tiny flaccid pee-pee for hours! I once played with my little limp dick for 9 hours straight! My wildest dream is to get high on meth with another dude & play with each other’s tiny flaccid pee-pees for hours on end. There’s just something about a wee soft pecker that gets my slender body tremblin’ & my precum flowing!

  • bluesteel

    Anybody looking for a fuck buddy? If you are you can find my dating post under “Man Looking for Small Dick Man” under “Love Chubbies with Small Dicks and Tits”. Small dicks really make me so erect and horny.

  • Phatphil

    not seen my pic yet maybe im looking in the wrong place…Anyway i think its great to have a web site for us less blessed in the trouser area, you guys rock nice to know that i am not alone..

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