Wife Bumps into Her Ex

by SDC Webmaster

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by underdrive


It was late. I woke up as I heard my wife, Renee, stumble inside making more noise than usual. I figured she was drunk and bumping into things. She had gone out the Saturday night with her friends for a girl’s night to dance in some downtown club.

As I listened to her downstairs I rubbed my dick through my boxers. I had been edging myself all night in anticipation of her coming home in this state. Edging because often when she comes home drunk, she is very horny, but is also so drunk that she will pass out before I can cum. So I had started to edge myself with the hopes of coming quickly if I did get to fuck her.

She never came when she was this drunk. She just said it’s the way she’s wired, she can get really wet and really turned on, but just can’t cum when she’s drunk. Usually the next morning I would use my mouth and fingers to give her an orgasm. I imagined this as I got hard and waited for her to come up. I could hear movement downstairs, but didn’t know what was taking her so long.

After a while I heard her coming up the stairs, again louder than usual, but figured it was because she was drunk. She came into the room and we smiled at each other and with a cute, but guilty grin she said “Hi.”

She then undressed and pulled the covers back exposing my hand on my cock.

“I can see your little guy is ready for me.” She said.

“Always.” I replied.

I looked at her gorgeous body as I lied there stroking. She was 39 years old, but so sexy. She had aged amazingly well and I was lucky to have her. She was five foot seven, her dark hair grazed her dark skinned shoulders. Her 34C breasts bounced as she sat down beside me on the bed and rubbed her nipple along my open mouth before placing her hand over mine and stopped me from stroking.

“You better slow down baby. I want to cum tonight.”

“Yeah?” I whispered back suddenly regretting my edging.

“Yeah baby, and I want to cum on a cock, not your mouth. I want you to throw me down and fuck me like when we first met. Like when we were young. Can you do that baby?”

“I can try”

“You think you’ll succeed tonight, even though you know I never come on your cock unless I ride you and play with my clit?” She asked and gently stroked my cock as she held it. I was on the verge of coming just listening to her talk like that.

I’m submissive and she knows it. Ever since a couple years ago when she confessed that she had had a brief affair with a guy named Colin and I revealed to her that I had known and that it actually turned me on we had role played and dirty talk about her with other men while we had sex. When she revealed that Colin “had a huge cock” that “barely fit inside” and I came before she even completed the sentence it became my number one turn on. She preferred not to say his name, but rather talk in general terms of a man with a big cock fucking her and me watching, but in my mind it was always him. As I thought about that now and felt myself almost cumming I stopped her hand on my cock.

“What’s the matter babe? You already close?” she asked as she moved her hand to my balls. “What were you thinking about?”

“You. With Colin and his huge cock.”

“Mmmm. Me too baby. Do you still want to see my face as his huge cock slides into my tight pussy?”

“Oh fuck.” I grabbed my cock again unable to control myself, but she slapped my hand away.

“Do you still want to see him fuck me from behind as I stare into your eyes. See me cum over and over again on his huge cock?”

I moaned.

“Say it!” She commanded and squeezed my balls tightly.

“Baby you know I do.”

She squeezed them tighter, “I want to hear you say it.”

“I want you to.” I replied quietly.

“Want me to what?” she said as she moved her hand back to my cock and just held it.

“Fuck him.”



“And his huge cock?”

“Baby you’re going to make me cum.”

“Don’t you dare cum. I need to get fucked tonight.”

And with that she straddled over me and sat down on my throbbing cock. She was already wet. Very wet. I slid right in.

“I’m so wet, that I can barely feel you baby.”

“Do you want me to slide my fingers inside you with my cock?

“No. I want Colin’s big dick inside me. I want to feel him stretch me and make me scream and squirt all over the bed until I pass out exhausted instead of from boredom like with you. Do you want that to? Do you want to see that?”

I nodded my head.

“I need you to say. And say it loud. Say you want to see Colin’s big cock fuck me hard and make me cum.”

I was so close to cumming I just spit it out “I want to see Colin’s huge cock fuck the shit out of you and make you cum so hard.”

She stopped grinding on my cock and smiled at me. I was thankful that she stopped as I was about to end all this by cumming inside her. “Good.” She said. “I have a surprise. What if I said that I saw him tonight and that he’s standing just outside our bedroom door with his big cock ready to fuck me. Ready to make YOUR fantasy come true?”

I went white. Was she playing with me or was this true? The fantasy was one thing, but him hearing me say what I had just said was almost too humiliating.

“What if I told you that he and I spent all night dancing and making out? That he had his hands all over your wife and that my pussy is soaking wet just thinking about his hug dick inside me?”

“Baby, please, you’re going to make me cum.”

“What if I said he knows you have a little dick and wants me to be satisfied. The same way you want me to be satisfied? You want me to be satisfied, right baby?”

“Yes. Of course.”

“Then what do you say? Is this just a fantasy? Or will you let him fuck me? Right here, right now?”

I stared at her unable to speak. She leaned down and whispered in my ear “I still love you and only you baby, but I know this is your fantasy and I’m drunk and I did bump into him at the club. We’ve been dancing and making out, he had his hands all over me, but I told him that I would only fuck him if you were okay with it. Are you okay with it baby? Can I fuck him? Are you ready to actually see how big his cock really is?”

I nodded. Not sure what I could say. My mind was spinning between jealousy and arousal. Without even thinking I said “Yes. I want to see him fuck you.”

“Okay baby”, she smiled. “You can come in Colin.

I looked to the door and he came in. The man who had fucked my wife for three months twelve years ago. The man who’s huge cock changed my sex life forever. He dropped his boxers and revealed a meaty dick nearly twice my size soft as I was when fully hard. I saw the lust in my wife’s eyes as she reached out and grabbed hold of it. It filled her hand, her fingers didn’t touch as she held it. Unlike mine, which disappeared in her fist. She turned to me and smiled and said “This is his cock baby. Is it everything you imagined?”

And when she said that I came so hard inside her. I had the biggest, longest orgasm of my life over my wife’s ex’s cock. I was immediately completely embarrassed. Made worse when Colin laughed and said “well I guess he won’t be joining in then.”

My wife looked at me with this awful pity in her eyes. Her look was incredibly humiliating, I felt like such a failure. I had promised to make her cum and we hadn’t even started yet and now my limp little cock plopped out of her as she stood up and kissed Colin.

His hands were all over her body and she stroked him to fully erect. His cock was huge. She had not exaggerated at all. Compared to my dick it was as if he was a different species. She turned to me and asked me if I liked it. I nodded. I kind of wanted it to stop, but it had gone too far now, I knew it couldn’t stop. That no matter what I said he was going to fuck her brains out tonight.

She turned to me and said “You made a mess of my pussy baby. I think it’s only right you clean it up. Lick me. Get my pussy ready for his huge cock.”

It was one thing for me to lick my cum out of her when we were alone together, but in front of him? The look on his face said it all. There is no way this alpha cocked man would ever do something like that. Before I could say anything she sat on my face and grinded her pussy into me. I had no choice I licked her and she continued to stroke and suck his massive cock as my limp little 2 incher lay there numb. I tried to reach around her and stroke myself, hoping that if I could get hard again I could be more turned on by this whole night. Even enjoy it. I felt my limp little dick in my hand and thought about what his cock would feel like. I couldn’t blame my wife for enjoying it, because even I thought it would feel better.

I felt myself getting hard again. I stroked faster and maybe got my erection to eighty percent. I’m 5″ fully hard. My wife got off my face and after looking at my penis she gave me a “I’m sorry” type of look. She then bent over so that her boobs were in my face and she whispered into my ear as she grabbed hold of my dick and held it.

“He’s going to fuck me now, his huge cock is going to slide into my pussy and make me cum because you couldn’t baby. Because you’re man enough to let him fuck me and I love you for it. I wish we could surgically replace your cock with his, but we can’t. I’m sorry. Oh fuck, he’s rubbing it against my wet pussy baby. I’m so wet, so turned on. Hold me baby, hold me as his huge cock splits me in two. Watch my face as his huge cock enters me.”



Suddenly I was fully erect again in her hand and very turned on. I watched as she bit her lip and moaned.

“Take it slow baby, I’ve only been with him for 12 years. My pussy is so tight.” Then she looked at me and said “He barely fits baby. He’s so big he can’t get it inside me. And yet you slid right in and I could barely feel you. Does that turn you on baby? Oh GOD DAMM! He’s pushing into me baby, he’s pushing inside me, it hurts so good baby. Oh fuck. He’s so big baby. Fuck it feels so good. I’m going to cum baby, he’s going to make me cum already!”

And with that she squeezed my cock tightly and had the biggest orgasm I have ever seen her have. I couldn’t believe it, but my cock came too as I watched.

“The was amazing sweetheart.”

She couldn’t catch her breath to say anything. Colin thrust into her and she yelped. She looked at me. “You came again?” I nodded. “Fuck baby, this really turned you on doesn’t it?” I nodded again. “Well then get hard again, because we’re just getting started. I wanted you to cum as you watched him fuck me.”

“Didn’t I?”

“Oh sweety, we’re just getting started. That was just the tip.” Then she gasped as he plunged into her and started pumping his cock in and out of her. I had never seen her like this. She was making animal sounds, her legs were shaking, she just couldn’t stand up anymore and fell on top of me exhausted. She cradled her head into my neck and I held her tightly, but I couldn’t see her. I could only see Colin’s face as he fucked her with a vengeance.

“Baby, I missed you so much. I love your pussy. You’re the only woman who can take me. My wife never fucks me, because it’s too big for her, but you take it all.”

“Fuck yes, you’re the only man who can fill me. I love your big cock. Fuck me”

I was trapped underneath all this. With my cock limp and spent it was difficult to not let the jealousy overcome the arousal. I again tried to reach out and stroke myself, but couldn’t I was just pinned there. Nothing more than a mattress for my wife and her lover… I could feel her juices leaking down onto my leg and his balls splashing into them as she built up to another orgasm. Again she screamed louder than I had ever imagined she could.

“I’m going to squirt baby. Keep fucking me hard!”

He did as told and suddenly her entire body began to shake as her orgasm took over and I found myself sitting in a wet puddle on the bed.

She whispered in my ear “You’ve never done that to me.”

Colin pulled out as if sensing she needed a break. He laid on top of her as if knowing or not caring that I was smothered underneath. He rested his head on her opposite side and I could hear him whispering something to my wife, but couldn’t make out what. I could hear her breathing in my ear.

I then realized that his cock was resting on my thigh. It was heavy and felt like my wife’s arm, but then I realized that is was moving back and forth just slightly.

“I can’t take anymore tonight baby.” My wife said.

“Both of you have cum twice and I haven’t cum at all yet!”

“I know baby, I’m sorry, but my pussy is just too out of practice I don’t think I can take anymore. And I can’t even move a muscle, I can’t get you off. I’m so sorry.”

“I need to cum.”

“Rub it for me. You know how much I love to see you stroke it.”

They talked as if I wasn’t even there and his movement against my leg sped up.

“I want you to suck it again.” He said. This was a shock to me since my wife never sucked me.”

I can’t baby. You fucked me so good I can’t move. I’m passing out. You can fuck me as long as you want to, but I’m passing out. Maybe my husband can suck you off.”

I couldn’t believe what she had just said. And true to her word she was asleep.

“You want to suck my dick buddy?”


With that he rolled her over and off of me and inserted his huge dick inside her. She grunted in pleasure as he fucked her. I watched her tits bounce back and forth and started to get hard again to my surprise. I began to stroke myself.

“No dude. Not while it’s just you and me.” I stopped stroking. “In fact it would be better if you just left the room while I finished up.”

“Will you cum inside her?”

“Of course. I always do.” He said and laughed.

I got up and stood outside the room stroking myself until I heard him cum. He then got up and got dressed and laughed at me as he walked past me and said “See you next time.”

I went back to our bed. My wife was passed out. His cum was splashed over her stomach and tits and leaking out of her stretched pussy. I couldn’t help it. I jerked off thinking of his huge dick inside her. I had to feel it, had to know what her stretched out pussy was like. I put my dick inside her, but it was like putting my dick into a bucket of water. There was no friction.

My wife stirred. She looked up at me and said “I just had the craziest dream. I need to cum. Can you lick me baby. I really can’t feel you and too tired to ride you. Please lick me?”

I thought about his cum in her pussy, but then I wanted to make her cum. I kissed and licked my way down to her pussy, licking up his cum as I went. Then she held my face into her pussy and came quickly and was then asleep just as fast. I laid there with my face in her pussy and stroked myself to another orgasm.

I got a wet cloth from the bathroom and cleaned her up then cuddled with her to sleep.

The End.




  1. WOW That story is fantastic. i wet my panties reading it. Thanks. Love that fantasy come true. I remember when the similar thing happened to me. except i did suck his when he finished with my wife.

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