True Story: Am I Just An Enabler For My Wife?

by SDC Webmaster

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By hmdznr (Edited with Ginger)


I recently made a friend at the gym, or so I thought. Tyler is a guy I had met at the gym a few months ago. We work out a lot together, and we became friends right away. I always thought I’m the strongest guy at the gym. Then Tyler arrived and seemed to be the only guy who could give me a run for my money. He’s a tall black man, and yes, he’s very well hung, not that all black guys are.

We started hanging out together outside the gym more and more. We’d often go out for a beer after we worked out. We were always a spectacle in the gym because we are always going super heavy with the weights.

My wife knew we were good friends, but didn’t know much about him except about our gym workouts which all my friends raved about. Trying to be nice, my wife asked me if I’d like to invite Tyler over one weekend to grill some burgers, have some beers, and watch the game. I actually felt a bit hesitant and tried to put her off.

OK, I have a rather small penis (Bronze Member) and my wife is quite the size queen. “Look, I don’t want this to be another conquest of yours,” I told her outright.

“Babe, I know he’s a good friend of yours,” she said. “I have my lovers, and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. He most likely doesn’t meet my standards. You know how I like my men, and most of your friends do nothing for me.”

I could see she was being earnest and didn’t want to do anything to hurt me. So, the next weekend, Tyler came over for the game. We all got along very well. We were watching the game drinking beer, while my wife went out to check the burgers.

“You’re one lucky son-of-a-bitch, dude. You’ve got a great wife, and she’s hot too. How’d YOU ever manage to keep her?” He said jokingly.

“I guess I’m more man than you, dog,” I said with a wry smile.

“Guess so, dude. You’re a lucky man,” Tyler said.

That went great. We seemed to be getting along very well. My wife isn’t trying to pick up Tyler either, which made me happy. It’s getting late, and before I knew it, I’m starting to get tired. We were having a nice, intelligent conversation and I thought we’d just finish and call it a night. I ended up nodding off on the couch without even realising it.

I don’t know how long I slept for but I woke to this terrible sound. Very loud. Somewhere between someone vomiting and a deep belch. I’m alone in the room, so the sound came from somewhere else in the house. Everything is very dark, so I looked at the clock. It’s already midnight. Did Tyler already go home, I wondered?

I went into the Kitchen, trying to make things out in the dark. I find my wife on her knees in her boy short underwear in front of a naked Tyler. He’s standing there with his huge schlong in my wife’s mouth. My wife is sucking him off like mad. She would bob her head a few times with a bit of a twist, both hands stroking his shaft at the same time.

Tyler would grab her head and force her head all the way down his shaft, down to his balls. He would hold her head there, fucking her mouth with his hips. When he released her head, she would make this terrible gagging, belching noise. There’s spit all over his cock, her chin, and down her neck. A spit string is hanging from her mouth to his cock. She would look up into his eyes with pleasure and then go back down on his shaft again.

I feel so torn, but turned on at the same time. I couldn’t move. I stood in the shadows and watched with an erection.

She sucked him a few more times like this, each time he would fuck her face even longer. Each time she would look up at him gasping for breath sucking even harder than before. Eventually she’s begging him to fuck her. His cock looked freakishly huge and thicker than I could have ever imagined. She laid him down, dropped her underwear, and fell onto his chest facing his cock. She grabbed his cock in her hands.

“I think you’re by far thickest cock I’ve ever had,” she said, turning and looking him in the eyes. “I fucking love thick cock.”

She then grabbed his cock in her hand and lifted her hips and wriggled down on his cock. “Oh. So I’m just a cock to you?” Tyler said to her.

“Baby, you’re much more than just a cock,” she says seductively.

She then takes a few mid length strokes on his shaft. Tyler grabs her by the hips, throws his head back and moans. “Fuck, you feel nice.”

She lets him push her all the way down on his cock. A couple pumps and she stops and just grinds on him. “Oh fuck. I’m fucking cumming already,” she moans.

“Damn that feels amazing,” Tyler said.

I see her body shake with orgasm, and I cream myself. She then regains herself, grabs his hands and runs her fingers through his. “I love your big black hands.”

She leans forward and manoeuvres herself into a secure position and starts bouncing her ass up and down his cock. Her ass is shaking like mad. I’ve never seen her fuck a man with such intensity before. She’s even biting her lip. Her eyes are rolling back into her head.

“Ahhhhhh… Gawd,” she whimpers in ecstasy.

Tyler shouts, “Fuck my cock, bitch… FUCK IT.”

She is on the edge. I’ve never seen anything as sexy as this. Seriously, no porn could even come close. She could only hold onto this for a short time. Her body is dripping with sweat. “Fuck… FUCK… Ahhh… GOD.”

Tyler is thrusting into her at the same time. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuuuck,” my wife moans and starts convulsing with orgasm.

Suddenly, she falls onto the kitchen floor, struggling to catch her breath. Tyler gets up with his huge cock pointing to the sky. “Oh, Baby, you’re gonna have to help me up if you want more,” my wife says.

He gets between her legs. She looks so small compared to his large, muscular body. His black skin contrasts with her pale white skin. He kisses her breasts and sucks her nipples. He kisses her mouth snaking his tongue deep into hers. He grabs a breast with his large black hand and messages it. He bites and kisses her neck while his cock enters her pussy slowly. She arches into him, gasping as he enters deeper.

I can see her belly raise as he goes in deep and she pushes her hips into his. They fuck slowly like this for a while. She puts her hands on his chest, feeling his firm pecs. She runs them down his muscular abs and then up his back, pulling him into her. He quickens the pace and pumps his hips with deep, long strokes. She grabs his firm ass and pushes him inside deep. She then drags her fingers firmly up his back, tearing her nails into his back.

He pumps harder and deeper, their skin slapping as he thrusts. His large balls slapping her ass with each thrust. Her nails still digging into his back, and I could see blood start to form around them. The scratches up and down his back, her way of claiming this man as her own.

She put a hand against his chest, looking him deep into his eyes. “I want you to take me from behind.”

He grabbed her leg in his hand and raise up, the other hand grabbing a sofa arm to help. He stands up never let his cock leave her warmth. They kiss passionately and he sucks her breast while she rides him. One hand on her ass and the other on her back supporting her. He bounces her and fucks her upright for a minute before walking her over to the breakfast bench. He lays her slowly back, placing her ankles up and back. He fucks her like this. I have to move back behind a piece of furniture to continue watching. I have my pants down, jacking off my small dick in a couple of fingers to their session.

I can not only see his huge balls slapping her, but hear them as he pumps into her. “Oh fuck. Yeah, like that. OH FUCK,” she encourages him. He picks up the pace and pushes in with more and more force each time. “Ah… I’m cum…”

I see her body convulse in orgasm, again.

Tyler grabs an ankle and twists it up in the air while grabbing the other twisting that one down. She turns over, her face on the breakfast bar. He grabs her hips and pulls them into his and continues his fevered fucking. The muscles in her shoulders and back tense. She struggles to grab onto something, but can’t find the edge of the bench. She palms the bench as her body is sent into another orgasm.

She moans loudly. “Oh God, you’re so huge… Oh, fuck me deep…”

He grabs her hips and ass tight and pulls them, pushing himself deep as if he wants to rip right into her. Her body shakes with an orgasm. This one is much more intense. Her face is plastered to the bench, and her mouth gaping. Drool exits her mouth and puddles on the bench. A hand finds the edge and grabs and pulls. The other digging nails into the bench top. Her feet stretched onto her toes, one leg bending up. Her muscles tensing her legs tight.

Her body shaking while she tries hard to gasp for breath.

Suddenly, Tyler yells, “I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum in my mouth, please,” my wife begs.

He pulls out and pulls her back, flipping her over and down onto her knees with his two hands at her side. She grabs his large shaft and sucks the head, taking his cock all the way down her throat. My wife looks Tyler in the eyes as she strokes his shaft. He grabs her hair in back and yanks her head down and toward him. Her head is pulled back and mouth wide open, a trail of spit connecting her mouth to his cock.

He shoots cum on her. The first stream shoots up in the air and falls across her face and into her hair. She sticks her tongue out to catch it. The next stream goes onto her face, and into her eyes and down across her nose and mouth. Her eyes close and she licks her lips as the next smaller streams go right into her mouth. He pushes her onto his cock and she sucks every last drop of cum out of him.

He drops to the ground, his body glistening with sweat flailed across the tiled kitchen floor. My wife falls onto his chest. They lay there, bodies covered in sweat not moving for some time. I leave them on the floor and go up to my room to finish myself off with this vision in my head.


Tyler and I remained friends afterward. He’s been very good about not letting the fact he’s fucking my wife change our friendship. Anyone who’s been a cuckold knows this is a rare thing.

The End.



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