True Stories: Our Readers SPH Experiences 7

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This fictional story is the artistic expression of the author who wrote it. The Small Dick Club strongly believes in freedom of speech, and the right of artists to be heard, especially if what they say pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in society. If you think you won’t like the content of this story, then don’t read it. It’s that simple. The Small Dick Club wishes to advise readers that any similarities in these stories to actual or real people or events is purely coincidental and unintended. That any story marked as a ‘true story’ shouldn’t be taken literally, as we have no way to verify if stories submitted to us are true. The Small Dick Club takes no responsibility for the imaginations and literary creations of authors who post their stories here.
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Readers and visitors to this site have been sending us their own moments of small dick Zen. Enjoy.


One reader tells us about how he caught his wife…

Recently, I picked my wife up from a work party at one of their houses, I waited a while outside, but as it was half past midnight, bloody cold, and her mobile seemed to be switched off, I got out to let her know I was here. I walked around the back knocked on the door, Pat let me in saying, “I’ll go, let her know you’re here.”

We walked through the utility room and down the hall, I took a quick peek into the lounge, there I could see couple’s dancing to slow music, Pat glanced around the throng, said something to another of her mates who gestured up stairs. Pat disappeared up the stairs, after a few minutes my wife came down, walking through to the kitchen. “Hi darling, ” she said.

I was not the only one to notice her blouse was buttoned up one button out, and un-tucked at the back of her skirt. I could see the skirt that had buttons running up the front side had several of them undone, and she was a little unsteady on her feet. “I’ve just been laying down I felt a bit unwell,” she said, as I glanced down the hall to the stairs.

I saw Pat come down the with a tall young guy behind her, who was just putting his shirt back into his trousers, I could also see most of my wife’s colleagues were looking from this guy to my wife then me, I went a bit red but pretended not to notice. Pat and the guy walked through, she gave my wife a goodbye hug and with her back to me, I could see her slip my wife something, my wife thanked her putting it in her clutch purse, from the silky black fabric hanging out of the purse. It looked suspiciously like her panties!

“Thanks for coming, it’s been a fantastic night,” said Pat.

My wife giggled replying, “I can’t remember when I’ve had Bigger, er… I mean more… yes… more fun, Pat.” She turned to me and said, “Come on, Little Bill, I need to get back to bed… I mean back to my bed.”

How I blushed, I saw the young guy smirking a bit at me, I couldn’t help but look down at his legs where he had quite a wet patch on his thigh. This was bad enough, but the large lump poking across from the right to the top left side of his trousers left me in, little doubt as what my wife was doing up those stairs. As seemingly all her colleagues were now watching the scene, I think my wife’s little drunken slip: I can’t remember when I’ve had Bigger or the, come on, Little Bill are probably the latest, most embarrassing things my wife has ever said to me!

Especially looking at the size of the lump in his trousers, and knowing most of her colleagues are well aware of my small dick (4 inches hard), with her regular use of her crooked little finger, as a joke of course!


One Reader got a surprise when…

A couple of nights ago, jokingly I asked the girlfriend if she’d be mad if I made her a ‘clone-a-willy’ for Valentine’s Day. She replied, “No offence, but if I’m going to pleasure myself I’ll need at least double the length of yours.”


One Reader tells us what’s on the menu tonight…

My wife really got me the other day. I was out working in the yard and when I finished, I decided to cool off with a cool shower. While showering, she came into have a chat. She pulled back the shower curtain, and after a couple of minutes her eyes drifted down to my groin and she started to giggle. “Where’s your dick?” she asked.

The cool water had completely turned me into an innie. She started to rub my balls, to try to get it to come back out. When I eventually got a full erection, she giggled some more, and said, “I’m gonna make baby carrots for dinner tonight.” Then she left.


One Reader is often on his girlfriend’s mind, it seems…

This hit me like a bolt out of the blue the other night. I was watching TV with my hot girlfriend when the actors in the show we were watching made a joke about a guys small dick. We both laughed, but my girlfriend turned to me and said, “Whenever I hear a joke about a small dick I always think of you.” Ouch!


Out of the mouth of babes…

A while ago I had to go to another city for my work and thought I was lucky because my Brother lived there. So obviously I stayed at his house for the week. A good way to save money, and catch up with his family. He has a 5yo boy whose a bit of a brat, but I tolerated him for the sake of peace. I got home from work one afternoon and jumped in the shower as I had spent the day at a building site.

Anyway, I was in the shower really enjoying the hot water, when I look down and saw the kid standing there looking at me. I growled at him and told him to get out, and he ran out of the bathroom. Later that night at dinner, as we all sat around the table he suddenly yells out, “Uncle John has a little doodle, mommy!” Talk about die of embarrassment!


One Reader tells us how she likes to humiliate her man…

I guess my fetish is pretty weird. I get off on my boyfriend’s being nude or stripped in front of women he’d never want to see him that way. My main interest in his humiliation is that he is not “hung”, but is in fact pretty small. Flaccid or erect, it’s obvious his dick is below average size, and his being over six feet doesn’t help matters for him. The worst part about it (or the best), is that although he does have a humiliation fetish, and this wouldn’t work if he didn’t, I’ve pushed the envelope to such limits that he has felt genuine humiliation, more than he has been aroused by the experience.

I read a few stories on the net, and realised that the way to REALLY humiliate a guy in such role play is to bring in a woman completely disconnected to the scenario, so a truly humiliating moment occurs. And I have done that now four times.

The first time, I simply tied his wrists behind him after he showered, and marched him out naked in front of a friend of mine who only comes to town once a year. He was deeply embarrassed, she laughed and pointed at his penis, we had GREAT sex that night.

The most exciting thing I ever did to him, which caused him the most humiliation, was to get him drunk to the point of nearly passing out (at the end of a party), take him to a bedroom, and invite a girl he professionally hates to come in and watch as I stripped him naked, got him hard, and measured him for her. The reaction she gave was outstanding, she even took pictures with her phone. She’s never told anyone about it, but every time he’s run into her at work, she laughs at him and makes the SPH symbol with her index finger and thumb when she thinks no one else can see her do it. He says anyone but her would have given him some excitement, but it was and still is the worst thing that I have done to him.

That’s what makes it so exciting: To have your “enemy” know you’re hung like a little boy has got to be horrid. At the same time, what a turn on for her; and what a private laugh she’s having at his expense.


One Reader had a lunch to remember…

So I was out with my wife with some friends for lunch. Six of us (three couples) were having a nice time eating Greek food and drinking wine. Maybe too much wine. Someone made a joke about wife-swapping, throwing the keys in the centre of the table etc. My wife blurts out with a big grin, “I’d feel sorry for the one that got my husband, his tiny dick would only disappoint you!”

This was followed by an awkward silence from our friends who looked at each other a bit uneasily. Finally someone changed the subject and everyone started chatting. I put on a brave face but I have never felt so embarrassed in my life. Later, when I confronted my wife about it, all she said was, “What? Everyone knows you have a tiny dick, so it’s no big deal.” Everyone knows? Oh fuck.


One Reader says he likes his little guy…

As crazy as this may sound, I actually like that my penis is tiny. For about 15 years, I desperately hoped it would grow. It never did. Now, many years later, and accepting that my three-inch erection has performed pretty well for me, even if disappointing or frustrating for some of the women who entered my life, I now like being this small. It means that no woman who ever loved me did so in any way for my cock; it led to many spontaneous and totally honest small-penis teasing encounters with women, a few delicious humiliations too; and it means that I’ll never be just a forgettable fuck from a woman’s past…that guy, what’s his name?…oh, they all blur together….” I was an extremely memorable encounter, one they’ve been telling their closest friends about ever since, and probably always will. Over drinks with the girls: “You think that’s small, well there was this one guy in college… (me of course).”

Granted, they weren’t all thrilled, but at my best, a woman could say that I had a very little dick, but I sure knew how to use it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


One Reader tells us that being good-looking doesn’t help if you have a small dick…

At 6’4″ and in tremendous condition along with being considered extremely good-looking, my 4.5 inch hard penis has made me miserable since I can remember. I have turned down more easy sex in my active sex years before marriage than most guys have ever had. I was with somewhere in the neighbourhood of 100 different women before I was 25. I can’t tell you how many women commented that they thought it would be bigger. I, at least, heard that one or two times out of every 10 women. I would not fuck any of my childhood friends, or their friends, for fear of being laughed about behind my back. I had a serious relationship fall apart because of my small size. She gave me reason after reason for dumping me of which I should have accepted, but I continued to pursue her until she told me she could not marry me.

“Why?” I asked?

“Because you have the smallest penis I’ve ever had, and I’ve fooled around with an and old boyfriend ever since we started going out because of it,” she told me. She was crying like a baby telling me this so I don’t think it was her just being mean, it was ‘the truth’ as she said.

I never saw her again after that.

After this happened, I started asking every girl I slept with about my size, and most would readily tell me I was smaller than the average guys they had encountered. Most saying the majority of penises are hardly noticeable in difference, unless they’re very large, or in my case small.

My penis back then was 4.5 inches erect and pretty thin. It has thickened a bit over the years, but now won’t reach 4.5 inches unless I use Viagra. I have been involved in probably 10 or so MMF threesome, and all [the other guys] were noticeably larger, a couple had really big ones and that was easier on my ego than the six to seven inch penises that everyone seemed to have. Many girls have gone down on me and easily taken my entire length and commented later, “Wow, that was easy!” or, “That’s the first time I’ve ever been able to do that.”

Not laughing or being mean, but being able to dominate a penis when they usually feel the penis dominates them. Even my wife has said, along with many girls I’ve been with, “Sometimes a girl just needs to be filled up.”

I have had the pleasure of watching my wife being dominated by a huge penis when we were young, which was thrilling. We continue to occasionally use a large strap on which she fucks like she did the guy that with the big cock that fucked her years ago, quickly, hard and often. She says she wouldn’t want to have one that big all the time, but really needs to be “fucked hard” every so often. I think if I was 6 inches and thicker she would not feel that need.


One Reader tells us that living with a small dick is a grind…

Living with a small dick is different for everyone. I have never had a woman openly laugh at me, but I knew what they were thinking, and I know that I have lost women as a result of it. In fact, if I think of all the women that I have been involved with, this was the basis for the relationship breaking down every time. Not all women must have a gold star size, that’s probably true, but they don’t want a man who is deficient either. They don’t want to feel pity for their partner, and they resent these feelings eventually.

Unless of course the woman herself has real self-esteem issues.

Unkind women will tell their friends, and suddenly you notice them looking at your crotch in a certain way. The friends tell their boyfriends, and comments appear when you are having a drink, maybe or just socializing.

This gets about. In the workplace, for example. Once it becomes common knowledge, your career is shot. Nobody takes a small dick man seriously.

Going swimming is a bit of a challenge. Public showers also. What sort of trousers can you wear without it being obvious you have nothing downstairs. People do register the lunch pack, or absence of it. They talk. You become very aware of the way you sit,a relaxed open leg position is out, cause there is no bulge.

People notice. They talk.

I have contemplated suicide every day for 40 years. I am sure this is the main cause of suicide among young men apart from realising you are gay. I haven’t but I am utterly alone and practically an alcoholic. I watch a movie where a couple are making love, I know it can never be like that for me, and I feel a pang of regret which is so painful. I feel like a disabled person. In fact, I would swap places with them. This is worse than losing a limb or being paralysed.

This may sound like self-pity, but I am beyond that, and even self loathing. What you grow into is a void (interesting choice of words). There will be some who think this is trivial, get on with your life, make the best of it etc.

Oh you can try, but it does wear you down, this constant negative truth.

I’m posting this because I know that there are quite a few of us out there. There is no female equivalent to this affliction. Surgery is rarely successful. There is no cure, you can only endure it.

*Editors Note: If you are feeling so deeply depressed that you’re considering suicide often, please seek medical assistance. Depression can be cured, suicide can’t.


One Reader says it isn’t all bad being a member of The Small Dick Club…

I’m just trying to balance SPH with keeping a positive body image. I don’t think I’m small per se. But I think it would be fair if a girl said I was small.In that balance is where I have great sexual experiences. Cause I love when a girl has fun with me and SPH is the definition of fun. Then we still have great sex. So I get the best of both worlds.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I’m kinda breaking the rules here. We’re not supposed to acknowledge that small dicks are more than capable of rocking a girls world. It’s kinda like I’m revealing the magicians secrets. Don’t kick me outta the small dick club! I’m just looking behind the curtain for a sec. We like to push it to extremes, and lie to ourselves so that the high of humiliation is more pure. But the truth is still there, or maybe people aren’t as experienced as me, and that’s fair.

But seriously though, the two times I’ve even came across size queens in real life was awesome. I was the smallest either of them had seen and they weren’t afraid of telling me. It was fucking awesome. Two of the most real organic SPH experiences I’ve ever had. We were having a good time. One of the girls was down to get right into it, even though she was sceptical, the other needed a little more convincing. But I was having fun with it. That’s what it’s about. So we got into it and the sex was mind-blowing. Running into size queens is the shit cause you get SPH and still get great sex.

I liked surprising them. One of them even told me I was the best she’d ever had. Which, who knows, any girl would probably say that after they’d just had 5 orgasms. The secret is twofold, confidence obviously and being completely unselfish. For me it’s easy cause I love eating pussy. Tease the girl, play with her. By the time I ever even acknowledge my dick, they’re already writhing in pools of spit and cum. Be a freak. Be creative. I’ll spend an hour per titty if I have to just seeing how much I can get a girl going on that alone. A lot of girls aren’t used to getting their asshole licked either. Get in there. It’s the shit (no pun intended). Most aren’t used to getting their toes sucked either. One of the best things in life is sucking a girls toes while you fuck her. Try it for the love of god if you haven’t.

After sex, one of said size queens told me she’d only been with two guys in her life, both in long-term relationships, both about 8 inches (like twice my size). She said it was just all about their dick with them, and while their dick game was tight, it was generally lazy ass sex (at least compared to what we just went through). I was legitimately appalled by how inexperienced she was. She didn’t even know sex could be like what we just did. It just goes to show, society gets this idea in people’s heads that small dicks are this or that but in real life it’s just not true. I loved opening up this girls mind. She was dying for sex after that but still I was the smallest shed ever seen so shed make fun of me constantly. That’s what SPH is about for me.

Its important keep that balance for me. I too like to lie to myself to make the humiliation side of my sexuality more intense, but I don’t let myself get carried away into thinking it’s the truth. When people do, I just automatically think they’re basically just conformist squares or inexperienced (sorry). It’s just been so self-evident in my real life, I can’t think of it any other way.

That was size queens! The only two I ever came across! It’s not all women. Trust me, it’s pretty fucking’ rare. Most girls I elect to spend my time with are real people, and there’s no way they’d be caring about dick size. They’re just happy to be having fun. And even though we’re sexually blowing each others minds, they still know you’re smaller than the other guys they’ve been with. With a little coaxing. they’ll even tell you all the small dick jokes you wanna hear.

That’s the majority of girls I’ve gotten with. I haven’t even mentioned the three girls I’ve been with where I legitimately had to work to get A finger inside them. Sure two were Asian (sorry) another was a small chubby white girl. But people telling you small dicks can’t satisfy, as if pussy only comes in one size, that shits fucking whack. Most people would say I’ve got a small dick if they seen it, but yet it didn’t even fit in these girls the first time we tried to have sex. What’s that say about how backward shit is right now?


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