True Stories: Our Readers SPH Experiences 34

by SDC Webmaster

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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader says he’s grown to love his smallness…

Growing up, I never took “gang” showers with the other guys, I was embarrassed by my smallness. Even my paediatrician was concerned and he was totally shameless in his words towards my unhung size. Now I try to shave it so at least it looks a little bigger, and possibly more appetising?! Have yet to have a hook-up with another tiny guy, but there’s always time. I’m less than 1″ to just over 1″ soft, although circumcised many times it looks like it isn’t and sometimes almost completely climbs inside, and is only 3.75″ hard (Silver Member). But I’ve learned to love it, and others who are like me. Now I’m realising this isn’t a bad thing (to have a small penis) and there are plenty of others out there JUST LIKE ME. Being bisexual with a more gay bent, I’ve longed to find acceptance and support and others who are unhung too. Now I can be proud, and hopefully (maybe) find another who’s into what I am. Love the tiny, and love myself.


This reader shares how the pool man cleaned more than his pool…

My name is Dario, a man with a small dick (3.7″ erect, Silver Member of The Small Dick Club) married to Cinzia, a beautiful blonde woman, who cuckolds, humiliates, and submits me for over 10 years. We have a pool that needs maintenance once a year, and this is what happened the last time, one month ago. The technician came to our home at 9 am, a handsome man in his 30’s, bald and tall. My wife immediately began to softly flirt with him (I knew from that moment that she would fuck him early), dressed in a veiled sundress and wearing a 4 inch heel sandals.

During maintenance activities it was needed to loosen up an underwater handle; since I was already wearing a swimsuit, I tried to do it myself immersing myself in the pool, without even being able to move the handle. My wife, verbally humiliating me for my lack of physical gifts asked the technician to try, ordering me to give him a swimsuit. After putting one of my swimsuit on, it became apparent the difference of the bulge between him and me.

He easily managed to loosen the handle effortlessly, proceeding with the rest of the maintenance. Once he completed the planned activities my wife ordered me to bring cold drinks for the two of them, and when I came back with the tray I found them sitting under the beach umbrella, in a sort of intimacy. While serving the drinks some drops of liquid fell on the ground and on her feet; she immediately ordered me to clean up the mess. I cleaned the floor with a sponge, but she told me not to use it on her expensive sandals, telling me to use my tongue instead, which I did without complain.

While on my knees licking her feet, I could hear the two of them laugh at me, and my wife telling him how this was a usual practice between the two of us, how much excites me to be humiliated and submissive, so that my little cock was rock hard inside the swimsuit. My wife noticed that I was wetting the swimsuit with precum, and ordered me to pull it off to not stain it. My little wet dick exposed to the two of them caused the laughter of both. My face turned red with shame and excitement. In the meantime, she began to caress his bulge, increasing his big cock under the bathing suit, while she was telling me how hard and big it was compared to mine, and how wet her pussy was and in need of a good lapping by my tongue, which I eagerly started to do.

Suddenly she asked him to put his big cock in her mouth, so she could wet it preparing to impale herself on it. Here we where, me on the floor, with my face buried in my wife wet cunt with my rock hard little dick in the air, she sitting legs open sucking this fat 9″ cock, he standing proudly over the two of us… everyone in his right place. Minutes later she was sitting on him, impaling herself on his big cock, and I was yet on the floor, but by now putting my tongue alternatively on her feet, her asshole, or on his big hairy balls. After that day, he came to our home once a week for another type of maintenance activities, the kind every beautiful woman, married to a tiny dick man like me, deserves.

This is the wonderful-painful life of a small dick cuckold husband.


One reader gives his theory about small dicks…

While I agree that penis size shouldn’t be a big deal in life, It doesn’t really matter what we feel about it. Because society feels differently. More importantly women that get sucked into the rhetoric, feel differently. (Notice I am not saying ALL women). It’s why many of us have been treated like shit over our dicks.

Say you had a really big nose, and we all know how superficial society is, so you’ve been hammered by everyone about it. Do you think that you could still be unaffected by that? Would you not be insecure about it?

As for dicks, you actually need it to have a sexual relationship, so having a small one can be a problem. Because, women might not necessarily feel they want to have a relationship with a guy that does not meet her needs, even if we’re the nicest guy these women meet. After all, there are plenty men out there just as nice as we can be, but better in the dick department.

While women and men reject each other for all kinds of shallow reasons, what is usually bad for one is fine for another. When it comes to dicks, however, it can be a little more difficult. While it is certain that not every woman has an aversion to small dicks, it can add a spanner in the works. So, it is a legitimate problem not just a head problem of being insecure.

And before you reply with a Sheesh, you’re really downing yourself, you really should accept yourself, etc etc, just so you know, I am accepting of the situation as I see it.

I accept that my dick is small. I accept that there is nothing I can do about it. I also accept that I can find someone who will want to be with me. I accept that I’m flawed and that so is everyone else, because no one is perfect. I accept that the woman I’m with would have to be accepting of me as I am, just as I would have to be accepting of her, as she is.

The problem is that society, which includes women, isn’t.

Life isn’t so simple as just be confident and women will be totally happy with your dick. Dick size has nothing to do with attraction. I could be supremely confident and still be told I’m not good enough for the one thing I’ve got no control over.

So, yeah, even though I’m not ever going to accept that I need to be alone for the rest of my life. And that I feel there is someone out there for me. And that I can be a really great lover. And that I can be a great person to have a relationship with. Its not up to me, it’s up to the women to feel the same way.


One Reader Had A Nasty Gym Experience…

I’ve always been a bigger guy, Two-hundred-and-eighty-pounds and five-feet-six tall. So I’ve recently been going to the gym to lose weight. Alls been good for the last three months as I’m losing around ten pounds a month and am down to two-hundred-and-fifty-five pounds now. Thing is, I’ve always have had a small penis. Fully pressed to the bone I’m pushing three-and-a-half-inches fully erect. But it’s whatever, right?

I normally change in the locker room stalls out of habit, but the other night I figured I was in a rush and amongst three gym buddies. People I only see at the gym. Well, I thought I felt comfortable enough to change out in the open with them. So when I took my briefs off one had the rudeness to say, “Holy fuck, dude, I didn’t think they made them THATOne reader got turned onto SPH in a teen dick comparison contest…

Titch and I were both 15 at the time, but were in different classes at school so I never seen him naked in the changing room until one day after an hour swimming in the coldest pool imaginable. I was 5’9″ tall and athletic, Titch was 5’2″ and slightly chubby. We were getting changed when he said, “If our mates could see us now, who do you think they’d call stitch!”

I looked at myself and my balls had disappeared and my dick was about an inch long – maxim shrinkage! Titch had also shrunk as his balls were really tight but they had not entered his body cavity but were sticking straight out with a thick 4 inch cock resting on top of them!

I assured him the water had affected Me more than it had him, and I was normally about the same size as him. But his response shocked me as he suggested his girlfriend should measure us at his house that night to settle the argument! No girl had everseen me naked and I was too excited at the thought to say no.

That night, I soon found myself naked with Titch and his girlfriend who kept staring at my junk and calling it “cute”. She giggled as she had all of it comfortably in one hand, and laughed that she couldn’t even get Titch’s balls in her hand. I looked and Titch’s massive cock. All over.

She then got out her tape and I was 4.5″ long erect, 4″ round and had “tiny cute” balls.

Titch was 8″ long erect, 6.5″ around, but amazingly, his most impressive feature was his massive, low hanging balls!

They laughed as Titch stood next to me and his girlfriend played with me using two fingers and her thumb until I came. I was then told to get dressed and leave as I was only a boy and she wanted to have sex with a MAN! I left, but it was my first real sexual experience and I was so excited I was running home to have a wank whilst remembering the whole night in every tiny detail.

I eventually grew to 5.5″ length and 4.5″ girth and would deliberately date Titch’s ex-girlfriends at college. I would wait until his name came up in conversation and say, “You went out with that short fat guy? Bet your glad to be dating a fully grown man now!”

Some would take great delight in telling me how much bigger he is down there, and others would just give a knowing, sexy smile and spare my blushes. I only made such comments as I’m hooked on SPH for life!


Another reader shows that it ain’t what you got, it’s how you use it…

I’m a 33-year-old man born with bladder exstrophy, which is a congenital birth defect where my abdominal wall didn’t close correctly in utero leaving my bladder and other lower and organs exposed as well as a severely deformed, non functional penis. This happens in about 1 in every 40,000 live births. Mine was surgically repaired, my plumbing was hooked up, and the best surgeon in the country did the best he could to reconstruct my penis as best he could. I ended up with a penis about 3.5 inches long hard, and right around 4 if I’m very aroused, which with my wife, is every single time.

That’s right, I said my wife. I am fortunate in that I do have adequate girth. At the very base it is probably a little above average. My penis is quite functional, though it looks a little funny. So now, I’d like to give some of you guys who actually do lack size, some hope. For you guys with average dicks, it’s in your head, work on that. But there are many of us out there who are really handicapped and I’m here to help you guys see that you can have the sex life you’ve always dreamed about, but it isn’t easy.

First, you need to acknowledge and accept that you are small. With this acceptance comes a mindset that you must have if you are to overcome this and be a great lover that your partner will brag about. You must be willing to be a selfless and giving lover. You must understand your limitations and work around them. Learn foreplay. I went through all the rejection and hurt that you can imagine until I learned how women’s bodies work. In college I was known for having a small dick of course, but I was also the guy known for going down on women as well as any woman. The got me a lot of ass.

I suggest learning every possible way to get a woman off without your penis. There are many. Ask me and I’ll help you. But I know, all the foreplay in the world does not replace intercourse. Agree. Intercourse between my wife and I is amazing because we took the time to learn each other and find ways to make it work. You can too! The key is confidence. I may be very small, but I’m confident because I can get women off. Talk to her. Make her feel like a goddess. Tell her how she looks or how the way her curves make you ache for her or whatever. Make sure she knows that there is nowhere else you’d rather be or with anyone else. Get dirty. Test the limits of dirty talk with her. I’m also dominant and she loves it. I could go on and on but let me explain how sex works for us.

I have a very unique anatomy and I’m willing to show it to anyone who’d like to see it if they’re curious. I’m proud of it. Doctors pulled off a miracle and I’m honestly very lucky to have what I do have. So my penis is very short as I said but normal girth and a little fatter at my base. Another feature is that it curves upwards quite a bit and I’ve learned how to use this curve to make women go crazy. There are a few positions where my wife says she feels stretched right at her opening and my cock head slams right into her g spot every time. We have found ways to make it work because we have a great attitude, adventurous, spirits, and the willingness to try new things.

We have found ways to maximise my unique anatomy. I suggest you learn too, the hard part is finding the right partner. I am the best partner she’s ever had of about 15 because I took the time to truly learn her. I can make her cum in a few minutes just from rubbing her clit whispering in her ear and kissing her neck. I make her cum 2,3 sometimes 4 times before I even enter her and by that point, when I do, it doesn’t matter what I’m swinging, she wants it so bad at that point and wants that spiritual connection that she doesn’t care. I’ll make her cum 2 or 3 more times with my cock and leave her breathless and spent.

But I also acknowledge there are spots I just can’t reach. I want her to feel as best as possible right? That was the very first important point. Being selfless. I have no problem admitting she can’t get deep stimulation from me, so sometimes we bust out the toys for some variety, but generally, she prefers me. We also bought a liberator pillow to help certain positions and add some more depth. It’s added a lot. And yup, I own a strap on cock so I can feel what it’s like to swing a big one, and while she does cum from it, it misses her g spot mostly. She likes it, sure, but she also likes me. It certainly hasn’t replaced anything.

I’ve faced rejection and depression the likes of which many can’t imagine. I had an entire college town that knew about my condition. That’s just one example of my humiliation and torment. But I learned to embrace it. It’s a part of me. I get women off in every imaginable way. Having this handicap has forced me to think out of the box and I honestly believe I’m a better lover for it. There is nothing we won’t try to we always have a blast. Every time. For the record, my wife is really hot and we screw every single night. We can’t get enough. Accepting women are out there fellas. The rest is up to you. If ya need anything, I’m here to help


This reader got a shock by a girl’s upfront attitude…

This is a hundred percent true and my first experience with size humiliation. I was 16 and on the phone with a pretty girl who I had a total crush on. She was smart and pretty and a bit of a reach for me to connect to. She seemed the studious I was a bit surprised at what transpired.

At one point in the conversation (and I cannot recall how it came up) she simply asked “So how big are you”?

I had always suspected and worried I was a bit small so I was totally caught of guard. I stammered a bit and stalled. I finally asked, “Well, how do you mean?” (knowing darn well what she meant).

She chuckled, and said “Well, you can give it to me in inches or centimetres.”

And she chuckled softly again. I felt like I was working to gain her approval and she seemed totally in charge. I actually stretched the truth a little (did not want to stretch it too much in case she ever saw it) and told her I was just nearly 6 inches. I was more like four inches.

I can still recall her response verbatim, “That doesn’t sound very exciting.”

Of course, now my heart sank and I felt in a total bind. I had exaggerated and even the exaggeration left her underwhelmed. I was all stammering and awkward and totally felt like a child. She sort of toyed with me and let me hang around for a number of months but we never had sex. She did take it out a couple of times and I recall her telling me that she had thought it might be bigger than it was.


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