True Stories: Our Readers SPH Experiences 25

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These stories are the artistic expression of the authors who wrote them. The Small Dick Club strongly believes in freedom of speech, and the right of artists to be heard, especially if what they say pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in society. If you think you won’t like the content of this post, then don’t read it. It’s that simple. The Small Dick Club wishes to advise readers that any similarities in these stories to actual or real people or events is purely coincidental and unintended. That any story marked as a ‘true story’ shouldn’t be taken literally, as we have no way to verify if stories submitted to us are true. The Small Dick Club takes no responsibility for the imaginations and literary creations of authors who post their stories here.
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Our readers share their moments of Small Dick Zen!


This reader shares something only true small dick men experience…

This happened one evening while my wife and I were having sex. My wife likes to rub your clitoris more than having penetration. My hard-on is rather small at 3 inches, so I started to rub my penis against her clit and she was enjoying that very much. At some point, I put my penis inside her thrusting rather quickly . A few minutes later she says, “Put it in already!” I keep fucking her. A few minutes later, she says, “PUT IT IN!”

“I’m in,” I told her.

“I can’t feel you,” she says.

How embarrassed was that she didn’t know that I was already inside her. Besides being small I am also rather thin too. We can only have sex in the missionary position since my penis isn’t long enough to penetrate her vagina and other positions. Most of the time when we have sex she needs to put her legs on the inside and squeeze so she can feel my little dick. She has a 6 inch dildo that she loves to compare to mine, reminding me that it’s twice the size of mine, which in a weird way gets me very excited.


A female reader tells how her and her boyfriend have come to an arrangement…

I remember when my boyfriend first told me he had a small dick, he told me right after out third date and we were back in my dorm. I never really thought anything of it, I was like, you know what I’m not with him for his cock. I’m with him because he cares for me and he’s a sweetheart! Anyway that night we got to talking about our ex’s and long story short he told me about how his ex Sierra used to show pictures of his dick to her friends and they would constantly make fun of him. So I said, “Aw that’s horrible, I’m so sorry! She sounds like bitch!”

I will never forget his reply, “No, no, it’s ok! I liked it!”

At that point I was like Hmm this is weird, but I shrugged it off and we started to talk about my ex’s. I told him how I hooked up with this black guy for a while and how I gave him head in a cinema, but I didn’t like doing it because his cock was so big. It didn’t fit in my mouth. He asked me how big it was, and I said it was about 10-11 inches. All of a sudden he got so pumped up, and I was like, uhhh what?

I saw his pants kinda move, so in my head I was like, is this kid hard right now? But I didn’t say anything and moved on with the conversation. Then he asked me if I ever fucked him, and I said, “No, we didn’t really get the chance.”

He asked me if I wish I did! And I said, “uhhh… I guess so. I don’t know his dick was so huge though.”

As soon as I said that he went at it! He started making out with me and touching me! I loved it! Anyway he got my shirt off and goes, “Those are the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen!”

I take off his pants and in shock, half laughing in disbelief, I say, “That’s the smallest little dick I’ve ever seen!”

He blushed so badly, and we stopped for a second. He broke the silence by saying, “I know it’s small, it’s about 3.5 inches, maybe 4, and I know it won’t satisfy you. But I’m willing to by dildos and share you with other guys who are hung.”

For some reason the desire to be in a relationship where I could fuck anyone I wanted to and have him got me wet. Like dripping wet! I had heard about cuckolding from my friends back home, so I knew what this meant. Maybe it was always in the back of my head or maybe it hit me then, but at that moment I needed this relationship. So I put my hand on his cock making him shake a bit, then I started stroking it making him start to breathe heavy. I said, “Well, in that case, I guess we can have a little fun.”

He asked, “So you’re still willing to be with me?”

I say, “Yes… So about your ex… You liked it when she made fun of your little dick?”

I start to stroke him faster and he starts moaning, and says “Yes, she always used to compare my cock to my buddy Jack who’s hung, and it would always make me cum.”

Once he said this I let him have it. I don’t where it came from, I guess I was always a size queen at heart. I said, “It make sense, my hand can cover this toothpick. I guess you never went through puberty, but that’s OK, as long as I get to slut it up! You know what I’m gonna call my ex next weekend, and you guys can compare dicks! I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you? I’ll hold your baby dick in one hand and his thick black cock in the other. Then you jack off while I…”

Once I got to this point he came more than any guy I have ever seen. He exploded like a volcano all over my breasts. Then he went down and ate me out for at least an hour. After we got dressed and calmed down, we went online to look at the dildos and ordered the Shane Diesel. Now we couldn’t be happier


This reader found his work showers confronting…

I have a tiny little cock but didn’t realise just how feminine and unmanly and tiny it was until I left school and started working at a local factory where we had to shower every day, it soon became clear just how tiny my cock was compared to almost all of the guys there and after a while they would joke to me about my tiny feminine cock and how I should shower with the girls etc


This reader has found himself a woman who understands his needs…

I’m a submissive male, my partner of two years knows about my submissiveness and exploits it. She keeps me locked in chastity, likes to stretch my balls tease and spank me, but other than that our relationship is not sexual. She used to suck my cock sometimes, but that now has stopped. She is very keen to control my orgasms and thus has not let me cum for the last three months.

I have always known my cock is below average size (Bronze Member), measured from the top to the tip it’s 4.75″ long erect, and 4″ circumference (girth). My flaccid penis is 2″ long. This is often the focus of her attention when teasing me. She’s got into the routine of getting my cock as hard and measuring it. Pointing out at every opportunity my ‘dicklette’ (as she calls it) is small and totally inadequate. She tells me I’m not really man, because my dicklette is so small.

“Too small to be a man,” she would say, “And too big to be a clit. I guess that makes you a sissy.”

After she said this the first time she started calling me sissy.

One day last week after such a session with the tape measure, she looked at me and said, “Four and a half inches! That’s the best I can get it to. You’re getting smaller, sissy!”

I disagreed, and said, “It’s nearer five than four inches.”

She slapped my balls and made me squirm. “I just measured it, sissy. The tape measure doesn’t lie like you do to yourself. For being such a moron, you can stay in chastity for the next three months without orgasm.”

This is my life now. She doesn’t make me wear women’s underwear as I read in some sissy stories. She told me she has enough girlfriend’s and I’m not a girl, but a sissy. That means I still have pathetic male impulses, as she puts it. She’s not sleeping with anyone else either, my partner is asexual. Some masturbation is about all she ever does, and not very often either. So I wondered what she got out of our arrangement?

I asked her, and she said, “I get a close friend, someone to cuddle up to on the couch or in bed, and good company when we go out. I get a partner who’s considerate, polite, pulls his weight around the house, and contributes to our income. But mostly, I get to be in control. Not being pestered by your pathetic attempts at sex, your masturbation addiction, your premature ejaculation, and your obnoxious male ego. For me, you’re the perfect partner.”

She told me recently she wants us to get married. I guess this arrangement is going to be permanent. Maybe she’ll let me cum on our wedding night? Who knows. Still, this relationship might sound like hell for most men, but I wouldn’t change a thing.


This reader has a one night stand…

I’m a good-looking guy, athletic build, and girls often come up to me in bars, clubs, etc. Normally, I’m pretty self-conscious about my small dick (Silver Member), but one night I had been drinking Bud and got shit-faced, when I was approached by this brunette. She was drinking Michelob Ultra, and says, “Have you tried the lime flavour? It tastes like ‘Bud Lite Lime’, but it’s low-calorie like other Michelob Ultra’s. It looks like you look after your body, so I thought you might like to know.”

“Yeah, I know, but they don’t sell Mich Ultra’s here,” I say to her.

“Well, come back to my place, I have heaps in the fridge,” she says with that glint in her eye.

So I end up having a good time with her in the bar, and eventually we end up back at her place she shares with two other girls. Her other friends also brought home guys they had met at the bar. We were all pretty shit-faced by this time, but the six of us started playing a drinking game anyway. Half way through, the brunette stands and takes my hand and leads me to her bedroom. I lift up her blouse and her tits are so huge they just scream at me to put my face between them. We waste no time stripping off and end up on the bed kissing and grinding. She suddenly pushes me back, and goes down to give me head, but stops once she sees my dick properly for the first time.

“Huh… That’s a bit of a shock,” she says.

“Whattaya mean?” I ask.

“Never mind,” she says, pulling me on top of her.

I started to fuck her, and she just lies there like a dead fish with a stupid grin on her face. I’m so shit-faced I don’t really give a fuck, and to top it off I cum in about a minute. Afterward, I tell her I have to go home as I have work in the morning. She says nothing, gets up and goes to the bathroom where she jumps in the shower. I get dressed and leave. She never even said goodbye. On reflection I know her shitty-grin was because of my small dick, but I still got a fuck and that’s all that matters to me.


This readers learned the truth always comes out in the end…

My second girlfriend in high school was the first girl I ever slept with (my first girlfriend had jerked be off before, but that was as far as we got). Although I was nervous about my small dick, she had mentioned that her ex was pretty tiny. On the one hand this made me feel more confident, but it also made me aware that she had more experience, and had found this last guy unsatisfying. I had bragged that she wouldn’t have this problem with me as I had a big dick (stupid mistake), which seemed to get her excited.

My parents were away on vacation and I had the house to myself, so invited her over, and we fooled around. Before that night we’d made out a lot, and she’d felt my dick under my jeans, but I’d always made sure to wear briefs and stick a sock in there so I’d look ‘fuller’. This night I knew what was going to happen, so there was no padding or anything. Anyway, we were making out, and she started to unbutton my jeans and pulled them down. I was really nervous, since I was pretty sure she’d be disappointed. She’d told me her ex was ‘only’ 6″, while I was about 4.5″ and pretty slim, and I also had a tendency to cum super-fast (still a problem for me), so I couldn’t see this going well.

My dick was totally hard in my tight briefs, and she cooed when she saw the bulge and said, “I can’t wait to see it hard!”

I quietly said, “Um… It is hard.”

She just said, “Oh… Right… Okay.”

We made out a bit more, and she took off her top and bra, and I swear I almost blew my wad right there. When I eventually took up the courage to slip off my briefs she kind of smiled and looked really surprised and said, “Is that it totally hard?”

I told her yes, and she just sighed and told me to get on with it. I asked what was wrong, and she said, “Well, you said you were big, and not to be mean, but you got a really small one. It’s much smaller than Gary’s, like two inches smaller, and it’s really thin… But just do it, it’s okay.”

So, with my confidence destroyed, I got on top of her and slid my stiff little cock inside her, surprised by how loose she felt. I later found out she owned a thick, 8″ vibrator, so I doubt she could even feel me in her. She just signed again, in frustration, as I started to fuck her slowly, hoping she’d begin to enjoy it, but she just lay there, not even bothering to fake it. After less than a minute I felt my balls tightening and realised I was going to cum already.

I told her, “Ugh… I’m gonna cum!”

She laughed out loud, and said, “Seriously.. Already?”

Just as I blew my load, whimpering like a little girl.

After I finished, she told me that it was ‘cute’ I came so fast, and said not to worry about my size, that she just thought I’d be as big as I’d told her, and that I should have been honest about having ‘such a tiny cock’. We only fucked one other time and it was over just as quick. She just lay there smiling as I pumped for 30 seconds before finishing.

Later, I found out she’d told all her friends before we’d fucked I was really hung. Once we’d finally done it, they asked about it, and she actually told them my dick was totally pathetic, and came after just a few seconds.


One Reader had an embarrassing experience at a beauty salon…

In all honesty, my hard penis is only below average (Bronze Member), but when soft it gets very small. Smaller than my thumb. If it’s cold, then it sticks out like a little boy’s penis. I also don’t easily get hard so that’s the state people usually see it in.

I’ve started going to the beauty salon for laser hair removal down below. Not many cater to men but some do, and the cosmetologists working there are always women. Much like an ultrasound, they apply a cold gel to the area. That, and my shyness, ensure that my penis is a little joke.

The first session, they had a young trainee there. So I was basically a demonstration subject. Lying on your back, exposed like that with these women standing over you while your penis is reduced to a tiny little joke is not fun.

They always make me hold it to one side or to the other so they can work properly. But that isn’t so easy because it’s so small and the gel makes it slippery, I can’t get a grip and have to use my fingertips. And during the most recent session, she actually asked, “Can you hold your little…”

My girlfriend’s reaction when I told her about it was laughing, and then she said, “That’s hilarious, you really do have a little one. Love it.”


One reader got a rude surprise one day when he ditched school…

I’m the youngest of four brothers, and easily have the smallest cock in the family. I have about an inch soft, and a little over three-inches when fully-hard (Silver Member). When I was eighteen years old, one day I decided to skip class because I knew I’d have the house to myself. Two of my brothers had moved out, one was away at college, and the other had gone to work for the day. Mom and dad (work) were out too. My mom always had a ritual of going to the stores, then grocery shopping, yoga, and then home. Well, the house is empty so I roll a joint and smoke it. Then I begin to jerk-off in my room. Within five minutes of jerking-off, my mom came home. Having had the TV up to loud and being stoned, I didn’t hear her enter the house. She smelled the pot and entered my room without warning. As she whipped open my door, I’ll never forget the initial look of shock and disgust in her face.

Suddenly she burst out laughing, and said, “Where is it?” She must’ve seen the look on my face and followed that with, “I’m sorry.” Trying unsuccessfully to stifle her laughter.

I couldn’t help but cum everywhere, which made her even more shocked. We didn’t talk about it until I was twenty-two, and I opened up to her about my SPH fetish.


This reader discovered his high school girlfriend’s ex’s were packing way more than him...

During high school I started dating a really hot girl named Shelly, she was set up with me through some friends and we really hit it off. I didn’t know too much about her at all, but I knew she dated 3 or 4 guys before me. I knew them all unfortunately, which made it awkward because there was no avoiding them when we were together.

During the second half of the school year I was enrolled in gym class and as luck would have it, all one of her ex boyfriends were in the class too. After the first class, I headed for the locker room to change and as luck would have it I was right next to one of the guys, John. He was tall, and broad, not overly muscular though. He was getting undressed and we made small talk and I couldn’t help but notice how big the bulge was in his boxer briefs. Trying not to stare at it but I was mesmerised by it and I was hoping he was going to shower and pull them down so I could see what he’s packing.

Finally, he pulled them down and reveals the biggest set of balls I’ve ever seen, and a long thick cock to match. I had to shower too but was way too shy at this point to get naked. I bit the bullet and stripped down, quickly wrapped a towel on and headed to the showers. John was in there with about eight others and we all stood there talking about anything and everything.

My cock was barely two-inches soft. Then the worst thing possible happens, John asks me how Shelly’s going, and the others realise I’m dating her now. One guy says he feels sorry for her going from John to me, which brings a round of laughter in the room. Trying to play it cool, I laugh too, but felt totally humiliated. Sadly, it didn’t end there as we both walked back to our lockers and I had to watch him towel off and dress in front of me, the whole time I’m thinking how did she even handle that huge thing?


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