True Stories: Our Readers SPH Experiences 15

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These stories are the artistic expression of the authors who wrote them. The Small Dick Club strongly believes in freedom of speech, and the right of artists to be heard, especially if what they say pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in society. If you think you won’t like the content of this post, then don’t read it. It’s that simple. The Small Dick Club wishes to advise readers that any similarities in these stories to actual or real people or events is purely coincidental and unintended. That any story marked as a ‘true story’ shouldn’t be taken literally, as we have no way to verify if stories submitted to us are true. The Small Dick Club takes no responsibility for the imaginations and literary creations of authors who post their stories here.
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Our readers share their moments of Small Dick Zen!

One reader was outed by his wife…

My wife is a teacher and we were out to dinner with some of her colleagues and their husbands who are kinda friends of ours. Budding friendships I guess you could say. They had an episode at school recently where a girl had a picture of her boyfriend’s erect penis on her cell phone and had gotten caught with it. My wife was involved, and was shocked at the size of the offending hard on, especially because he was only fourteen.

But during the discussion I noticed she was the only one who was shocked about it. She was going on about how huge it was, and saying, “No way a penis that big could belong to a fourteen year old!”

I began to feel uncomfortable, as I always do when penis size comes up because I’m a silver member of the small dick club. Coupled with the fact that my wife had a few drinks already, which tended to make her loose-lipped. It’s like she wouldn’t let it go, even though I went to the bathroom they were still talking about it when I got back. So finally, one husband asked how big it was, and my wife says, “It looked huge… A good six inches, maybe a bit more.”

The entire table burst out laughing, except me and my wife, of course. I was praying that was the end of it. I knew what was implied by her comment, that she didn’t know what ‘huge’ was. If six inches was huge to her, what was I? (We were our first, and only lovers). I felt my face flush, and I literally felt my penis shrink. Then, as if to explain herself, she says, “Well, that’s nearly twice the size of Michael’s dick!”

I think the world stopped spinning. The crowd was laughing so hard, they were crying. I had smiled at her first comment and tried to roll with it, but at the announcement to people I know and see that I have a small penis was almost more than I could take. It was a shame I had never known. As I retreated emotionally, I felt like I could cry, and physically I felt my testicles be pulled into my body which happens when cold or embarrassed. One guy, through tears, pats me on the back and says, “Dude, your secret is out!”

His wife says to me, “I’m sorry.”

I thought she truly meant it, but when she says exactly the same thing to my wife, the laughter returns. Another guy comes to my aid, and reminds them that it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean. Laughter dies down until another lady adds, “Unless the boat is a bathtub.”

So, as the humiliation continued, I feel less and less a man. Finally, one wife says, “Alright guys, poor Michael has been picked on enough! Stop it! It’s only fair that the rest of you admit your true size.”

The table calmed down, and I felt a little better because I know average is five to seven inches, and very likely at least one of the other four guys is bound to be in the lower range. So they go around the table and kinda sheepishly admit their size. “Eight inches, hard,” Dave said.

“Seven and a half, hard,” Roger confessed.

“Nine inches, hard, here,” Fred said with a self-satisfied grin.

Finally, Bob said, “Six and a half inches, hard.”

Their wives all confirmed with a nod at each size, and a few added a hand to indicate thickness. I was as flabbergasted as was my wife. I guess to be funny (or just because she was drunk) my wife said, “I don’t know, three and a half inches?” And holds up her finger to indicate my thickness, which was not true.

The table roars with laughter again as she moves her hand around the table and ends in my face as a fuck you sign. Then she gets up like she’s pissed, and goes to the bathroom. The rest of the ladies follow. So I’m left with all the big dick new friends as they try to tell me size doesn’t really matter, and it’s what you do with it that counts. All the typical crap. Then I ask, “So who’d trade my dick for theirs?”

Nothing. Not a word. I prove my point. No man wants a small one, and no woman wants to be married to a man with a small cock.


One reader learned that revenge is a dish best served in cold water…

When I was 19 years old, I took my first road trip with my friends to our rugby tournament weekend a few hours away at a campsite. It’s really just a big party. On the first morning, I go to the showers only to realize that they were communal showers. Just a few walls with a couple of doors, one side for girls and one side for guys. It’s early, so there’s not many people in the guys shower, but the girls are starting to get a line because they take longer showers.

Anyways, I walked past three girls waiting in line, all about 25-years-old and really attractive. One of them remembered me from the night before, as I was making fun of her height, she was about 5 foot 3. When I walked into the shower, I took off my shorts and the other two guys were just leaving. The water felt pretty cold, and my smallish flaccid dick shrunk to under an inch. Suddenly, the girl I had teased last night walks right in with me. She says, “Hope you don’t mind if I join you, I didn’t want to wait any longer.”

I say keeping my front faced toward the wall, “No problem.”

She peeks over at me and says, “I may be short, but I’m not that small!”

I realise she’s staring at my penis. I tell her, “It’s cold in the shower, and it’s normally bigger.”

She’s like, “Let’s see!”

She grabs the soap and starts to rub my penis, it instantly gets hard, to reveal my ‘huge’ 3.5 incher. She bursts out laughing, and I go bright red. She says, “Payback time… GIRLS! Get in here, this shower is empty!”

Sure enough, five girls come into the shower with their bathing suits and towels on. Two of them are actually from my club back home, and all of them just point and laugh at my small dick.


This reader is not The Lord of the Rings…

I bought some cock rings to try them out cuz I heard some people like them and you last longer ect. Anyway I bought these rubber ones that came in a pack of three. I skip trying on the largest one, go for the middle one, doesn’t fit, ok whatever, try the smallest one and it fit but it like wasn’t tight at all and I got the impression that they were supposed to be pretty tight. I was just ugh, fuck my small dick life…


A reader decides that women aren’t worth the trouble…

I’m a Gold Member of the small dick club and I’ve been rejected by five girls. First two were suppose to just be a hook up. One laughed and left. She told me that I wasn’t a man. The other said I had a little boy dick and left as well telling me to kill myself.

The other three were suppose to be dates. First two girls pulled down my pants and gave me a blowjob or a handjob. When I wanted to reciprocate they made up an excuse, even though it was late at night, to leave. By their face and reaction to my penis it seemed more like it was a chore to check off on their list rather than being into it. Both never returned my texts since then, nor did I ever see them again. The last girl I actually had sex with. We had been dating for about a month, maybe a little less. We got to the point of sex during the last day of our “relationship”.

We went to a bar with her friend, and we got pretty drunk. She was really horny by the time we got back to my apartment and we literally started ripping each others clothes off. Before I took my pants off I made her orgasm with combination of fingering and oral. After that, she started unzipping my pants and this was going to be the first time she saw my dick. When she finally pulled it out (full mast boner) she made this twisted poker face. Like she was shocked and trying to contain it. It completely changed the tone of the night. She gave me a really unenthusiastic BJ and when we decided to have intercourse she seemed bored, and made these half-assed and clearly faked moans. Once we were done (I couldn’t cum either), she seemed like she was in a hurry to leave. She wouldn’t even give me a kiss goodbye or anything. Despite texting her a couple of times she took a couple of days to respond saying it wouldn’t work. I specifically asked why at least and told her to be honest so I could have some closure. She said because my penis did nothing for her.

I really fucking liked her too. Just writing this is making me relive that shitty night and phone call. It was honestly the last straw. I could only take so much of a beating. Anyway, that’s my story. I’m done with women and I’m going to try it with guys instead.


This reader had a sexy encounter during his ultrasound…

Twenty years ago when I was a student I had a testicular infection. As part of my treatment I had to have an ultrasound on my testicles to determine if there was any further action needed after I’d finished my antibiotics. On arriving for my examination I was introduced to an attractive ultrasound technician in her mid thirties. She took me for the examination and I had to pop on to an examination table with my trousers and pants off but I was able to cover my cock with a towel whilst exposing my testicles. I was quite relieved by this as I was acutely aware that the technician would have been very experienced, and seen many larger cocks. So I was pleased that I had covered my little dick. Then the examination started. As the infection had prevented any sexual activity for several weeks (including masturbation), when the technician started to examine me I couldn’t help getting an erection.

She was definitely aware of my small erection nudging against the towel (Silver Member of The Small Dick Club here), and I think she milked the situation. If anybody has had an ultrasound, they’d know it submits a very mild vibration. As you could imagine, her rubbing it over my balls with the slight tingle from the device, I was getting closer and closer to climax. I’m sure she knew this and right to cue I shot my load under the towel, after which the technician finished her examination and popped next door with a smile on her face. I tried to clean up after myself but the nurse returned very quickly and told me to leave it and that she’d clean up after me. I left very red-faced knowing that she knew exactly how small my cock was and she’d been able to make me cum with almost no effort (she didn’t even touch my cock). The only bonus was I never had to return to the practice for any follow-up procedures, although secretly I wish I’d had to return and meet the technician and her female colleagues for future consultations.


One reader claims his older sister busted him…

When I was a teen and had just come home after playing baseball in the park behind my house for hours. It was a hot and humid day; so I decided to take a shower before dinner. My 20-year-old married sister was visiting with her daughter; so when I walked in I told her that I was going to take a shower and then relax and listen to some music in my room. I grabbed a Pepsi out of the refrigerator as I walked back to my room. After finishing my Pepsi I got undressed to go take my shower. The bathroom was right next to my room so I wasn’t wearing anything, and when I opened my bedroom door I almost ran into my sister.

We stood there staring at one another for what seemed to me an eternity before my sister broke the silence, “Sorry, I thought I’d pee before you got in the shower.”

She then walked to the living room and as I closed the bathroom door I heard her giggling. After I finished my shower I wrapped a towel around my waist and went into my bedroom.

As I dried myself, I began to think about what had happened. My little guy started getting hard, and since I knew dinner wouldn’t be ready for another hour or so, I decided to jerk off. I put on some music, laid down on my bed, and began to play with my cock and balls. Since I knew that I had plenty of time I decided that I would prolong my pleasure as long as I could, I edged myself. I don’t know how long I continued as I totally lost track of time; as I was totally immersed in the amazing feelings.

Evidently more time had passed then I realised, because just as I was reaching the point of no return and still trying to stop from cumming, my door opened and my sister walked into my room, saying, “Dinners ready you little shit.”

It was about then that she saw me playing with my tiny hard on, and quickly closed the door behind her. I could no longer control my orgasm and came all over myself. She giggled, and said, “Oh my God, your dick is really tiny, and it’s really thin.” (I’m a Silver Member of The Small Dick Club)

Feeling embarrassed, I shouted at her to get out of my room. She shook her head, unperturbed by my teen anger. “I don’t think it’s any bigger than it was the last time I gave you a bath when you were 5 or 6. If you didn’t have any pubic hair I’d think you hadn’t started puberty. For your sake I hope it gets bigger, or your life’s gonna suck as an adult.”

My dick shrivelled down to a stub as she watched, highly amused. Then she said, “Get your ass down for dinner or else Mom will be up here as well!” With that she turned and walked out of my bedroom, leaving me highly embarrassed and fearful of her words ‘your life’s gonna suck as an adult’. Truer words have never been spoken to me.


One reader’s not sure if he outed himself, or his wife did…

This is a true story, and when it happened my jaw nearly hit the floor. I went into the nearby corner store to buy cigarettes and spotted they were selling Extenze behind the counter. I jokingly said that I really need some Extenze with a big exaggerated wink and wry smile, but really knowing I’m a Bronze Member of The Small Dick Club. The shop lady, a forty-something chubby brunette, replied with a deadpan face, “Your wife was in earlier today, and she said exactly the same thing.”

I felt my face go red as a beet, even though I was trying to laugh it off as a big joke. She looked at me with a slight smirk, I knew I had just outed myself as having a small dick. Later, I asked my wife about it, and she said she hasn’t been in that store for over a week. I got played, and lost. Now every time I enter that shop that lady smirks at me.


One reader shares a ‘George Costanza’ moment he had….

I have gone to great lengths over the years to prevent others finding out about my small dick (Silver Member Here). Particularly the male population including friends. However, it’s difficult to hide my little secret from any ladies I have been intimate with, unless I want to abstain from sex. They always find out eventually I have a small dick.

What I do I try is avoid them seeing my little dick flaccid as it’s barely a nub. I don’t know why, but I find this more embarrassing than them seeing my erect small dick. Once we’ve had sex they know I have a small one, but I still go to great lengths not let them see me flaccid. I have a habit of putting my boxers or pyjama bottoms on straight after sex, so she won’t get a peek while I’m sleeping. Of course, they always see my dick in it’s most pathetic state eventually.

One girl I was going out with saw my flaccid penis for the first time under the worst conditions, after swimming! I had only slept with her twice and we had gone to a friends cottage on a lake. After a long swim, I went back to our room to change. She wasn’t in the room, so I stripped off my trunks and while I was towelling off, she came in. I had no chance to cover myself, so she got a good look at my baby-like shrivelled nub, and she couldn’t help but comment about the horror of shrinkage. I guess this was my George Costanza moment, like in that Seinfeld episode called: The Hampton’s.

Eventually, she did see me soft in normal conditions (without having been swimming in cold water) and she quipped, “And here I was thinking you had a shrinkage problem that day. Looks more like you have a shrimpage problem.” Then she laughed. We broke up about three weeks later.


Getting naked with a work colleague is never a good idea for a small dick man…

I usually try to keep my small dick to myself (Silver Member here). After a night of partying at a pub, a female work colleague and a male friend came over to my place to party on. We decided to get in the hot tub, and she decided that everyone had to be naked. Well, you should’ve seen the look on her face when she saw my small dick. I’m sure the small dick readers know exactly what I mean by ‘the look’. It was pretty evident that my small cock amused her, because everyday we work together from then on, I get the same look all over again when she first sees me. It’s really embarrassing knowing what she’s thinking. Thankfully she hasn’t told anyone else at the office, at least that I know of.


One reader got a nasty surprise from his ex-wife…

I’m a Bronze Member of the small dick club and recently my divorce was finalised. I know she left me because I couldn’t satisfy her in bed, and in life it seems. I often thought she cheated on me, but I could never prove it. Anyway, about a week after the courts stamped our divorce papers finalised, I got this large A4 yellow envelope in the mail. I opened it, and inside was a picture of an erect cock with a tape measure next to it. The end of this large, thick cock was just under 9 inches. The hand holding the tape measure had a familiar jewellery on it, and shockingly, I realised it was the wedding and engagement rings I had given my wife. On the back of the photo in black marker, she had written: He’s twice the size of you, and one hundred times the man! That sucked.


One day you’re gonna get caught…

So get this. I’m in my living room naked as I’m a bit of home nudist in warm weather. When I hear something. I walk toward the noise wondering what it was, only to hear it again. I turn toward it and there standing at the back sliding glass door, is a guy in delivery uniform. He’s around six-feet tall, maybe mid-thirties, and looking straight at me. In his hands a package, and one of those electronic signing gizmo’s.

I completely forgot myself for a moment, until I realised he was looking directly at my dick. I’m a Silver Member of the small dick club, but soft I’m like a nub with small balls too. Not to mention I keep my junk shaved so it looks like a boys dick anyway. I shout, “I’ll just put some clothes on.”

He shrugged, saying, “I’ve seen it already, so just get the… Err… Package.”

He smirked, I blushed. I opened the door and took the package and signed his gizmo. The whole time he looked at my dick with this big smirk on his face. When I handed his gizmo back, he turns and leaves without a word. I run to the side of the house and look out a window. The delivery man’s getting into a van, laughing, as he says something to another man driving. I just hope he was laughing at the experience, and NOT the sight! But who am I kidding, right?

The weird part is I’ve never had a delivery man come to the back door like that. I always have a robe near the front so I can answer the door appropriately if I’m nude. I’ve never had it happen again, and to this day I don’t know why, or how that man ended up at my back door to catch me like that so unexpectedly.


One readers wife knows how to push his buttons…

Thought I would tell you about what my wife said to me the other night when we were having sex. I will set the scene. She was getting ready for the shower and had that day been wearing a tight-fitting dress with leggings. She took off her leggings and knickers and came into the lounge, she had pulled her dress up so that her pussy was just showing. She has a big hairy pussy on a petite body with large lips so it was clearly visible. I knew instantly she wanted sex.

I jumped up off the sofa. I think I was watching some crap on the TV, and we started to kiss. I instantly stating touching her pussy. I could feel she was already wet and loose, I slipped in my usual three fingers up to the knuckles. She whispered in my ear, “God, my pussy feels big tonight!”

She pulled away from me, and lay down on the sofa her shaved pussy glistening wet, and gaping open. My cock, by now was rock hard, and my wife smirked, and said, “You’re such a big guy it makes your little cock looks so silly sometimes.” I didn’t say anything just smiled she smiled too, I know my cock is not big enough for her (I’m a Silver Member of The Small Dick Club), but she’s all about her clit anyway. I get on top, and she pulls her legs right back, and says, “Tonight, I want to get a good look at it.”

I start to slide in. My cock when hard points right at the ceiling, so I have to push it down to get it inside her. I do my short thrusts in and out, and she watches intently. Eventually she says, “Wow, even my pussy makes your cock look very small. Like trying to fuck a hallway with a hotdog, isn’t it, sweetie?”

I love it when she talks like this.


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