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  1. I have a art glass type of story. When I was in high school. My girlfriend had an older sisters in college. Her major has in art. One day I was at the house and she was doing some drawings of naked man from a book.
    I said to her as a joke next time you want to draw a naked guy let me know. I can model for you. She laughed said I already saw you in a speedo. Saw you almost naked anyway. She asked my girlfriend Judy and she didn’t care as long g she was in the room with us.
    We went up to her room. She said if you want to get undressed in the next room I can give you a robe. I said no. Your going to see me totally naked anyway.i striped down naked. When she looked up and saw my acorn dick (less than an inch) and tiny balls the size of cherries. She and my girlfriend Judy laughed.
    I sat there for over an hour and a half. Full frontal. She looks at me said Bobby. I am going to make your dick bigger in the picture. BC I have to bring this into school. I said I don’t want you to.. I am proud of who ii am and the way I look.she Laugh’s and said I won’t change a thing. She showed her mother all her friends and all of Judy friends to. They all make fun of me. Peanut dick, acorn dick. Tuttle dick,baby carrot dick. Inchy. I love every minute of it

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