1. What a beautiful story it feels right to wear panties when you are so under endowed and not a real man
    It’s surely just the next step to suck cock and have cum in your mouth

        1. Paul.. i totally agree with your thinking as i DO NOT consider myself a real man.
          I am am a total sisi fag cuckold. I have been sucking real men’s dic for years and i would suggest you take this next step also, do no deprive yourself of this pure pleasure of sucking dic… please go and embrace this dic sucking of real men , you be glad you did

          1. Viki I would love to take this next step shame we are not closer so that you could teach me
            I spent most of my time with my little limp useless dick in panties and my wife openly encourages me to wear very feminine tanga type pants especially pink ones which I adore

    1. Paul. it is a shame we are not closer as i would love to teach you and bring another sisi fag cuckold into the wonderful world of cock sucking, this brings so much pleasure to a fag cuck.
      I am happy to hear that your wife keeps your useless little dic in panties, this is how it should be. I am a firm believer that us little limp dic fags should never wear what real men wear, as we should know our place in society
      take care

      1. Vici it is something I dream of to serve a real man in the only way I can with my mouth
        My limp cock is useless to anyone if I take viagra and work really hard I can get a erection of sorts but it’s not up to much and because it’s taken so much effort I cum in seconds
        As a result I haven’t had penetrative sex in 5 years
        I am a useless man and should be treated like the sissy I am no real woman would ever want me
        No wonder my wife encourages me to wear such feminine underwear and my limp dick does look really pretty in them

        1. Paul, that’s hot , i have worn panties for over 20 yrs now my wife thinks it’s best for a little limp dic fag cuckold to keep there useless dic in panties, i agree with you it’s looks so much better, course with only 3inches i don’t have much of a bulge.
          i have not been able to have penetrative sex with her in 15 yrs now. she has had many lovers , and has one sexy BF she dates regular and vacay with 🙂 life as limp dic fag cuckold is GOOOOOD

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