The life of Pinny

by SDC Webmaster

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By tonytuffasnails (Edited with Ginger).


I had it over her sissy boyfriend. I knew I did when I rocked up to his house and flopped my cock and balls out, and said, “I’m going to fuck your misses because you’re a pindick fag, and she wants this big cock bad, pinny.” He was staring at my cock so I grabbed my balls and shook them at him, saying, “She wants to suck on these too because you don’t have no balls either.”

He was still staring like a big gay cunt, loving it, and I snapped him out of the state by yelling, “Oii… Fag, what are you going to do about it?”

He was all embarrassed by drooling over my big cock. He said, “Nothing, I can’t stop her.”

I said, “Good, you wouldn’t want to. I’d dick slap your head and flog ya. So be a good lil’ wimp and do as you’re told.”

My baby loved it too, her pussy would be on fire as I told her shit I’d say and do and his reactions just knowing I’m the bull coming to fuck his girlfriend hard and make her mine one day. I’d make him do things and say stuff to make him look like a tiny dick loser to her, and make her pussy drip for me. We would get horny as fuck bagging him out, just the ‘pinny’ of the house. Her young son had a bigger bulge already and he was nine. I’d tell her, “Make those panties drenched, and soon as pindick sissy gets home tell him to put them on.”

I’d text him saying: Soon as you get home tell her you’re a pindick fag who stared at my cock and you love her stinky panties.

He would text back: OK.

It makes him so horny having his wiener that close to a sexy-as-fuck big cock while gagging on smelly pussy juice. I’d say, “You faggot, it makes her wet knowing your little dick is sitting in her messy cum. Especially after cumming so hard on my big fat dick while bagging you out.”

She’d be like, “Yes, Ryan, fuck me in front of him. Bust my cunt, stretch me to be yours only. If he gets in the way, lay the faggot out, Ryan!”

I’d be laughing hard at him as she wouldn’t let him fuck her anymore. Sometimes we’d let him have a go, cracking up as he did. Pinny would be there saying, “What’s so funny?” As he slipped in and out of her pussy while moving around his lil’ finger size willy, smaller than a grade three kid.

So she would just rub her cummed out cunt on his face and make him lick her for ages. Just cumming on his face while he gets told to keep licking, feeling like a bitch with his drenched panties on smelling like a horny pussy. Panties that fitting him perfectly, the fucking pin dick fag. I’d tell her, “You’re only allowed to give him a two finger pinny-wank while bagging him out and talking about my big cock and how bad she wants it. No kissing, no sucking him, no fucking, nothing. “

She would tell me, “Baby, you should’ve seen the fag lying there, cum all over his face, and wet panties on. I laughed at his tiny pindick, touching it, and saying, ‘Oh, you like those nasty panties you pindick fag?’ I came so hard texting Ryan today I want his big cock so badly, pinny. He said you would come home and put those wet panties straight on like a bitch and get hard, and you did.

She laughed. He says, “Yes, I’m a pindick fag.”

She stared at Ryan’s big cock, and she feels her pussy drip. “You like the pinny-wank, the little two-finger pull. It’s so small, ha, ha, my kids are heaps bigger you loser! Ha, ha. This is all you get now, my pussy is ripe for big cock and I’ll do whatever Ryan wants while you get dirty panties and little wanks just like a lil’ fag.” Pinny dribbles a couple drops of pindick juice, and she is laughing hard, saying, “Is that it? That lil’ dribble?”

She is texting me, I’m pissing myself laughing. I text to her: Make him txt me saying what happened and to thank me for making u mess your panties and he liked a bitch admitting he’s just cum from a two finger wank hearing about my big cock.

I then text him with: You’re a true wimp now, leave my baby alone, pindick. She’ll be tired from cumming hard today, and we’re going to txt now. So relax, go clean the kitchen.

She texts me saying: OMG, he’s cleaning the kitchen LMAO .

I laughed so hard at the wimp.

I tell her, “Baby, I want your pussy ripe as fuck for my big dick. The only time it gets wiped is when you’re wiping up the cum with your panties, so they’re all messed up for our panty fag. Or when you wipe it straight on his nose. I want that little dick to know your cunt is dripping for me, smelling strong like it’s full of my load. All gooey and constantly wet like it will be when I’m there filling it for real letting him know it too as you do.”

She says to Pinny, “Lick it, pinny, see what big cock does to a pussy. Taste it, lick that cummy pussy you small dick wimp. Suck her big cock pussy while looking at your panties. Your little dick is sticking up, aching for release. You like this stinky big cock pussy you little cunt licking bitch. Such a loser can’t wait till Ryan is here fucking her, owning her holes. Just a real man, oh, a big real man’s cock. I’m going to cum, pinny, you little fag. Keep licking! I want his big balls right where you’re sucking. Suck that big dick hole!”

She cums hard grabs hold of his head and grinds all over his face to a shuddering orgasm.

Once she’s recovered, she grabs his little knob, and says, “Ryan is going to fuck me and own my body, you won’t get nothing but a well fucked stretched pussy to lick creampie’s from, and little loser pin nob wanks. Your pindick is leaking does that turn you on, fag? You want a big cock pussy all over your face like a true cuckold creampie eater!”

Pinny he cums a dribble again, and moans as she laughs, and says, “Go clean yourself, wimp.”

She texts me what happened, I’m just thinking fuck yes, good girl baby, I’m going to give you a big dick and fuck you so good soon. Just keep that pussy ripe, baby girl, grabbing at it randomly, just smelling it in the air on heat for big cock. No small dicks allowed. We were talking about funny shit having a laugh at pinny, sending pics of him in panties for you, wearing ones you didn’t even know he had. Him, loving it!

Then I was asking how she gets him to lick her ass, and she says, “Same as you, baby, legs up, push the head down and lick my ass, pindick fag.”

This is after we’ve been texting, she’s on the toilet, but doesn’t wipe and gets this ass cleaning licker to tongue it clean. He loves it. I was like, “He’s a fucking cock loving shit licker, babe.”

She says, “Baby, promise you won’t tell this to anyone.”

She says this because I told some people he wears dirty panties and has a little dick, and they bag the fuck out of him too. “Babe?”

She says, “OK, well, I was going to go to the toilet yesterday, and he was keen to lick my ripe lil’ cunt. I said I’m going to the toilet. So he says, ‘I’ll wait here, hurry back’.”

So she tells me she goes and has number two, and gets some toilet paper to wipe herself, and thinks, fuck it, he can lick my ass clean, the ass licker. Her snatch tingles knowing I’d be happy, saying good girl, she tells me she returns to him, and he is waiting on the floor in his cummy panties.

She walks over to him, and he says, “Take your pants off.”

She says, “I just went to the toilet and it’ll be all smelly and nasty.”

Pinny says, “I’ll clean it.”

In her head she thinks, whoa, what a sick fuck. So she pulls them down and he pushes his face in her ripe smelling, big cock pussy. She rubs it all over his face, telling me, “Ryan, it’s so ripe. It smells so potent, and so horny. I was thinking of you, baby, saying it aloud, ‘Mmm… You like that, pinny, you dirty fucker.”

Pinny moans, and says, “Turn around.”

She thinks, if only my big cock lover could see this he would be so happy with me. She turns around and plants her dirty ass on his face and starts rubbing it all over, smearing shit all over. Fucking his nose, thinking, no way he’s actually knowingly doing this. Licking shit! She is pissing herself laughing, quietly saying, “Clean my ass, pindick. Yes. Lick it all up.”

In between giggles, she looks down and sees his tiny stiffy is ready to dribble again. She laughs, and says, “You’re loving this, pinny, your little pedo-sized finger dick is twitching.”

She reached down with two fingers and gave it a couple of pulls, just a little gentle pinny pulls, while rubbing her shitty ass all over his face. It squirts, she giggles and hops off. She turns around and looks down and sees her ripe big cock cum and dirty ass skiddies all over his face. His pindick twitching, she says, “You like that, pinny?”

He says, “Yes!”

She says, “Felt good, will be doing that again.”

She giggles to herself, the lil’ shit licker. She’s texting me: He was loving it, baby.

I text back: No way! This is crazy, you’re the nastiest bitch, baby. I want to fuck you so good. Blow big loads up you. Creampie my girl, keep u cummy. You have yourself a real life piece of living toilet paper, baby. Pretty much could hang your ass off the toilet after a shit, and call out, “Come clean my ass, faggot, and he would I cracked up laughing

Next I text pinny, saying: You’re a good pindick ass licker. Made my baby girl happy. All the times you pissed her off, this makes up for some of it. She wanted to piss in your mouth for being a big mouth, but said she is too nice to.

He replied: I’ll let her do it/

Later, she texts me: You shit stirrer. Pinny just came in saying I can piss on his face.

I crack up laughing again as he’s a thick as, fuck gullible wimp. I text her back: Just do it. Fuck him. Lol

She replied: I might if he gets smart again. I told him we laugh at his pindick heaps more now cause you accidentally seen your son walking to his room from the shower. His cock was three times the size of pinny, and he’s only twelve. You’re as small as fuck, and it’s hilarious.

She can’t help but burst out laughing at your pathetic nob, you’re the pinny of the house. Hahaha. It’s too small to ever have her pussy again, such a waste of time she can’t feel it and just giggles at it tickling away. She can’t suck it in case she bursts out laughing and bites the small Frankfurt clean off. You’re lucky to even get pinny wanks. It would be like wanking a undeveloped willy, but it’s funny and she can laugh while doing it and does. Lol.


  1. I no this fucking pin dick my mate told me all about him the dirty panty wearing fag I didn’t believe it at first but I’ve herd phone calls to the faggot just bagging the fuck out of him. His misses bags fuck out of him to others making her pussy drip into her knickers and makes this loser wear them even rubs her dirty holes on his face and tells him she wants big cock haha my mate pointed him out once at my work even called out yelling hey pin dick you got ur cummy panties on fucking faggot he looked over and my mate grabbed his cock and said do you want to stare at my cock ya fag I said whats up with that he said he stared at his mates cock for ages when this bloke rocked up to fuck his misses and flopped it out and this fag pretty much wanted to suck it bahaha haha.. so every time this faggot came to the shop I worked at i made sure everyone was laughing hard at this queer pin dick bitch think his name is rusel but he is known as pinny or pantyboy or snail dick. This is all true and if he sees this go lick clean ur misses ass u smartass shit nose and put ur cummed out pantys on pin cock fag

          1. Yes he did haha. She probably loved having a bitch and think she was getting big cock on the side flat out just cucking the fag putting him in dirty panties just a good girl never seen her with him

          1. He is just a pin dick man i havnt seen the fag in awhile. Bubby down lower commented on her husband sounded like the same fag but who knows, I don’t think pantyboy was married so probably a different pinno lol

  2. He sounds like he’d be a real angry cunt probably smashes up the house and abuses the fuck out of her cos he’s got a wimp dick bet the big cock guy was like an escape for her

    1. I have a small dick husband I call pinny too. I get zero pleasure from his little dick. I am not attracted to him at all and he is the shittest root I’ve had. His little fuck stick barely opens my pussy. Sad thing is I’m so tight I can still feel it but it tickles and I don’t want him in me but he doesn’t fit into condoms. The tip stretches over most of his cock then there’s the big speed bump from the unrolled franga and it feels fucked. When he cums he makes such a fuss but I’m sure theres more liquid in a bottle of eyedrops than his load think i would prefer to see a puff of smoke. I can’t help but screw my face up and then laugh as he says look at all the mess I’m like bahaha its a tea spoon full if that. I control him by putting him in panties and pissing on him and reminding him whenever he is an asshole to behave. I am his queen and wife.

      1. Hahaha he sounds like a real little dick bitch, you would be pissing your self all the time it must be a tiny nob for the franga to not roll down, id struggle to get mine in anything but a magnum but stuff the frangas they break or dont fit i just pull out drench everything lol… id give you a mess then you could go home and make your little dick husband wear your creamy pantys and clean you up hahaha…. this story was so funny some bits sound abit far fetched but still funny as fuck laughing at the little faggots. You must be tight as how are you not fucking some decent cock and making that pinny wank his own inch?

          1. Haha bubby you’re funny keep this reply thread going or start a new one would love to hear about what else you do to your hubby just laughing at these tiny small dick homos bahaha the real stories are the most believable and most funny. ive got a 9in real man cock to if you’re wondering nothing like the members photos here lol…

          1. I havnt wrote no story and i think the couple would still be going as is a pindick as a bitch a horny girl and a big dick pleasing her while they laugh

          1. Just like the stuff on here she would ask me if I could see what was on her phone I’d say no and be bright red she would giggle and say yes u did I’d say is that your boyfriend she would say no I fucking wish he was all mine

      2. There is a new post on condoms for little pin dicks like your hubby lol you should buy some save getting the big speed hump down his inch clit or better yet just put the bitch in dirty panties and piss in his face then fuck a big nob like mine

  3. Yeah this story is a gr8 one. It makes all of us pinny guys want to be treated similarly. I know I would love it: the domination , the small penis humiliation, the cuckold creampies, etc. cheers LittleDick Jay

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