The Accident

by SDC Webmaster

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by dmbdriver1 ( (Edited with Ginger)


My buddy Rick who I’ve known from grade school and I went way up north on a hunting trip for moose or elk. After 2 days we found some sign we were in the right area. So when we came to a wooded hill he went one way and I the other. Suddenly out of nowhere, I was falling to the ground, I felt like a train hit me. My legs were above my head and I saw blood flying through the air. As I landed on my shoulders, it came to me that it was my blood as, that’s when the pain hit and I started screaming.

One of my legs bent at a ninety-degree angle in the wrong direction and blood was spurting out of a lacerated artery. I gripped the spot where the blood was shooting out and tried to staunch the flow. And what felt like hours my buddy finally came running up saying he was sorry, that he thought he had been shooting at a moose, but hit me instead.

When I came to, my wife and my buddy were standing next to my bed in a hospital as the doctor walked in. He saw that I was awake and said welcome back to the land of the living. I looked around and saw that they had my leg hooked to a pulley with a rope and the doctor said they were trying keep my leg in traction as the bullet shattered the bone, he then went on to tell me all about what they had to do just to save it at all.

My buddy said, “I had seen a bull moose, and as he was about to shoot it started to run. So I took a shoot just to try to stop it, but missed and hit you instead.”

Lynn, my wife just stood there softy sobbing, so I took her hand and she give me a weak smile.

After Rick took Lynn home, saying they would be back in the morning, I began to remember Rick going on and on about how lucky I was to have married such a hot-looking woman. Things like, how he thought she was one of the prettiest women he’d ever seen, and if I didn’t take really good care of her and keep her happy, that he’d love to. The thought crossed my mind that maybe Rick’s missed shot wasn’t an accident after all. Then I dismissed it, that would be totally crazy.


The next day the doctor told me I would have to say in hospital for at least three weeks, and maybe longer, before I had any chance of going home.

It was on the sixth day in the hospital that I heard Rick and Lynn coming down the hall. I’m not sure why, but I pretended to be asleep and when Lynn tried to wake me, I made as if I was still out of it with the sleeping medicine that they gave me every day so the pain wouldn’t keep me awake all night.

Lynn called the nurse and she asked about me and was told, “He had a bad night, so they had given me a strong pain-killer and maybe that in conjunction with the sleeping pill would keep him out of it for longer than normal.”

After the nurse left, Lynn turned to Rick and said, “Do you think we should wait, go home, or see what comes up?”

“What comes up,” he said.

Through slitted eyes I saw Rick put his arm around Lynn’s shoulders and give her along kiss, right there in front of me, and then he grabbed her ass!

Lynn broke away saying, “Rick! Not here, what if Tom wakes up?”

Rick replied, “He’s out for a while, you heard the nurse. Babe, don’t you get a thrill knowing he could wake and find us doing something we shouldn’t be doing?”

“I don’t know…”

“You said so yourself last night,” Rick whispered to her. “You’ve enjoyed fucking a big cock for a change.”

So this wasn’t the first fuck they’d shared, I thought.

“He’s still my husband!”

“Yeah… A husband with a three and a half-inch cock. He’s not even a man!”

“Oh… You’re so bad!” Lynn gushed.

Lynn smiled at him then reached up and kissed him the way she should be kissing me, not the fucking dumb fuck who shot her husband. Rick had his hand up Lynn’s top and was playing with her perky tits. I had a stray thought then, I wondered if she had a bra or not. Lynn didn’t need one, but usually worn one if she wanted to look bigger up top.

I had my answer because in a very short time Rick had her top up enough so he could get at her nipples with his mouth. I knew that she was a goner then because I knew from experience if you sucked her nipples her legs open up. Lynn can have orgasm just from having her nipples sucked on and she wasn’t fighting him off at all.

It wasn’t long before Lynn dropped to her knees below the edge of the bed so I couldn’t see her any longer, but I heard a zipper being unzipped and a belt being unbuckled and soon the sounds of a blow job being given. Rick soon enough pulled her up pushed her over the foot of my bed and pulled her skirt up and said, “Wow, babe, you got on the thong I bought you yesterday. Man is it sexy on you.”

Surreptitiously, I see Lynn wiggle her ass at him, looking over her shoulder at him.

“C’mon, would you get that big fucking cock of yours in my cunt before I scream.”

All the while I’m watching my wife looking like a bitch in heat. I’m thinking, You fucking bitch! We only got married four years ago and here you are, fucking my buddy in front of me.

I silently scream as Rick began to feed my wife his massive cock. She immediately started banging herself back on him as hard could and I could soon hear Rick’s body slapping against my wife’s ass a s he pounded her. Soon enough Lynn’s body tensed and she started cumming all over his fucking cock. They didn’t stop their fucking motions, even after Rick had cum in my wife’s pussy, they just kept fucking each other slowly, enjoying the feeling. I began to wonder just how long they were going the fuck right there over the foot of my bed.

Then I heard Lynn, moan softly, “My God, Rick, I love having your cum in me. Last night was so hot, but this time it’s even better.”

Finally, Rick stopped pumping her pussy. Lynn dropped to her knees taking him in her mouth and, although I couldn’t see, I could hear the sucking and licking noises as she cleaned off their cum from his couch with her mouth.

That’s when I opened my eyes.

Lynn on her knees with Rick’s cock in her mouth.

I said, “So… This is why you fucking shot me? So you could get in my wife’s pants.”

Lynn suddenly choked, looking at me with his cock hovering over her face. She turned white and started crying.

I looked at her, and said, “Fuck off with the tears. I don’t believe you’re sorry.”

Lynn stopped crying, and said, “So now what, Tom?”

Rick moved to the door, watching us intensely.

I said to Lynn, “First of all, why don’t you get yourself cleaned up. You look like a fucking street whore with all that cum running down your legs.”

Rick stood there dumb-faced and stunned, with his fucking limp cock still hanging out.

I looked over at him, and said, “I’m thinking… I may have to call the cops cos I remember seeing you take aim at me before you shot me. How’s that for a manly thing to do?”

That shocked Rick into action and he stuffed his limp cock back into his pants. He said arrogantly, “There’s no way you could’ve seen me, I was behind a tree.”

I knew then he had put his foot in his mouth. What a dumb fucker, I thought.

I looked over at the wash room. Lynn stood there with tears running down her cheeks, real ones this time. She now realised Rick shot me so he could get in her pants, and she’d let him do it. Even do it in front of me.

Rick looked at me realising his mistake his face went white, and turned to make a dash for it. However, Lynn crossed the room in time to trip him as he turned. He ended up falling, hitting his nose on the door frame, and breaking it. As he rolled around on the floor holding his nose, Lynn went to him and kicked him in him the balls as hard as she could. She began calling him names I didn’t know she knew. I picked up the phone next to my bed and called ‘911’ saying I wanted to report the low-life who tried to kill me.



That occurred over a year ago, and Rick got five years jail for his trouble.

As far as Lynn and I are concerned, she’s still trying to make up for what she did and has gone so far as to talk her sister into having a threesome with us. I even fulfilled a fantasy of mine by going down on her own sister after I’d filled her pussy with my cum.

So, as far as fucking behind my back, we’ve made a deal that if she wants other cock, I’m okay with it because I know my small dick isn’t enough for her. My only condition is I’m there to watch them, because I have to say watching her fuck Rick that time was a huge turn-on for me, although I’ll never tell Lynn that.

The End

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