Condom Comparison Pics

Hey, small dick buddies, here’s another way you can show the world just how under endowed, and how proud you are of it. Small dick guys around the world have had countless embarrassing experience’s with condoms. So let’s make it a point of pride. A regular condom is usually 17.78-19.05cm (7-7.5″) long, which is way bigger than even average size erect dicks. I guess they figured one size fits all.

While you can buy so-called small-sized condoms, most of these are still 16.51-19.05cm (6.5-7.5″) long. Ridiculous right, as this is still larger than average, which is 13.1cm (5.16″) erect. Is it any wonder guys have a panic attack about condoms, hey!

Companies like TheyFit Condoms can make custom condoms for penises as small as 8cm (3.16″) long, so check them out.

Anyway, here’s the challenge. Send us your dick pic wearing a clear regular size condom and we’ll show it here. This will be our way to protest against these giant condoms being passed off as average. To Durex, Trojan, Lifestyles, etc. – Here’s our dick’s IN YOUR FACE! Thanks for fucking nothing!


Condom Comparison Pics


As you can see we need more proud peckers for our gallery. So send in your condom pic and show the world!

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