Sorority Girls & the Professor!

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I had been grading papers late in my office and was walking across the Quad at the University when my arm was shoved up into the middle of my back, causing me to drop my briefcase. Before I could even react, I was thrown to the ground face first and felt a knee holding me in place putting a quick end to my struggling.

A ball gag was roughly put in my mouth, and I was blindfolded. The first thing that came to my mind was terrorists, but what would a terrorist want with a 38 year old 5’4″ 136 pound, bearded Psychology Professor.

I was shocked to find out there were more than one, when a voice said, “OK get him up” and even more shocked when that order was coming from a young woman.

I was roughly dragged to my feet and cuffs were placed on my wrists and was forced to walk what I estimated to be about five blocks. Finally we reached wherever we were headed, and I was instructed to climb ten stares.

I heard someone twist a doorknob and I was pushed inside and the door was closed. I was then guided about fifty feet, and the blindfold was removed, creating the shock of my life. I was standing on a mat in a huge room and around the edge of the mat stood 16 coeds, naked except for a cape over their shoulders, with royal purple cords tied in the front over their breasts.

The only light came from about 25 candles placed at various points around the room. I had no idea what was going on but I was scared shitless, especially when I heard what appeared to be the 5’10 buxom leader instruct two coeds to remove my cuffs and clothing.

After the cuffs were removed, two beautiful blond Amazons quickly shredded my shirt, and quickly removed my pants, shoes and socks. Next came the ultimate humiliation as my jockey shorts were removed. My poor excuse for a penis in its flaccid state is normally about an inch long, but when I was cold or scared, it often shrank to about ¾ of an inch.

The muscular Amazon leader approached me, looking straight at my little penis, took my member between her two fingers and said “Jesus Christ Danielle. I told you to bring back a man for the initiation, not a freaking 5 year old boy. That is the poorest excuse for a pecker I have ever seen in my life.”

I wanted to crawl in a hold and die as the whole room of coeds filled the room with laughter.

“Well shit. Nothing we can do about it now. He will have to do. Bring in the pledges. I looked up from the floor as a door opened in the rear and two beautiful young women were brought in. Both were completely naked and led to the center of the mat to face me.

I was thankful when the Amazon instructed the same two blondes to remove my ball gag and I could finally speak again.

“Please, I don’t know what is going on here, but I promise if you let me go now, I will not mention a word of this to the Disciplinary committee and none of you will be expelled.”

My poor attempt at bravado only brought further laughter from all the Sorority girls, and even the pledges joined in.

The Amazon leader once again faced me and looked menacingly down into my fearful eyes. You aren’t going to speak a word to anyone about what goes on here tonight Dr Andrews, if you know what is good for you.”

Suddenly she grabbed my tiny balls in her hand and twisted them mightily causing me to scream out in pain.

“Do I make myself clear…Doctor?”

I could barely talk as I was gasping for air through the pain. “Oh God, yes. Please…yes…I understand. Please let go. Ohhhh that hurts!”

Finally she released me and said, “I thought you would come around to my way of thinking.”

She turned her attention to the well built naked females and began to address them. “Pledges, you have done very well in completing the requirements up to this point, but there is one final test for each of you to pass before you can become members of the Kappa Phi Beta Sorority.”

“Each of you will be given a half hour to make our male subject, Dr. Andrews submit to you. You may show physical supremacy by beating him into submission, or you may show sexual supremacy by making him have an orgasm.”

Turning back to me, she added, “And you Doctor can secure your freedom by remaining silent during the contest, overpowering the pledge, or causing the pledge to orgasm. Do you all understand?”

I knew not to cross this muscular beauty twice, so I shook my head in agreement with the pledges. They drew straws to see who would go first, and the stocky Brunette would take me on first.

I estimated her to be my height at 5’4″ but from the looks of her huge dangling breasts and thick thighs calves and arms, I estimated that she outweighed me by about 20 pounds, tipping the scales around 156.

We met at the center of the mat and the command to ‘go’ sounded as the clock started. We slowly circled each other and I felt my heart began to pound faster as I looked at her swaying breasts with dark brown aureoles and nipples, and a thick patch of pubic hair between her legs. She was truly a beautiful creature with the bluest eyes I had ever seen.

We reached out for one another and as my hands and fingers began to play with her moist warm pussy, she began to squeeze my upper arms testing my muscularity. I was curious to see a smile form on her lips, then with lightening quickness, she bent down and thrust her body forward, sending me to my back and knocking the wind out of me. It was apparent that she knew that she was physically superior to me and was going to try and beat me into submission instead of producing an orgasm.

She was on me in a flash, pinning my arms with her knees, sitting on my face with her large round bottom. She easily pulled up my legs with her strong legs and spread me wide with my ass in the air. As she held both legs with one arm she began to rain hard slaps to my ass, alternating by squeezing and twisting my tiny cock and balls. The pain was like nothing I had ever encountered, but all I could think about was remaining quiet and gaining my freedom.

She nearly suffocated me with her full ass, and I can smell her exotic scent as her pussy juices flowed, obviously getting off on kicking my ass so easily. Fifteen minutes of incredible abuse passed, and she continued to soak me in her pussy juice as she pummeled my body unmercifully. Still holding my legs, she twisted my nipples roughly, and at 25 minutes and still no submission I think the young pledge began to panic.

Desperate, she took two fingers and plunged them into my sensitive virgin asshole, and as much as I tried, I had to yell my submission at 27 and a half minutes. She leapt off of me and let out a shriek of joy, knowing that she was now a Sorority Girl.

I could barely move my beaten body, and was given fifteen minutes to rest and recuperate before the next pledge would take me on.

Time was called and we both moved to the center of the mat. This pledge was more developed that the one who had just vanquished me. She was about 5’8″ and 135 pounds and had the body of a Fitness Contestant with long lean muscles throughout her arms, legs and flat stomach.

She had shoulder length red hair and a thick bush of equally red pubic hair. I could feel my small cock start to harden just looking at her, and although both of us knew that she could conquer me physically, I think she was going to go for the orgasm.

At the signal to start, she seductively swayed her hips toward me and mashed her large pendulous breasts together. Slowly she ran her tongue over her lips and then stuck out her hands and ran long nails lightly up and down the side of my face, causing a surge to pass through my body.

I placed my hands on each of her thighs and gently caressed up her smooth taut skin, hoping to arouse her, but my 3 ½ inch rock hard cock betrayed me, and let her know that she held the advantage.

Slowly she moved into me further and began to bite and suck on my neck, driving me insane. She moved to my ears and inserted her tongue and exhaled a warm breath, and I was losing all consciousness, and only five minutes had passed.

Suddenly I couldn’t take it anymore and my knees buckled and I went to the mat as if she had thrown a knockout punch. I was dizzy with lust and was losing all power to resist. She planted herself at my feet and took each toe into her warm mouth as she bathed me in sexual need and hunger.

Fifteen minutes had passed and it was evident that I could offer no resistance. She had such complete confidence that she could bring me off at any point that she turned around and straddled my head, taunting me to try and make a contest of it. I knew it was a hopeless cause, and I had never licked a woman before, but as she took my cock completely in her mouth, I began to lap the sweet juices of her pussy.

I tried to concentrate on the job at hand and lick every inch of her, but was almost delirious as I felt her talented warm mouth expertly suck at my organ. I tried to concentrate on my work, on sports, on the Middle East crisis, but nothing was working and as the 21 minute mark hit, she gently began to run circles around the rim of my anus, then slowly and sensually inserted one finger, sending me over the edge.

I must have cum for a full minute as she took every drop into her young talented mouth. As she drained me dry and my little dick started to deflate, she made a muscle pose in the air, opened her mouth to her sisters and showed them the load of cum.

A loud cheer went up by all present, and the beautiful redhead stood and left me gasping for air on the mat.

I was given my underwear, socks, shoes, pants and shredded shirt and was able to dress with a great deal of pain. I was reminded again not to mention this event to anyone and as I made my way to my car, I knew that my lips would forever be sealed, since there was no way I could live through a similar beating in the future.

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