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These Guys Prove Their Membership to The Small Dick Club!
All images are user submitted and consist of people over 18 years old.

If you find an image of yourself on this site that you have not uploaded, and you want it removed, then use the Leave A Reply box at the bottom of this page, indicating clearly which image it is and we’ll remove it immediately.

We add images to these galleries regularly thanks to the guys who submit them so check back again soon!

small-penis-pic-goldGold Members Picture Gallery – any dick 3 inches erect length or smaller.
silver-member-tindy-dick-02Silver Members Picture Gallery 3.1 inches to 4.0 inches maximum erect length
bronze4_0Bronze Members Picture Gallery 4.1 to 5.0 inches erect length.
flaccid-inny-50Flaccid Inny Cocks Picture Gallery – Soft Cocks that either completely or nearly disappear when flaccid. Known as a ‘Flaccid Inny’ or a ‘Mangina’.
small-soft-cockSoft Cocks Picture Gallery – Soft/flaccid penis length doesn’t make you a member of The Small Dick Club, as some men are ‘grow-ers’ and some are ‘show-ers’. Only erect length determines your membership to The Small Dick Club.
BJuEfvwLead Members Picture Galleries - Men with an erect length >4.5", but an erect girth <4.5". Often referred to as 'pencil dicks' as they look so thin.
tprt-thumbThe Toilet Paper Roll Test - If your erect dicks fits inside a toilet paper roll and none pokes out the top then you've got a small dick according to the urban legend.
condom-comparison-thumbCondom Comparison Pics - So many small dick and average men humiliated by the large size of regular condoms for many years. So fuck Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles etc. - Here's our real men's dicks in your face!

Image Upload
multiple images can be uploaded at the same time.

All pictures are held for moderation before they appear on this site. If your image/s doesn’t appear in any gallery, then it has been rejected. Do not upload it again. Take a better image and submit that. Rejection is usually for poor quality images, reposts, and not fitting our selection criteria.


If your penis is larger than 5″ erect length (average is 5.16″), then you don’t have a small penis medically speaking. If you’re penis is greater than 5″ erect and you think it is small then click here.


Where’s My Picture?

If you have submitted your image recently then it’ll be in a more recent gallery. Each gallery has a maximum of 100 pics, so if you find your picture in a certain gallery it’ll always be in that gallery. However, every time you open a gallery the software will randomized the order of the pictures for that gallery. The software doesn’t randomized all the pictures into different galleries. So your picture will only ever be in the same gallery.

But I still can’t find it?

That’s what she said, but seriously your pictures are adjudicated by our webmaster on a number of levels. Firstly, is your penis soft, semi, or hard? Secondly, if hard: what type of member you are – Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Lead. Here’s where our opinions may differ. If you submitted claiming you’re a Gold Member, but we disagree we may have put it in Silver Member galleries.

If we cannot decide whether the penis presented is soft or hard, we’ll always defer to soft. If we think a penis is semi-hard, you’ll probably find it in the soft galleries. Many guys submit images of their soft penis claiming it’s hard, sorry we’re not that stupid. When you look at small dicks as much as we do you get pretty good at figuring out what size it is. But, we’re not perfect and mistakes do happen.


I looked everywhere, I’m sure it’s not here!

As this is an anonymous submission system we have no way to inform anyone if a picture is accepted, what gallery it’s in, what category we put it in, and lastly, if we rejected it outright. Pictures rejected outright often have to do with the quality of the image. So look at the image you submitted and decide for yourself.

We usually reject images that are poor webcam shots, too blurry, too dark, too grainy, too small (thumbnails, <300pixels on one side), and too shaky. We also reject images where it's obvious the penis is too large for this site. We also get guys who submit the same pictures again and again and again, so we reject those too. It's nothing personal, we're just trying to present the best quality pics we can for our readers. If you suspect your image has been rejected, then take a new image that's better quality and submit that. Keep trying.   Thanks to all our submitters

You all really help make this site great, and we really do appreciate the men who have submitted images to show the world their pride in their small dicks.