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These Guys Prove Their Membership to The Small Dick Club!
All images are user submitted and consist of people over 18 years old.

If you find an image of yourself on this site that you have not uploaded, and you want it removed, then use the Leave A Reply box at the bottom of this page, indicating clearly which image it is and we’ll remove it immediately.

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small-penis-pic-goldGold Members Picture Gallery – any dick 3 inches erect length or smaller.
silver-member-tindy-dick-02Silver Members Picture Gallery 3.1 inches to 4.0 inches maximum erect length
bronze4_0Bronze Members Picture Gallery 4.1 to 5.0 inches erect length.
flaccid-inny-50Flaccid Inny Cocks Picture Gallery – Soft Cocks that either completely or nearly disappear when flaccid. Known as a ‘Flaccid Inny’ or a ‘Mangina’.
small-soft-cockSoft Cocks Picture Gallery – Soft/flaccid penis length doesn’t make you a member of The Small Dick Club, as some men are ‘grow-ers’ and some are ‘show-ers’. Only erect length determines your membership to The Small Dick Club.
BJuEfvwLead Members Picture Galleries - Men with an erect length >4.5", but an erect girth <4.5". Often referred to as 'pencil dicks' as they look so thin.
tprt-thumbThe Toilet Paper Roll Test - If your erect dicks fits inside a toilet paper roll and none pokes out the top then you've got a small dick according to the urban legend.
condom-comparison-thumbCondom Comparison Pics - So many small dick and average men humiliated by the large size of regular condoms for many years. So fuck Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles etc. - Here's our real men's dicks in your face!
small-dick-pics-C29The Flaccid Small Dick Hall of Fame - see the real tiny softies here. The ones we love, and for some, wish they had.

Thanks to all our submitters

You all really help make this site great, and we really do appreciate the men who have submitted images to show the world their pride in their small dicks.

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  1. Since I started my album, I have uploaded several pics. So far, only one besides the default pic has been posted. Am I doing something wrong or are the pics no good? Please advise, I really want to have pics of me,including my face, in my album. Thank you!

    1. I haven’t deleted any of your photos, so it must be a server or software glitch causing the problem which means it’s out of my control. Keep trying. If they’re large files try reducing the size.

  2. In a toilet paper core, I cannot be seen at the other end. And girth wise, I don’t come close to filling it. So, does that let me qualify? I’ll join and submit a photo or two, if I am qualified. And have some really good, and so true, stories I can write up, again if I’m qualified.

    1. You either are a member of the small dick club or your not. If you’re not sure then measure yourself erect and if it’s under 5″ (non bone pressed) you “qualify”. Failing the toilet paper roll test is a sign, but roll sizes differ in different places so it isn’t definitive. Measure it.

  3. Never looked at it as a problem. When I am in locker rooms I don’t Wear a towel. Even in high school. Go to nude beaches. Have a 2 1/4 hard 0 sticks out when flaccid. .never seen it as a problem or been embarrassed. O do get looks and layghs

  4. Mine is only 2 1/4 hard. Not even a inch flaccid Proud to be tiny. I go to the nude beach, I walk around talk to a lot of woman. Love the looks on their cases when I walk by.

    1. mine is small, too, 4″ hard, wish it were as small as yours. I love em small, love to suck then, many times, small dicks shoot big loads

    1. It’s not possible with this gallery software for people to leave comments, I suggest you create a member album and put your pictures there. That way people can leave comments.

    1. You can send pics via the “submit” page, you’ll find in the main menu, or you can create a members album in the page with the same name, but you have to subscribe to be able to do that. It’s not rocket science, dude.

  5. My little peepee is only 4 inches when hard. 1 inch or smaller when I’m flaccid. Showers, cold weather and swimming are some things that can really cause it to get super tiny.
    I’m enjoying seeing all the posts, pics and comments from others with small penis like me.

    1. I have a 1inch penis because I actually have this condition which has literally made me feel like am trapped in a lil boys body because am 36 years old and my penis is about the size of a young lil boys penis looks like. Even my doctor told she has never seen such the smallest penis on any male patients of hers. Now that was a reality check for me that I will always have a small tiny little penis that jerks off with only 2 of my fingers like if u have a baby carrot. Amy just being honest with you all. 209 556 8285 text me and will show you If you like

        1. I had a male doctor laugh at me. Than leave the room. Return a couple minutes later with a female doctor. She made me stand up ( a am nude for a per employ ment . Exam. ) She sat down in front of me. Checked my ti y balls. I was a little nervous so I had a acorn not even a inch. . The whole time she was holding in her laughter. I than ask her. To her surprise is my dick the smallest you ever saw. She busted out laughing. Looked at me and said yes most honestly it is since you asked. As she answered my peanut got hard. She looked and busted out laughing again. She said that’s the biggest it gets. Trap 2 1/4 inches. She laughed can’t believe it’s so small.

        1. Mine really doesn’t work anymore unless I take medication there is no chance of a hardon even then there’s no guarantee it’s been over 5 years since I’ve managed penetrative sex

      1. I’m never ashamed of my 2inch penis I love seeing more people with small penis text me like to chat with others with small penis 4136265839

  6. I have a very small pee pee. my wife does go with other men for satisfaction. this is alright with me. she will allow me to masterbate while looking up her skirt, but I cannot have sex with her.

      1. It’s not a problem to have a small dick. It’s something to be proud of I love my 3″ hard dick. I love seeing the pre cum running off the head leaving a long trail of pre cum behind

    1. I have 4.5 inch fully erect.i spend lots of time thinking about it.i dont know if i can have normal sexual relation with it

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