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Silver Members of The Small Dick Club 3.01 inches (7.65 cm) to 4.1 inches (10.4 cm) erect length.

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  1. I am so very proud of my silver member! I used to be reluctant for anyone to see me naked. Now I want everyone to see it. I am O6 of the latest group. I must say,I am a bit envious of the gold members. It is kind of funny, for years I wanted a bigger dick and now I would have like to have been smaller, to make the gold group.

  2. Thanks for entering my dick pics into the Silver album! Always been sad about my small dick (3.5 inches when erect), now I jerk off to small penis humiliation. I don’t think I’ll ever get a girlfriend or get a girl to have sex with me (unless I pay a prostitute), however hard I try. Oh well, so is life.

  3. My silver member is In group 20 and is o3, I’m so close to being a gold member but proud to be a silver member. Please let me know what you think of it, bear in mind I’m a big guy 6ft 240 pound the dick don’t match the body.

  4. After enduring ridicule and shame all my life, so proud and liberated to be a measured-up, accepted Silver Member of The Small Dick Club. Thank you so much for giving us lil-dick boys a space to celebrate what nature gave us.
    I’m proud off all my 3 3/4 inches and have embraced the SPH fetish

  5. Absolutely delighted to see two photos of my little 3.5 inch erect penis… And just for the record.. Yes, I am a virgin

  6. I’m a lonely guy with a small dick ,confirmed Silver member ,would just like to say thank you to the Small Dick Club for giving me some status

  7. I am very proud to be a Silver Club member, with a clittie just under 4 inches. No matter how much older I get or how much I pull on it, it just won’t get any bigger, so that’s it – I am a Silver Club member for life! I have not sucked a cock yet or gotten fucked, but I think I want to. And so many little cocks here, which are bigger than me, look so scrumptious. I am sure I would be a very good cocksucker. My pussy is very tight I am sure since it has not been entered yet. It will need a lot of stretching for real men or she-males! I look forward to these experiences.

  8. Yay! i am a silver member of the club! It’s nice to finally go to a place where I feel superior for having such a small cock. I’ve had so many embarrassing moments over the years, but finally, I’m accepted! : ) : ) I love being a small dick

  9. I’m a bi male 29 who has a 3 1/2″ fully erect penis. I have always been extremely self-conscious of it and what others will think of it. I say this because I’ve only had sex with one person and even though they don’t mind my size I still have issues mentally thinking that they are never satisfied with my size. Any ideas or tips to help me feel better about myself?

    1. Stop thinking of it. You had a good time. The other person had a good time. That’s what matters. Have fun.

  10. Patti thinks little Bo Petey is pathetic, useless, and pretty hysterical – how embarassing ! Now my sisters and friends can really seem how teeny tiny you are !

    1. yes its laughed at lots but I find that ok – my ex got me caned for having one so small and the welts lasted for two months after her boyfriend thrashed me 40 strokes until i begged no more

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