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My hot young neighbour moved in with me about a month after she started attending college. She wanted to get out from under her semi-strict father’s rule, and I suggested to her one day when she was taking out the trash, that she rent out the extra room in my house. I’ve known Sasha and her dad since I’d moved into town when she was just a kid.

I had my own selfish reasons for being so willing to let her shack up with me. For as long as I can remember, I have had a crush on Sasha. Having such a hot neighbour’s daughter was torture for a guy like me. One time when we were playing tennis together I got a boner watching her fly around the court in her tiny white shorts. When she saw it, she made fun of me mercilessly.

“Oh my god Tommy,” she cried. “What is that– do you have a…boner?…Wow I didn’t know they could be THAT SMALL!!!” The wide smile and glimmer in her eyes was priceless. For the rest of the day she occasionally looked at me and then broke out into a fit of giggles. Later that night I remember jerking off to the thought of girls making fun of my tiny pecker.

She was very young and immature at the time, so I know she didn’t mean to humiliate me, but I developed a complex that day. A tiny dick complex. I’m still very small. At my hardest it stands just four inches tall. It is a fetish of sorts that has been with me since I was a boy.

Sasha slept on the futon in my office. One of the luxuries of being a freelance web designer was working from home almost all the time. It was nice that I could do work and surf the net for porn any time I wanted. It was hot wanking it in the room that she had all but taken over. In fact, my office consisted of but one small table in the corner.

One day while she was out attending classes, I was hard at work in the room. I looked over at the futon and noticed that her volleyball shorts were tossed carelessly on her pillow. Volleyball has kept her in great shape over the years. She’s played since junior high and as a result she was in amazing shape. I love when she wears her volleyball uniform. The shorts are so tiny and tight and show off all of her curves.

I walked over to the futon and poked the shorts. They were so small once off her body that I could not fathom how they even covered anything up at all. They were slightly more material than a pair of panties. She probably just dumped them out of her bag on her way out.

I wondered if they smelled and I brought them up to my nose and sniffed them. I continued sniffing all around the shorts. My nose made its way to the crotch and I hesitated for a moment feeling like a real pervert. Then I buried my nose in the crotch and breathed in deeply. The shorts smelled amazing. I could smell a trace of sweat and pussy. My tongue snaked out and I licked the fabric.

It was the closest I had ever come to smelling and tasting Sasha’s pussy. I wanted nothing more than to soil them with a load of jizz. I considered doing it, but I was afraid of getting caught, so I dropped the shorts back on to her bed and went back to my chair where I promptly paid homage to Sasha.

That evening, it was Sasha’s turn to make dinner. She was cutting carrots to put in the salad when she looked up across the counter to where I was sitting in the living room.

“Were you in the study today?” she asked, glancing down at the counter again nervously.

“Yes, I was working in there” I answered. I didn’t look up from the magazine I pretended to read while I watched her pad around the kitchen preparing dinner.

“Ah. Uhuh,” she said softly.

She returned to cutting the vegetables and I began reading again. I felt uneasy in the awkward silence. I am not sure if it was my guilty conscience or my imagination. A lump grew in my stomach. Maybe she caught me playing with her shorts? Could she have been home at the time? Did she know I masturbated right after sniffing them? If she found out, I don’t know what she’d say or think.

After a few moments, she spoke again, this time a little louder.

“Well it’s funny because when I left for school today I threw my shorts on the pillow, but when I came home they were on the blanket. I have a photographic memory and I know that I left them on the pillow.” She giggled nervously as if she were embarrassed at asking me. In sheer panic, my mind turned over as I quickly searched for an answer to her question.

“Yeah I didn’t even see the shorts, so the maid must have moved them,” I replied sarcastically. I immediately regretted taking a snarky tone with her. She looked up at me and her eyes flashed. She looked quite upset.

“Yeah, you’re funny. Did you have anyone else over today, a client or something in the office?”

“No, honestly it was just me. I don’t know what to tell you about your shorts.” I decided to play dumb.

She nodded, looking down at the cutting board. “It’s just weird.”

“Yeah, that is weird, Sash.”

“My first instinct honestly was that you did it. What a perverted thought, huh?”


“Well, it was just a thought, what else was I supposed to think?” She said quickly.

“Well. Come on. That really is a perverted thought.”

“Whatever, Tommy.” She raised her eyebrows knowingly. “I’m on to you,” she said without a smile and dropped the knife on the counter with a clang. She whipped around the counter and stormed over toward me. Sasha leaned her face in close to mine.

“I know it was you Tommy. I know you’ve had a boner for me for as long you can remember, haven’t you? You were in there today and you were touching my shorts. You probably even wrapped them around your tiny little cock, didn’t you?”

I stared at her, feeling numb. I hadn’t expected her to feel so strongly about this. She looked rather annoyed. I’d never heard her speak with so much degradation. She was no longer a little girl, but nearly a grown woman with experience. Her insults to my cock had more merit behind them. I could not control my penis as it grew hard right in front of her. Even my jeans could not conceal my erection.

“Look at you. Look at you’re hard-on! What kind of a pathetic loser are you? Just a guy with a freak dick! So was it you, Tommy? Did you touch my shorts?” Her angry face faded she broke out into an adorable fit of giggles. I was powerless under her spell. She had no idea, apparently, of what she was doing to me. Or maybe she did. I didn’t know. All I could do was shake my head no. Sasha slapped me hard across the face.

“Don’t you dare lie to me! You know…I always thought I was sis, but it looks like you’re the sissy!”

My hands raced to my crotch as she continued berating me.

“I always had this feeling about you. You used to weird me out, let me tell you. I tried to avoid you for awhile…Then one day I realised I missed it. I missed seeing your pathetic stares lingering a moment too long on my ass. I just knew you were a fucking perverted wimp. Get your hands out of your lap!” She cried, as she reached for my hands and roughly pulled them out of my crotch.

The swell in my pants barely looked like a wrinkle in the fabric. I just wanted to get up and run into my room like the wimp I was. This was my wildest fantasy come true, but for some reason I couldn’t handle it. I was so close to blowing my load. I didn’t want to make a wet spot in my pants to add fuel to her fire.

“Excuse me,” I said as I tried to stand up quickly.

“Uh…no!” she pushed me back down into the chair. “You’re going nowhere, loser.”

Then Sasha unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off. She stood before me in just her t-shirt and panties. I’d never gotten such a clear view of her like that. She turned around and shimmied her ass around in front of me. Her pink thongs had a little bow in the back. I watched hypnotised as my boner tried to rip through my jeans.

Then she looked at me and said “Well, I took my pants off, it’s your turn now. I’d like to see what I do to you. And I’d really like to see how small you are up close. Take off your jeans,” she commanded.

I quietly and quickly unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off. My boner popped out at full mast. Sasha was about to find out how right she was about my lack of manhood. She looked down at the small tent I pitched in my boxers and she started laughing hysterically.

“Oh, oh wow. Hah, I am not even sure if I want to know what it looks like under there.”

I pulled my dick out of the hole in my boxers to show her, happy to finally get to touch it, even just for a few seconds. The sensation made me feel like I was going to cum in an instant.

“What kind of fucking excuse for a dick is that supposed to be anyway? Are you actually able to get a girl off with that wimpy thing? I don’t even think it would feel any better than a finger. It’s not only short, but its stick thin. Absolutely embarrassing, if you ask me.”

Sasha started dancing around again like a stripper and then, facing away from me, she lowered herself down to my lap.

“My god Tommy, your little pinprick must be ready to pop from all this excitement.”

Her hot little ass pressed up against my dick was too much to handle.

“Is that what you want, you pervert? I bet you’d love to touch it wouldn’t you? Go ahead…I wanna see if I can make it just a little bit bigger.” She giggled softly.

I nervously pushed my hand against my Sasha’s ass cheek. I had never felt such smooth, toned skin before. I imagined running my tongue up and down her ass crack. Just the thought of licking her ass was enough to make me fire off a lifetime’s load of cum saved up just for her. Between the great view and her constant flow of mean laughter, I was blinded by the sheer force of my volatile orgasm. Once she felt the wetness of my cum she leapt out of my lap.

“Wow,” she said. “You really are a grade A pervert! You are seriously the biggest loser! I was just having fun with you and look how fast you made your little pathetic mess…hahaha! I bet you wouldn’t last a second in my pussy!”

I looked up at her with surprise.

“Ha– oh my god! Did you think I was serious?! You have the dick of a preteen. No way I’d ever let you fuck me. I only let real men fuck me.”

She picked up my jeans and used them to wipe the cum off of her ass. Then she walked back toward the kitchen to finish cooking dinner in nothing but her thongs and t-shirt.

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