My Black Goddess

by SDC Webmaster

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By smutnut

When I was in college, I fell hard for this dominant black girl named Tanya. She was one of those angry black girls who actually intimidated me at first, and once I got to know her, she still intimidated me, but she also began to turn me on as well. I couldn’t even be in the same room with her without getting a hard on. She was nothing like the girls I had grown up with, and that isn’t just because she was black and I was white and had grown up in a predominantly white neighbourhood. That was just the external things. There was something else between us, something internal that I couldn’t explain that started before we had even met. When she looked at me from across the classroom, it was like she knew things about me, secret things that I didn’t even know. There was no doubt in my mind that, as her stares lingered longer and longer and I become unable to keep eye contact with her, sooner or later we were going to become acquainted.

She was a little taller than me and even a little thicker to be quite honest, but she was big-boned so the extra weight she carried actually added to her sexy curvy shape whereas most girls it would have probably created rolls of fat. Her breasts were so huge she had to wear a sports bra even when she wasn’t playing sports or working out. And her ass? Damn, what an ass! She had one of those power booties that protruded out in the rear with hips that curved down from a small waist in comparison. She claimed I was as strange to her as she was to me with my delicate suburban white boy features, my petite frame and overly polite manners. She grew up in the inner city and was used to rough and tough macho guys who only cared about fighting and fucking. There was something about me though she claimed to really like.

Her friends Keisha and Melody both got a kick out of our friendship, particularly the way I would kiss Tanya’s butt. Of the two of them, only Keisha was even half as suburban as Tanya. Melody was straight out of Baldwin Hills, which I heard was the black ‘Beverly Hills’ so she was pretty much as suburban as me, if not more so, though, according to Tanya being black and rich isn’t the same as being a white boy from the suburbs. The point is they both look up to Tanya for being a rough and tough ghetto girl and kissed her butt almost as badly as I did only for different reasons. Tanya of course didn’t take advantage of them like she did me, but that was because of our special relationship which she told me was far superior and more solid than your typical girlfriend/boyfriend relationship most white people have.

“So have you and Tanya done it yet?” Keisha asked me one day when I was alone with her and Melody. Tanya had borrowed my car to run some errands and had me carrying her books home to her dorm room for her with the girls.

“Of course not,” I said. “We’re just good friends.”

“What do you mean of course not?” Melody asked. “You know you want to.”

“I don’t,” I said, because I knew that was what Tanya would want me to say. I had taught myself to completely suppress my sexual feelings for her so I didn’t mess up our friendship.

“Well, if you don’t want to do it with her, you won’t mind that Tanya is using your car to pick up Marcus Williams. They’re probably doing it right now in the backseat of your car while you carry her books home for her.”

Both girls laughed, although Melody did it with more of a sympathetic snicker after studying my reaction and seeing that it was all I could do not to cry.

“It’s your own fault,” Melody said. “You should tell Tanya how you feel about her.”

“Tanya would never go for a guy like me.” I said.

“You never know,” Melody said. “Stranger things have happened.”

“You just have to hang in there and keep kissing her ass. I mean you should ask her if you could literally kiss her ass, seriously. She would love that.”

“Yeah, she would love that,” Melody said. She apparently only had so much sympathy for me. “Ask her if you can get down on your knees and kiss her right on her big black ass literally.”

“Better yet,” Keisha said. “Ask her if she’ll drop her pants and spread her cheeks so you can pucker up and plant one right on her dirty hole.”

“Better yet, ask her if you can use your tongue so you can get in there real deep.”

“Yeah, in case she didn’t wipe herself good enough that day after taking a big stinky shit.”

“Damn! Even better, ask her if she wants to… Wants to…” Keisha couldn’t get the words out without gagging. “Ask her if she wants to use your tongue for toilet paper.”

“Gross!” Melody blurted out, but that didn’t stop her from joining Keisha and bursting out in laughter. They wrapped up their joking by high fiving each other.

“We’re just kidding,” Melody said, rubbing my back.

“We know you’re not that gross.”

“But we do both know you would love kissing and licking her big black booty.”

“You can’t keep your eyes off it.”

“I’ll bet you’re hard as a rock now just thinking about that big black booty.”

I was, and I didn’t have to even say anything. I could feel the heat on my face telling me how red I was turning and my embarrassment made them both laugh even harder and for some reason that excited me all the more.

“Really, you should ask her.”

“You mean like the time you told me to ask her out for fried chicken?”

They both burst into laughter again, almost tripping over themselves and falling on the ground. They were cramping and holding their stomachs from laughing so hard.

“We can’t help it if you lived such a sheltered life you don’t even know better than to ask a black girl out for fried chicken and watermelon.”

Tanya kicked me so hard in the balls over that, I had to go to the hospital and get them checked. In the end, though, we all had a nice laugh when Tanya learned from her two friends had put me up to it. She felt so bad about her ball busting, that she actually even rubbed my balls for me. It was over my pants of course, but I still came hard. It was the first time a girl had ever touched me there and the first time one made me cum. Tanya didn’t mind and said she wished all guys were that easy. Keisha and Melody thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. They had never seen a horny white virgin wimp get rubbed by a beautiful black girl before. This gave them something else to tease me about.

“I wonder what Marcus is doing to that big black booty right now.”

“I’ll bet he’s not using his tongue.”

“You don’t have to when you have a twelve-inch cock.”

“I’ll bet he’s tearing that shit up.”

“Tearing it up.”

“When Tanya gives you your car back you should sniff the back seat and see if you can smell the stains she leaves back there. It’s probably the closest you’ll get to her pussy.”

“Course they’ll be some of Marcus’s sperm mixed in with it, but at least you’ll get a half whiff of Tanya.”

I dropped Tanya’s books off in her dorm room and raced back to my dorm to jerk off in the bathroom. I can’t even begin to explain why, but the thought of Tanya’s big black booty getting destroyed by Marcus in the backseat of my car which I had unintentionally loaned to her for that purpose had me all hard and bothered. I jerked off like there was no tomorrow and came hard. When I got my car back from Tanya, I actually did see a stain and sniffed it. I even used my tongue on it while jerking off again. I only hoped I was getting mostly Tanya and not Marcus on my tongue.


Tanya got an apartment off campus. She said she needed the privacy. Keisha, Melody and I helped her move in. I of course did most of the work while the girls sat around, drinking, chatting and socializing, but I didn’t mind. Tanya had already had me cleaning her dorm room and doing her laundry where I had to hand wash all her delicates and carefully blow dry them with a hair dryer, so taking care of a place with a couple more rooms was no big deal. It actually made me feel closer to her to be cleaning her place and doing her laundry so I didn’t mind that the girls teased me about it and called me her little white slave and other names I sometimes had to look up on the internet.

When I was done with all my chores that first day at Tanya’s new place and told her so she could inspect my work and make sure I did a good job, she wanted to know if there was anything I would like to ask her. She said she wanted to reward me for being such a good little wimpy white slave boy – something she would call me for the first time that day, but not for the last – but I really had no idea what she was referring to. I had heard my name come up several times as she chatted with the girls and it was usually followed by giggles and outright laughter, but I wasn’t able to catch exactly what they were discussing and didn’t want to risk Tanya’s disappointment by delaying my chores to eavesdrop.

“I don’t think so,” I told her.

“Sure you do,” said Keisha, coming up behind Tanya and cutting into our conversation with Melody right behind her.

“Remember what we talked about yesterday?” Melody added.

“You said Tanya had the hottest ass you ever saw in your life and you wanted to get down on your knees and kiss it.”

“I didn’t…”

“You don’t think Tanya has a hot ass?” Keisha wanted to know.

“Of course, but…”

“It’s alright, baby.” Tanya laughed.

“It is?”

“Sure. I love that you love my ass so much.”

“You do?

“Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I? You are my wimpy white slave boy aren’t you?”

I looked to Keisha and Melody who had both burst into the expected laughter, Melody covering her mouth and Keisha wiping away tears. I had no more idea what this implied in actuality than I had known about asking a black girl out for fried chicken and watermelon. Anyways, Tanya just told me all I had to do was everything she told me to do without question as if it were the word of God, even things that might seem embarrassing and it would be almost like we were dating only better. I wouldn’t be getting sex, at least not at first, and even if I did someday, it would never be the normal lame sex like white people have, but she was sure I would like it so I just nodded that I was her wimpy white slave boy. Just the idea of the remote possibility of ever having any kind of sex whatsoever with this gorgeous African Goddess would have made me do anything she wanted.

“Always,” I told her.

“Always and forever?” She asked.

“Always and forever,” I agreed.

She held out her hand. “Come here then. I think it’s time you learned how to properly worship a black woman’s booty.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I thought I might faint. I stepped forward and reached for her outstretched hand. My mouth watered and my cock was hard, but my progressive fantasy was shattered by her next words.

“No! Absolutely wrong! First off, you should be on your hands and knees and crawling when you approach your Goddess. I am your Goddess, aren’t I?”

“Always and forever,” I said with a weak smile.

“Yes, Goddess will suffice,” she corrected. I swallowed and my face dropped. Her cute affections for me were over, or at the very least temporarily suspended, but why was this new meaner and rougher Tanya making me so hard and excited.

“Yes, Goddess.”

“Well, why are you still standing?”

“I’m so sorry, Goddess.” I dropped to my knees and waited.

“Back where you came from, wimp. I want to see you crawl.”

I hustled back to where I started and crawled to her on hands and knees. I waited hunched over, staring at her feet. They were as beautiful as the rest of her. She was wearing silver toenail polish and it matched her fingernails and her lipstick. Her eye shadow was almost the same, but with a touch of blue.


“Well, what, Goddess? Please tell me what you want?”

“Tell you what I want? I want you to beg for the privilege of worshipping my black ass!”

“Please, please let me worship your black ass, Goddess.”

“Is that how you beg? That is the most insincere begging I have ever heard in my life. You’re such a worthless loser, you can’t even beg legitimately. I’m going to find me another white boy, one that’s trainable.”

“No, please don’t, Goddess. I’m trainable. I’ll try harder! I’ll learn! I’ll practice!” I heard myself sniffle and sob. I even felt a tear run down my cheek. I couldn’t believe the effect of the mere idea of not being allowed to be around her was having on me.

“Now, that’s begging,” she said. “Don’t you ever try to fake anything around me. That’s like a girl faking orgasm.”

“This is so great!” I heard Keisha say. “Can I record this?”

“You don’t mind if my friend records this, do you? In case she ever finds a white wimp of her own? So she can train him properly? As a matter of fact, that’s going to be your next job. I want you to find each of my girls a worthless white wimp almost as pathetic as you are. I’d say just as pathetic, but we all know that is impossible, so getting them as pathetic as possible, understand?”

“I… I’ll try, Goddess.”

“Try?! I don’t want to hear you’ll try. I expect it to happen. Now promise me it will. Or do I have to do it myself, which will be me finding me a white boy with a can do attitude?”

“I have a can do attitude, Goddess. I promise to find you two white boys almost as pathetic as I am.”

Keisha and Melody exploded into laughter. Even Tanya had a hard time keeping her stern, serious face on.

“Well, do you think you can remember how to beg for what you want properly?”

“Yes, Goddess, and if I don’t, then I need to find out what I’m doing wrong so I can correct my errors and be your perfect pathetic wimpy white slave boy.”

Tanya smiled. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

I glanced up at her from my position on my hands and knees. It wasn’t hard to create the kind of sincere desperation that’s required for authentic begging. I simply thought about never seeing her again, never ever seeing her tall voluptuous body, her huge breasts and thick protruding booty, her piercings and tattoos, the ones everyone could see, some only I had and a few others had the privilege of seeing and some I had yet to see even if others already had. If I played my cards right, I hoped to see all of her one day, even if she never let me touch her in the way I so desired and my cock and balls so ached to do.

“Please, Goddess,” I let my eyes fill with water and literally sobbed out the rest of my words, “Please let me worship your glorious black booty with my wimpy white tongue. I know I am not worthy, but please lower yourself to permit me the chance to be of some simple use. Please, Goddess, please. I am begging for just the chance to make you feel good in any way I can, Please, make use of me however you see fit.”

I could tell my Goddess was impressed at least a little bit, but she turned to her two black beauties instead of just making her decision solely on merit alone. “What do you think?”

Keisha looked from viewing her video recording on her phone to look at Melody. I had almost forgotten Keisha had been recording the entire scene.

“Well, he does seem pretty sincere,” Melody said. “But he might sound even more sincere if he begged you butt naked.”

“Oh God, yes! That would be so much better! I think I would really believe him then!” Keisha snapped her phone right back up to frame me on the screen again. With an ear to ear smile, she hit record. Keisha was practically lusting, not after me or my body in the physical sense of course. She was lusting after the situation. You could almost feel how badly she wanted to be in Tanya’s position, cracking the figurative whip, probably a literal one in Keisha’s case. For some reason I got the strangest feeling that Melody envied me instead of Tanya. She would never admit to it of course, especially not to Tanya or Keisha, but I felt a strange vibe. It was probably my imagination.

“Well, the people have spoken, precious,” Tanya said to me. “That’s what I think I will call you from now on. Do you like that, precious?”

It sounded a little girlie and feminine, but I knew what Tanya wanted to hear and I didn’t want to disappoint. “I like whatever you like, Goddess.”

“Then it’s settled. This is your new name day” She kissed my forehead. “When people ask you your name, you tell them you’re Goddess Tanya’s Precious. Now aren’t you supposed to be naked, precious?”

She wasn’t mad. She smiled. I began taking off my clothes. As I peeled off my shirts, both my dress and “T”, Keisha whistled and complimented my big muscles. She was being sarcastic of course, and it brought laughter from all the girls. I didn’t have muscles, none to speak of anyway. I was pretty skinny and scrawny. But the real humiliation wasn’t going to have anything to do with my muscles or lack thereof, unless one considers that thing between a guy’s legs a muscle.

“Is that what I think it is?” Keisha shrieked out in laughter.

“I think it’s trying to be one,” Melody laughed.

“It leaks like a goddamn pimple someone popped.”

“I think it’s leaking from us making fun of it.”

I thought the humiliating laughter at my lack of manhood and my poor excuse for that lack’s reaction to their laughter and humiliation would never stop. Even Tanya had to wipe the tears out of her eyes, she was laughing so hard. I was glad to bring so much joyful entertainment to my Goddess’s life, but there was some emotional pain and shame going along with it even though my tiny penis wouldn’t show that. It stood erect and leaking more than I can ever in my life remember as if the ultimate rat and snitch to my true feelings that I was in denial about.

“My poor precious,” Goddess said. She pulled me in and kissed my forehead again and again and again. “You really are a virgin, aren’t you? No one would dare show a cock that small to a woman, let alone three women. Poor, baby,” she said, kissing my forehead yet again.

“I’m sorry, Goddess,” I cried. Actual tears poured down my face.

“Don’t be, my precious virgin. This makes everything so perfect.”

“It does?”

“Of course. Some white boys are born with just enough to deceive them into thinking they are real men, but with your size, you can’t possibly think you’re any kind of man at all. Now you can just concentrate on being my precious wimpy white submissive virgin sissy slave boy.”


“You’re so adorable. Out of all the things you are, that’s the one you react to?” Tanya laughed. “Darling, I’m afraid you’re so small, you automatically fall into the category of a sissy, but don’t you worry. We’re all going to help you be the best wimpy white submissive virgin sissy slave boy you can be, aren’t we girls?”

“You bet!” Keisha said. Melody just kind of stared at me lost in thought.

“But, I think it’s time for your reward now, Sissy Slave Precious.”

“My reward?”

“Yes, for being such a good sissy on your first day out of the closet so to speak. You do still want to worship my big black booty, don’t you?”

“Oh, God, yes! So much, Goddess.” I fell to my knees nearly in tears. It made Goddess Tanya smile again. Goddess Tanya turned around now and stuck out her rump. She didn’t have to. It always looked like she was sticking out her rump even when she was standing there doing nothing, but this did give her big shapely globes an even added extra pop. She reached to unfasten the front of her pants. I couldn’t believe I was about to see her big beautiful black ass naked for the very first time. I was so hard and I knew I was seconds from cumming. I reached down and touched myself and my cockhead was wet and sticky from leaking precum.

“Oh, baby, you’re not going to pop off, are you?”

“I hope not, Goddess.”

“Hope’s not good enough, baby. You don’t have my permission to come.” Goddess wasn’t angry; she just seemed so disappointed in me it made me almost sad. “Do you think you’re really going to be able to bury your face in the crack of my tasty black ass and work your nasty tongue deep into my dirt hole without your little pin dick making a mess all over the place?”
Keisha and Melody burst into their usual laughter. I put my head down.

“Probably not,” I confessed with a sniffle.

“Don’t worry, baby. We’ll fix you up.”

“You will?”

“Absolutely.” She looked to Keisha and Melody. “Can one of you girls get me my roll of twine?”

They practically knocked each other over racing into Goddess Tanya’s bedroom to get it. Keisha was the winner, and Melody looked upset about that. Keisha handed the twine to Goddess. Goddess told me to lie on my back and pull my heels to my ass and spread my knees. As I did so she tied a tiny noose and a slip knot in a long length of twine. She slipped the tiny noose around my hard cock and slid it down to the base. She pulled tight until I winced. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Melody wince too. Keisha licked her lips.

“Are you okay, precious?”

“Yes, Goddess,” I squeaked out, falsetto-like causing Keisha to laugh and Melody to join her after a zoned out pause. Goddess pulled the length of twine straight down between my balls and wrapped it several times around one and then did the same to the other. When she was finished, my balls were tied tightly, yanked down and separated. Goddess spit on her hand now and grasped my cock. She began stroking me, soft and slowly at first and then faster and more rigorously.

“Goddess, no, please stop! I’m going to cum and I know you don’t want me to without your permission.”

“Don’t be silly, precious. You have my permission. Cum for me, baby. Cum for your Goddess. Cum if you can.” She laughed sadistically.

I tried, but all I could feel was excruciating pain as my balls tried to explode, but were denied relief by the tightly tied twine. It was like one giant dry heave of the cock. I SCREAMED OUT in agony and I felt Goddess clamp her mouth over mine. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and kept sucking as she rolled her tongue around and around mine.

“Mmm,” she said as she removed her lips from mine momentarily. “I adore your screams. I want to eat them all. Your pain and discomfort makes me so wet. I try to be fair doling out equal amounts of both pleasure and pain, but my sadistic side always seems to take over. Forgive me, pet. You still love your Goddess, don’t you? You’re still my Precious, aren’t you?”

I didn’t answer. I was too out of it to have even heard one word she had said clearly. It didn’t appear she cared though, not actually. She squeezed my balls hard making me SCREAM again and squirm. She smiled and stood over me with her legs parted, allowing me to look right up at her crotch. I could see a soaking wet spot in her shorts as she pulled them down to her ankles. Her panties were even worse, sopping wet, like she had pissed herself.

As she peeled off her panties though I had so accept that all the excruciating pain had been worth it. Her glorious black African rump was even more spectacular than I could have ever imagined. She reached behind herself and pulled her giant black globes of flesh apart so that I could see her dirty brown ring. She squatted and sat it right down on my mouth.

“Go ahead, Precious, love your Goddess. Devour your reward. That’s it, baby. Get that tongue in there deep. I haven’t been wiping very well for the past few days because I knew we would be doing this soon, and I knew you’d want me to be as natural as possible. Do you like it, baby? Don’t I taste good?”

As sick as this may sound, she did taste good. Words couldn’t describe how good her dirty black asshole tasted to my wimpy white ass licking tongue. My Goddess Tanya’s shit hole tasted in this sissy wimp’s mouth better than his favourite desert. I held tightly to her two fleshy globes and squeezed and massaged as my tongue worked deep into her forbidden dirty love tunnel. She moaned and groaned. It might sound crazy to a person who won’t tongue fuck dirty black asshole, but I thought I had died and gone to heaven. At one point she blew the loudest smelliest fart and the girls burst into the loudest laughter yet, but it didn’t stop me from devouring her hole. In fact, it made me increase my efforts to try to please her. Then she leaned forward on her hands and knees and lifted her booty off my face.

“How are we doing down there, Precious?”

“Great, Goddess. I can’t think of a place I’d rather be.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, baby, but my poor girls are sitting here with nothing to do except watch. I don’t think that’s fair. I think maybe they should join us, don’t you?”

Was this some kind of test? I thought about it long and hard. I only had one answer I thought would please her. “I only want you Goddess.”

“I know that, baby, but it’s not like you’re going to actually be able to cum anyway and you know how much I adore your agonizing screams.”

And that she did. I was reluctant at first because I finally understood what she desired, but she finally convinced me to ask the girls to join us. It was all about my cock. She told them that the first one who could make me cum, not just cum, but actually make my cock squirt – because cock dry heaving was a form of cumming – was going to get a prize. It didn’t really matter that we all knew neither of them would be able to because of the tight twine. Each of the girls tried to make my poor cock cum as if their lives depended on it. They didn’t just use their hands, but their mouths and even their pussies. I would have never guessed that one day I would have two beautiful black girls fighting over my tiny cock, and instead of feeling intense pleasure, I would feel nothing but excruciating pain.

Goddess felt exquisite pleasure, though. Those were her words, not mine. Each time I would scream into her dirty shit hole, her body would shudder and she would have an intense orgasm so strong a waterfall cascaded out of her pussy and ran down her ass crack and into my mouth. It wasn’t long before it taste like I was eating her pussy instead of her asshole even though my tongue never once ventured far from her asshole.

By the time the sun started to rise, Goddess said I needed a much deserved break. The girls were disappointed and even I protested as sincerely as possible, but I was emotionally and physically drained and Goddess knew this and took mercy on me. When she removed the twine from my genitals, my tiny penis went limp and turtled. I wondered if it would ever get hard again.

The End.



    1. So hard and hungry, the perfect story I worship my wife’s black butthole, as any dirty white husband should

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