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Gold Members of the Small Dick Club any dick 7.6cm (3 inches) erect length or smaller. Penises in this category are essentially micropenises. These guys are the hallowed members of the small dick club. The rarest of the rare, as only 0.6% of males have penises this small. Bow down and worship them.

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  1. Love to be featured in the gold members latest i would love for you to use one of my pics in your sph albums if you could.

  2. Hi guys I have always been worried about my small dick. But seeing ithese wonderful small dicks makes me feel so proud. I have never been game enough to measure my dick but I did today. 3″ hard and 2″ soft with the head 1″. I will take some photos latter and send the to you


    1. That is very hot dude! I would definitely suck your tiny, small cock! I love little cock! I could suck it all day!

  3. You should be proud, having a small penis generally creates a stronger bond between man and long as she has a little freedom with a loving husband’s consent, she knows and takes comfort in knowing that you truly belong to her

  4. Hi I am a white American man age 59. With a little 3 inch dick. I am in Fayetteville Tennessee. Would love to know someone who want a small dick or has a small dick, I love to suck and want to get fuck by a small dick.

    1. I am so happy you have a micro dick. I just love pushing my micro dick back into my ball bag and pinch the opening closed.

  5. My penis is only 3inch erect and glad to know that I am not alone. I have also recently discovered that I am bi and I would love to have a guy with a penis like mine

    1. Just know that there are many of us men that love small cock! Although I am 8-1/2″ thick and cut, I am a small cock lover and could keep you well satisfied!

      1. I love small cock and I love to suck soft small cock! I could suck your cock for hours. I’d make you cum without getting hard!

    2. Congrats on your discovery! I’m gay, but believe me, sex with a guy is the best you’ll ever have! Nothing better!

  6. One of my many pics is in the gold member section..and it makes me so incredibly horny everytime I see my little baby clitty dicklet surrounded by all these other yummy little baby dicks and sissy clits…I’ll be looking at the pics here and come across mine again, and almost immediately all 2″s of my 27yr old stiff little baby clitty dicklet are poking out, twitching like crazy, and dribbling precummies like a faucet inside of my pants and panties… *blush*

        1. If you have a 3″ erect penis you don’t have to join, you’re already a member. If you have a 3″ flaccid penis then you’re not a gold member at all, and it’s possible you may not even have a small penis.

    1. That is extremely hot dude! I’d love to see a picture of that! I could suck and play with small dick all day, hard or soft!

  7. Son you guys are fuccin amazing you definitely helped boost my confidence im only 18 and wht this website has done for me i could never pay back from now on i will floss my small penis with pride thank you all.

    1. Absolutely dude! Take pride in your small cock! It is definitely a huge turn-on for a lot of us! No other way to describe it other than smaller is sexier and more erotic!

    2. Be proud of what you have. Have confidence in yourself. Take your time and make love to a woman. Learn how to eat her so good and play with her pussy alot.. I was with a woman ,her husband had a huge 9 incher. He didn’t know how to use it. She came to see me a lot. BC the little I have I learn to use it.. Her experience with me changed her mind on a size of a dick..I was the smallest she ever seen

  8. Add me to the list of small cock lovers. I am really small myself, and I enjoy seeing other little cocks like mine. Baby dicks are very cute and sexy!!

    1. I know what you mean… I have shrunk some as i got older…. but i want to be smaller. I I am currently 3 inches but would be very happy with only on inch….. but as an added bonus i do not get an erection any more so 3 inches is what i currently have for SPH… i hope to shrink some more eventually

      1. You sound very much like me. I am now 83 and have over the years shrunk form about 4.5″ hard to around 3.5″ although I am not able to get fully hard now so this is an estimate.

        1. Hi dave …. oh i’m not mad at all ,,,, just having fun…. but i do wish i was smaller. i would be very happy with a one incher… as i do not get hard any more

  9. I love all the small dicks. I’m shrinking my just above bronze all the way to a gold. I can’t wait to see my little dick in the gold member’s pictures.

    1. Well hell yeah! Though, 99.9% of men on Silver Daddies, for example, do not like a little dick and my emails say so, so disappointed! Marcus

    1. Mine is smaller than a orange lighter my tumbler is shrinkmydick
      I would love to hear your comments on my manhood

  10. I have a gf who id like to share with all the gold and silver members. Im silver/broze status and make my girl very wet and make her squirt. She is attractive and in good shape with a very tight pussy. If you’re in Lake County Il. contact me at with gold or silver member in subject line. I know it’s a long shot but we reall want to make our fantasy reality. The more the merrier.

      1. Thanks for the site, and info on the limp dic member area… i am so proud of my little 3″ incher that can not get hard.

        I do wish i was smaller though… I would be very happy with a one incher … is there a way to shrink ones dic ? I have been searching the internet for this info but not have had much luck

        1. I would love to shrink my tiny dicky to an inch or smaller and would want to have everyone see it any help to shrinkmydick

    1. There is ,check out my dicklet with the stripey boxers pulled down ,I’m 2 and a bit inches really love to be a one inch warrior someday

    1. Sue l just sent picture of my tiny 23/4 hard dick in. Please make a comment. I love to be humiliated also

  11. I have a very small penis too and I love looking at yours the penis is but a half inch soft about 3 inches hard and is round as a penny and I’m hairless

      1. Yeah I no this girl and her ex has a tiny little pin dick she has picks but won’t post them or give them to me to post lol would be a gold member straight up lil snail dick haha he likes looking at dick to so if your reading this pinny ur a fag go put some dirty pantys on and get back to mtty to.

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