Meeting Mr Smith! (Gay Themes)

by SDC Webmaster

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“He’s an acquaintance of mine,” William explained to me as he ran his hand over my chest while I looked at the ceiling fan while it rotated above the bed.

“It seems weird though,” I replied.

“When did you become so straight-laced?” the love of my life asked, and it was hard to deny that at that stage of my life, at 19 I was pretty much up for anything.

William was well aware of that, and in the month I had been seeing the 50 year old professor, the word ‘no’ hadn’t been in my vocabulary. This was the early 1970’s, sex was safe and I was at least as horny as the average teenager, if not more so, but still…

“It seems like you’re – I don’t know – passing me around,” I said after William had told me of his wanting me to meet a friend of his.

“Sharing you is a better term,” William said as his hand slid down to my limp dick, and as he rubbed the tip of the gumdrop-sized glans, he explained the difference. “I’ll be there every minute, watching you. I like to watch, as well you know.”

William had a voyeuristic streak, and had actually gotten another student of his to meet me at his place so he could watch us give each other head. The guy was a cute Asian-American named Kim who was also smitten with William, like me enamoured enough to be willing to put on a show for the good professor. I enjoyed it mainly because Kim’s dick was almost as small as mine, a fact that delighted William to no end.

Although I trusted William, what he wanted me to do this time seemed strange. He wanted to take me to meet this friend of his at a hotel in a nearby city, and after bringing me up to the room, I was going to be blindfolded.

“It adds to the erotic angle, don’t you think?” William suggested. “It will force you to use the rest of your senses.”

“But why?”

“It’s the way Mr. Smith likes it,” William explained.

Mr. Smith. Even the name was vague, and William explained that I was only to refer to him by that moniker. It was the way Mr. Smith wanted it.

“He’s adamant about the name and the blindfold,” William told me. “It’s imperative to him that he remain anonymous.”

“Why? Is he a celebrity or something?” I asked. “Rock Hudson maybe?”

“No. You might recognise him if you were to see him, but it isn’t anybody I would consider very famous,” William said. “He’s a rogue in a way. Very charismatic and hung like a horse, or so the rumours have it.”

“By going through with this, you would be doing me a big favour,” he added. “Given that you seem to be insatiable and up for just about anything, I believe that this idea might actually intrigue you. I promise you that you will enjoy yourself, and if you don’t, just say so and we’ll leave.”

“Just don’t pull off the blindfold,” William repeated.

Young, dumb, full of cum and very smitten at the time by my older lover, I agreed to it.


The blindfold fit snugly around my head, and after William adjusted it, I was in the dark for real.

“I’ll come around the car and get you,” William said, and he got of the driver’s side and came around to fetch me out of the passenger side.

My heart was pounding, and it was a mixture of fear and excitement that had me sweating bullets even though the night air was cool. Right away, the idea of being taken to a hotel seemed to have been replaced with something a bit less exotic.

The fancy hotel turned out to be a motel somewhere out in the boondocks, and it certainly wasn’t anything fancy even by motel standards. Although the name of it was The Shamrock Motel, the brief look I got at the exterior suggested that it could have passed for the Bates Motel if Anthony Perkins was working the desk.

William had me take hold of his elbow and led me across the gravel parking lot, and I gained a new appreciation for people able to get around with vision problems, because I was staggering around like a sailor on leave with the blindfold on.

“Ready?” William asked, and when I nodded he knocked on the door.

“William,” a deep voice declared after the door opened, and in retrospect he sounded like James Earl Jones. “And with his young friend. Come in. Come in.”

I was ushered into the room, and after the door closed behind me I heard the sound of a dead-bolt clicking along with what sounded like a chain lock being secured. All of these noises only made me more nervous, and it was all I could do to keep from ripping the blindfold off and running out the door.

“Timmy,” William said softly. “This is Mr. Smith.”

“Nice meeting you, Mr. Smith,” I said, adhering to William’s instructions that I keep my words to a minimum.

“My pleasure, Timmy,” Mr. Smith proclaimed, and when he shook my hand his grip was firm and his hand large. “My pleasure indeed. What a handsome young man you are.”

“Thank you.”

“And you’re 18, Timmy?”

“Nineteen sir,” I corrected him.

“I see. You look quite young. I hope you don’t take that the wrong way, son.”

“No sir,” I said, the hand – William’s – that was rubbing my back helping to calm me down.

“I have socks older than young Timmy here,” William declared. “He is however, legal and of sound mind and body.”

“Certainly seems to be. Care for a drink?” Mr. Smith asked as somebody gave my biceps a squeeze, and when I said I could use a drink of water a glass was brought to my lips.

“Thank you,” I said.

“You seem nervous, Timmy,” Mr. Smith remarked, and when I admitted I was, he let out a chuckle. “That’s good. I like that. Not that you have a reason to be afraid, but I love the scent of fear in the air.”

As this mysterious Mr. Smith spoke, I tried to figure out something about this mystery man besides knowing his had a deep voice. He didn’t smoke, as his breath was minty fresh and had no hint of tobacco.

He was also taller than I was, judging by the way his voice seemed to come from a bit above me. With me being around 5’9″, I guessed Mr. Smith to be at least 6’2″.

William and Mr. Smith were talking about me, almost as if I wasn’t there and was only a chair or a piece of meat they were discussing. Seeing as two years ago I was a chubby loner who couldn’t attract the attention of either sex, I was enjoying this new found appeal I had obtained.

I guess that was partly due to me losing a few pounds and hitting the weights a bit. While this didn’t make me an Adonis, I didn’t look all that bad. The parts I could develop and improve, I had, and as for the parts of my body that no amount of work change, I had discovered that not only didn’t many men seem to mind my shortcomings, many were attracted by that.

“Let me get this shirt off of you, Timmy,” William said while pulling my T-shirt up and over my head. “Let’s have Mr. Smith get a look at my favorite boy toy.”

As I lifted my arms to allow the shirt to come over my head, the blindfold got nudged a little. The movement was slight, but the minor shift opened up a little space for me to be able to get a sliver of vision at the bottom of the eye covering.

It was enough for me to see that the rug on the motel room floor was beige, and that Mr. Smith had hairy calves. Since William was almost as hairless as I was, those muscular looking legs with the thick coat of dark fur had to belong to the mysterious Mr. Smith, who was apparently not wearing pants.

“Mmm,” Mr. Smith said. “What a nice build he has.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” William said proudly.

“So smooth,” Mr. Smith was saying, and then I saw his arm appear at my chest, and with that learned that Mr. Smith had olive-toned skin, and his arms were also hairy. He had what looked like an expensive gold watch on, and a wedding ring, and both stood in stark contrast to the hair they encircled.

I tried to keep my head down so that neither of them would notice that the blindfold was no longer completely blocking my vision, so when I felt my nipples being first pinched and then lightly twisted, my surprised gasp was genuine.

“Smooth and muscular,” Mr. Smith said as the nipple twisting eased a bit. “Smooth all over?”

I assumed he was talking to William, so I remained silent as William took my wrists and raised them over my head, holding them securely as Mr. Smith’s hand moved onward.

“Not so much as a follicle below his neck,” William proclaimed proudly. “I make sure of that, religiously I might add.”

“Ahh!” Mr. Smith sighed as I felt his fingers sliding through my moist armpits, which William had exposed for his friend. “Soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom.”

The few hairs that did grow under my arms had been removed by my lover, along with what little body hair I had elsewhere. That didn’t bother me, since the sparse growth was nearly as embarrassing as having no hair at all, and many assumed that I did it for body building.

I shivered when the stroking of my armpits continued, only now it felt more like a tongue than a finger, and my suspicions were confirmed when I heard William tell Mr. Smith, “He likes that.”

“As do I,” Mr. Smith said, and then there were hands undoing my belt.

When the belt came free, my pants dropped to the floor and were removed along with my socks. I glanced down and saw it was Mr. Smith doing the honours, his hands sliding up my hairless legs as he stood back up.

“Oh my,” Mr. Smith was saying, apparently enjoying the sight of me naked except for the tight white fruit-of-the-looms I was wearing.

Surprisingly, my dick wasn’t hard, and I attributed that to both the unnatural position I found myself in, but also the feeling of trepidation I always experienced when someone new was going to see my genitalia.

I was sure that William had described me to his friend, so it wasn’t going to be a shock when he would see how pitifully endowed I was. Being blindfolded wasn’t a bad way to do this, as I didn’t have to look at the face of Mr. Smith when he got his first look at my genitalia. While no one had ever been cruel, when you’re self-conscious as I was, you expect the worst.

I felt a hand squeeze the pouch in my briefs, searching and then finding my dick. The hand felt foreign, so when I looked down the opening at the bottom of the blindfold I was not surprised to see the hairy arm and gold watch attached to the hand squeezing my penis through the cotton.

The hand slid up and then reached down under the elastic of my underwear, first caressing the smooth skin around my cock before his fingers found my dick. I groaned along with Mr. Smith as his hand wrapped around my cock, and even my nervousness was not enough to stop me from getting hard now.

William still had my arms held over my head, and as Mr. Smith groped me William nibbled my neck. I felt cool air as Mr. Smith pulled my briefs down carefully around my erection, which sprang around in front of me. A brief glimpse of Mr. Smith’s shiny bald skull as he knelt before me was all I got because William suddenly readjusted my blindfold, apparently having become aware of me looking down.

“Oh!” I groaned when I felt my dick slide into some place wet and warm, and I shuddered as the unfamiliar lips moved slowly down all four inches of my erection, while Mr. Smith’s hand gently rolled my balls in his hand.

“He comes quick – and often,” said William, whose voice indicated that he was looking down over my shoulder while his friend inhaled my dick. “Don’t you Timmy?”

All I could do was groan in response because already I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me. William was right in that I had little self control, especially in the beginning, and as I felt Mr. Smith’s hands squeezing my ass, pulling me close to him as he sucked hard on me without moving his lips, I managed to get out one word.

“Cumming,” I squealed, the words coming in a long tortured groan, and then I was ejaculating into this strange man’s mouth.

William was practically holding me up as I unleashed a staccato of semen down Mr. Smith’s throat, and although the volume seemed to overwhelm him briefly, Mr. Smith kept sucking until my dick withered.

“Like buttermilk,” said the voice below me.

“Told you,” said William, who led me a few steps over to my right.

I felt what seemed to be a bed against my legs, and then William was easing me down so I was sitting on the edge of the bed, still blinded by the cloth. The sound of fabric rustling was before me, and from William’s reaction I had to guess that Mr. Smith had just removed his boxer shorts.

“Good grief man!” said William.

“I’m rather excited over your young protege,” said Mr. Smith, who was standing so close that I could feel the warmth of his body.

“He’ll like that,” said William, whose voice indicated that he himself was rather excited over Mr. Smith’s unveiling. “He likes them big, don’t you Timmy?”

Following instructions, I said nothing, and when William told me to open my mouth, I complied. The woodsy and manly aroma filled my senses just before Mr. Smith’s erect manhood met my lips.

The head of his cock was fat, forcing me to stretched my mouth to accommodate the plump glans. William took my left hand and brought it up to the shaft of Mr. Smith’s cock, and it seemed like my lover was feeding the dick to me, sliding his hand along the shaft along with mine for a moment before letting go.

The cock that my lips were moving down on was fairly thick, but not outrageously so, so I assumed that my lover must have been alarmed at the length more than the thickness of Mr. Smith’s member. I brought my right hand up to join the left, and with both hands wrapped around Mr. Smith’s engorged organ I could barely get my mouth down to where my fingers ended.

“Ahh!” groaned Mr. Smith as my hands started to spin and pump what my mouth could not reach, his hand running through my hair as he gently rocked his hips.

“Big enough for you, Timmy?” William asked, and with my mouth full all I could do was nod while letting one hand slid down to check out his balls, which were equally over-sized and hung in a long furry sac.

“He’s doing fine,” sighed Mr. Smith. “Tim’s quite the accomplished cocksucker. If I wasn’t so interested in something else, I’d love to let him finish me off like this.”

“Want me to get him ready?” I heard my William ask, talking about me like I was his Pomeranian instead of his lover.

“Yes,” said Mr. Smith. “I’ll help.”

I was brought up off of the carpet and placed on my back in the bedding. Rustling and fussing was going on around me, and then I felt hands on my thighs, spreading my legs and lifting me a little so that the small of my back was resting on a pillow.

“Oh!” I gasped when I felt a tongue licking my anus – I didn’t know whose – and then the tongue darted inside of me.

Mr. Smith’s tongue. William’s never got so far into me, so it had to be his, and it felt so good that I hated when the tongue moved out of me, replaced by a lubricated finger.

A second and third finger followed as I writhed on the sheets and tried to get the blindfold to allow me to peek down at what was happening. Not being able to see what and who was doing these things to me added an erotic touch for me though, so when my vision remained blocked I just let them have their way with me.

“He’s going to fuck you in the ass,” William whispered into my ear, as if I didn’t know. “This is so exciting. He’s bigger than I am, Timmy. He’s huge.”

“Don’t ruin him for me,” William asked of Mr. Smith, and I felt the mattress move as the stranger climbed onto the bed with me.

“Wouldn’t think of it,” said the voice of the stranger as I felt him rubbing his greased cock around my puckered ring. “Just relax, son.”

I could hear the unmistakable sound of skin slapping right next to me. William was masturbating, jerking off while his friend prepared to stick his cock into my ass, and while part of me was revolted, another part of me was aroused at the thought.

“Omigod!” I cried out as I felt the head of Mr. Smith manhood push into my ass. “Please – wait – it’s too big! Mr. Smith – please!”

Thankfully, Mr. Smith didn’t listen to me, because the last thing I wanted him to do was stop, but I had learned what guys liked to hear. They wanted me to tell them how well endowed they were, and loved me to beg for mercy. I didn’t actually know Mr. Smith, but I knew him, if that makes any sense to you, dear reader. He was no different than most men, and that was one of the reasons I enjoyed playing with their heads.

“Please,” I squealed as the head of his cock popped inside me, and I continued to carry on, writhing and squirming as Mr. Smith kept sliding more and more of his cock into me. “Omigod! William – he’s splitting me in two!”

All William did, from the sound of it, was to pump his cock harder while watching his acquaintance finish impaling me with what had to be the entire length of his manhood before slowly pulling it back out.

“Timmy’s hard again,” Mr. Smith noted as he began rocking back and forth. “He likes it up the ass, don’t you son?”

“Yes, but you’re so big. It hurts,” I whimpered as I felt my small dick get grabbed.

A couple of quick jerks later, I was coming all over myself, to the amusement of the two men who chuckled as my dick erupted. Mr. Smith’s thrusts became harder and faster as he held my ankles and spread my legs out as far as they could go.

“Take it,” I heard William say as he pulled my face towards him, and then I felt his cock at my lips. I barely got my mouth open before he started cumming, sending his seed down my throat while I swallowed as fast as I could.

Mr. Smith chuckled at what my voyeuristic lover had done to me, but he didn’t miss a stroke. The stranger was not nearly as quick on the draw as I was, and had gotten into a rhythm that had the bed rocking and creaking. In and out of me Mr. Smith went, and when he finally stopped it was only to roll me over.

Now I was on my hands and knees with my ass as far up as I could manage. From behind me, I heard William say something about how wide open my anus still was while Mr. Smith moved in behind me. His cock got inside me much easier this time, but the new angle made him seem even bigger.

I felt Mr. Smith’s hands on my hips, spreading my ass open wide as he began to thrust into me once again. He directed William to get onto the bed, and I could sense him climbing up so that his crotch was below my face.

The familiar smell of William’s manhood filled my nostrils as my lover slapped his flaccid member against my cheeks before instructing me to suck on his balls. I did so, and sucked each of his furry eggs hard, savouring the sweaty flavour before letting them pop out of my mouth.

Behind me, Mr. Smith was going into another gear, which seemed impossible, and he was now fucking me so hard I couldn’t suck William’s cock because I was being pounded so briskly. My arms gave way, and I landed with my nose in the crack of my lover’s ass as I heard what sounded like a bear roaring.

The cock that had been impaling me was pulled almost all the way out, and it felt like only the head of it was in me when I felt it jerk. The comforting warmth of Mr. Smith’s cum spurted inside my ass, coating my bowels with his soothing semen as he groaned above me.

Mr. Smith pushed his cock back into me one more time, and as it began to go limp he retracted it once again, this time all the way out as my knees caved in, leaving me flat on my face as the two of them rolled off the bed.

“I’m afraid my beloved may never be the same again,” William said to his friend, who chuckled as I stayed on my stomach with the blindfold on. “You gave his ass a proper pounding all right.”

“He’ll be fine, won’t you son?” Mr. Smith asked me, and I assume it was his hand rubbing my back as I got a kiss on the neck. “You’re something, you are Timmy. Such a sweet ass, and such a willing one. Hope it was as good for you as well.”

“Yes sir,” I said, with my anus throbbing so much that it almost felt like he was still inside of me.

It was a good ache though, and William had been right in a sense. The mysterious Mr. Smith had indeed given my ass a pounding, and I wouldn’t be the same again. For one thing, I was through with William, although I did let him clean me up afterward. Judging my the way he went about the intimate oral cleansing William seemed to enjoy it as much as I did, and I was only sad that by then Mr. Smith had left us.

The experience was unique though, and the blindfold had made the entire evening a memorable one, but the anonymity did cost me the chance to meet up with Mr. Smith again. Who was he? William wouldn’t tell when we together, so he sure as hell wouldn’t tell me after I dumped him soon after.

Maybe that was for the best though. It’s probably better that he stayed a man of mystery – staying a James Bond or Simon Templar character in my mind – a dashing, suave and sophisticated man who comes in and ravages a young man and then vanishes, instead of maybe just being a used car salesman with a big dick looking for fun.

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