How to give HEAD to a guy with a small dick

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by Laken Howard

Oral sex is more than foreplay: It’s an art form. Oral can be extremely intimate, and should be more than just a stop on the way to penetration. As such, it’s important to know some tips and tricks for going down on all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a size queen or an equal opportunity penis-lover, it’s worthwhile to know how to give oral sex to a small penis.

For some people, size does matter and that’s nothing to be ashamed of — your preferences are your preferences. But not every person can be hung like a horse, and that’s perfectly OK. Both big and small penises have their pros and cons, and penis size is not always the most important factor when it comes to someone’s lovemaking abilities. It may not seem like it, but going down on a smaller penis has its own complications: Should you always take their full length into your mouth, just because you can? What about the balls, do those need love?

Every penis has something special to offer, and I would hope that no one would get turned down solely based on the size of their package. Here are six tips for going down on someone who’s smaller, but remember that being below average below the belt is no indicator of sexiness, and you shouldn’t treat someone differently based on their penis size alone — and as always, communication is key, so just talk about what does and doesn’t feel good for them (and you, too).


1. Use Your fingers


Admittedly, this is typically a hack for how to make oral feel good for bigger penises, when you can’t fit it all in your mouth at once and need to call in your hands for backup. But I would argue that a person, no matter the size of their package, enjoys both the wetness of oral and the friction and pressure of using your hands (or fingers in some cases). Even though it might be “easier” than you’re used to with a bigger penis, don’t settle for sucking only: Get your hands involved to mix things up with stroking and ball play.


2. Switch It Up

Although it will be easier to deep throat a smaller penis, that doesn’t mean you should ONLY focus on swallowing it whole. To vary up the sensations, alternate between opening your mouth wider and smaller, sometimes going all the way to the base, and sometimes focusing only on the tip. They’ll appreciate the variety, and this will help you take a break from strictly deep throating, which can still get tiresome, even if the penis in question isn’t large enough to hit your gag reflex.


3. Give The Balls Some Lovin’ too

This is good advice for oral on any penis (unless, of course, they don’t enjoy having their balls touched), but don’t neglect the balls. Even someone is smaller and seems to enjoy the amazing attention you’re able to give their shaft, don’t get too caught up with “traditional” oral and forget that people with smaller penises can enjoy some gentle sucking on their balls, too. Incorporating the whole package (wink wink) makes for better oral, so feel free to change things up.


4. Don’t Overstate It

If they have any sort of self-awareness, they’ll know roughly where they falls on the size scale. Although not every person with a smaller one is insecure about it, it’s natural for us to assume they are, because we’ve been conditioned to think that a small penis is something to frown about. Obviously this is not the case, though, and you shouldn’t feel obligated to make them feel large while going down on them, whether that’s by pretending to gag or by outright saying it. It will come off as insincere and kill the mood, so just focus on what’s important: Making sure your partner (and you, duh) is satisfied.


5. And Don’t Understate It


OK, duh. Don’t take things to the opposite extreme and get too comfortable mentioning the less-than-average size of their junk. Even if he seems cool with it, any sort of disparaging remark about how easy it is to go down on a smaller penis will clearly be unwelcome. The best way to make them feel sexy is to show and tell them how turned on you are. If you’re enjoying giving oral, your enthusiasm will show, and can only make this BJ even better. However, if he finds small penis humiliation a total turn on, then go for it. However, don’t just assume he’s into it because his dick is small. Ask him if he likes it first.


6. Take Breaks When Needed


Again, it’s hard to generalise something that is so different for each individual, but if a partner is smaller and you’re a seasoned BJ veteran, it might be easier than usual for you to get them off with your mouth. If the foreplay feels like it’s moving too fast, don’t be afraid to take a break from going down to focus on something else: making out, them going down on you, or even just some dirty talk. Even if you’re not planning to move onto penetrative sex and are planning to finish orally, it can still be sexy to draw out the orgasm, so experiment with bringing your partner close to the edge before dialling it back, and then starting again with a slow build up of pleasure.


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  1. I need tips on how to please my boyfriend. I’ve finally found mr perfect and I’m madly in love this is the one I will call my husband … only one problem his size well he does a great job it’s me I’ve well only been with men who so happen to be very large and well this is not the case here but because I truly love him I need and want to learn how to please him . I feel terrible because i won’t go down on him or ride him because I’m just not sure how to and he does all the work please I need tips or ideas

  2. I have a tiny dick. I call it my clittie. All the advise you have is spot on. Even my tiny head likes a lot of attention. It is very sensitive, like a clit. And some of us who have accepted our lot in life don’t mind disparaging remarks about the size. I have no problem when someone tells me sucking me is like sucking on his/her thumb. And it is nice to be easy to deepthroat. It always makes for a great blowjob!

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