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Those small cocks are swallowed up or completely gone when flaccid or soft medically called: “Buried Penis Syndrome”. Often occurs when a man has a fat Upper Pubic Mound (FUPA).


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  1. I am so glad I found this site! It is comforting to see others like me! 🙂 Make me happy! I feel much better knowing that I am not alone! I see my picture was posted!

  2. I just hated being exposed in the high school gym showers I was the smallest and the only inny in there. I’m still ashamed of my inadequate manhood. I’ve learned to deal with it now.

    1. Is there a webcam site we could meet and show our small dicks and play together. I’m dripping pre cum just thinking about it. I’m a 3″ hard and soft it can become an innie. I just love playing with my tiny dick reading all these comment. Thanks everyone

    2. I just love this site. Every time I come to look at the pics my tiny cock just starts running pre cum. I wish there was a webcam site we could all chat and have fun together.

  3. Happy knowing I am not the only one with a micro penis innie. I love seeing the pics on here of others that look similar to me. I put some of my pics in an album and hope others will look and tell me what you think.

  4. I have a micropenis , inny when flaccid, i cannot penetrate but some men like to fuck my 2 inches deep front hole inny , in gallery 7 you can see it with my balls tied up . A guy can rub his cock’s head inside until cum in it. Some men really turn on with that!!

    1. when I am flaccid I can push it in so it looks like a pussy. I wouldn’t mind having a guy try rubbing it like you described

  5. I have to confess that I am one of those guys who only pack a peanut in their pants. I am not going to claim that I am a proud peanut packer, because I am actually acutely ashamed of my teeny-weeny dinky-winky pebble-dick. But I have learned to live with my mini-manhood and accept that I will always have a nano-knob. I believe if you have to have a small dick then you should want to have the smallest dick. And I think I have. I have submitted a picture of my micro-cockic wankstick to this website’s gallery and I hope the picture will be published soon

  6. I to have a small innie and have learned that some times if i stick my finger with some lube on it and finger it I am able to cum multiple times I just rub it around & around it really does feel incredibly wonderful

  7. I don’t have this feature myself, but for some strange reason, I am powerfully attracted to these tiny, shy, withdrawn cocks. I’d love to celebrate and enjoy some, but so far, I’ve not had that dreamed-of experience. I’d love to meet some guys with tiny dicks like these guys here.

    1. I have dabbled in the play of my innie… I dream of someone who is curious and turned on by it as much as I do. Including dipping their tongue inside 🙂

    2. My flaccid size fluctuates from innie to what I call my turtle after a life time of teasing on my size and being called that I have adopted it as my penis name
      I enjoy how the innie looks and feels and do wonder what the sensations would be like if someone too it fully into their mouth

    1. I have been cut twice, both out if choice but I still get a covering if skin, my wife says it has gone inside its self. Glad I found other like minded guys.

  8. I have an innie and love other innies. I wish there was an area that we could talk to each other and trade information.

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