The Domme Club

by SDC Webmaster

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Exposed to the Domme Club – By NancyPan

It was Saturday. Like most Saturdays I was dressed in one of my now several French maid outfits. This one Mistress Monica seemed to especially prefer for me to wear as the pink satin fabric, white lace trim, and short skirt accented by a flouncy white petticoat was so, well, sissy. She had ordered size 10 Ameona forms for me and they filled out the DD cups I was now required to wear around the house. White thigh highs with a lace top and pink two-inch heels completed the look.

When I was cleaning the house while wearing this outfit; there was no use pretending that I had much masculinity left in me. Monica relished highlighting how submissive, feminine, and deferent I had become to her and, I couldn’t help myself, I now deferred to all women. Especially in this town I never knew whether a woman I encountered was in the Domme Club and had heard all about me. Not only that, but as I embraced femininity myself I found myself admiring and idolizing women and wishing that I could be all female.

There was one problem that separated me from real women, and my Mistress was in the habit of pointing this out. If I was brought to tears by a movie, commented on a stylish outfit in a women’s clothing store window, or she found me paging through Cosmo or Good Housekeeping she was fond of telling me, “You are like a chick with a dick.” Then she would laugh and maybe whisper in my ear, “But you’ll never have a real pussy, my dear, just like you’ll never have a real man’s cock. No wonder you adore my pussy so.”

So, as I was saying, it was Saturday. I was dressed in my pink satin maid’s uniform and I had just completed my chores for the day when Monica came home from her Domme Club luncheon. “Hi, sissy,” she said, “Would you like to hear about our meeting? I talked about you with the other ladies.”

She loved to humiliate me with such exposure and I had given her plenty of indication that her talking about me to her Domme friends was highly arousing to me. Like she most often did after these meetings when she wanted to tease me, she went to her easy chair in the living room and, once seated, called me to her side. “Up with your skirt and petticoat, down with your panty girdle and panties.” For some time now she had been requiring me to wear a panty girdle to hold my tuck securely between my legs when she was away from home. I actually had come to like this as everything was kept in place and out of the way of temptation. Anyway, of course I did as I was told and I stood beside her with my flaccid penis available for her grasp.

She took it in both hands and I immediately began to grow. “That’s okay, baby, let it get hard. This reassures me that you haven’t been playing with it while I’ve been away.”

No matter how many times I had assumed this position next to her, she seated and me standing, she fully clothed and me fully exposed, the power of the encounter sent me to the edge and I always wanted very much to shoot my load in her hand—although I also knew that would be a very bad idea.

“They want to see it, Tom.”

My penis twitched in her grip affirming that this idea excited me.

“They can’t believe it’s less than four-inches erect. None of them have never seen one that small,” she said, and I thought I might lose control.

“Mistress, would you please take your hand away for a moment. I’m afraid I might squirt,” I said.

“Of course, honey,” she said as she let go. “That’s a good little sissy to tell Mistress so we don’t have any messes. So the idea of being on display to the Domme Club excites you, does it?”

“Yes, Mistress, but, um… ahh… It would be so very humiliating.”

“And that is what excites you so… You are so easy, sissy.”

“May I have permission to jerk off for your amusement, Mistress?” I asked hopefully.

“Absolutely not, although I’m pleased to see that the idea of such exposure excites you so.”

So that is how the idea was hatched, or at least how it was presented to me. Perhaps Monica had been planning this for some time as a way of deepening my submission. Once she had brought it up I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I imagined the group of dominant women examining my cock and I could hear their laughter in my mind. My penis would be the centre of attention and the object of ridicule by a group of women. Mistress Monica said little more about it for several days, letting me cook in my own stew. Then she started to drop little hints like how she was planning to host the next meeting at our house or asking me if I thought I would need new panties for her meeting.


As the month wore on I of course could see the date circled on the calendar that hung next to the fridge and the initials DC for Domme Club in red marker prominent on that date. One evening just a few days before the meeting I arrived home from my law office to find Monica resting in her easy chair. “Over here. You know what to do—pants and panties pulled down.” She took it in her left hand. “Love the floral print panties, Tom, very feminine. Hope you’re wearing the matching bra.”

I was.

She continued to hold my swelling penis as she continued, “I’ve decided that in order to protect the identity of the women in the club I’m going to have you wear a leather hood during your display, so you’ll not be able to see. I have considered having you wear noise-cancelling headphones as well so that you can not identify any of the voices, but I do want you to hear the laughter and the comments.” I was now twitching uncontrollably. I had to resist the urge to hump her hand. “I will simply tell those women whose voice you might recognise to be discrete.”

She reached into a bag near the chair and pulled out a black leather hood, “I borrowed this from one of the gals. She uses it to punish her husband. Don’t worry, she has required him to thoroughly clean it so it is ready for your use.”

She handed it to me and I placed my hands inside to fill out the mask. There was a bit of a stretch to the material, no openings for eyes, but two small holes for nostrils and a larger hole for the mouth. “You’ll be gagged as well,” and she produced a red ball gag and handed it to me. “Don’t want to risk you saying something that could get you in trouble,” she said, as though it would be a favour to me to have me gagged.

She was now stroking me, and I fought a powerful urge to squirt. Instead, I asked, “May I have release, Mistress? I beg you to allow me to squirt, please Mistress Monica.”

She quickly pulled her hand away saying, “You’ll do no such thing. No cummies for sissy until the day of your display. I want you to be able to get erect so that accurate measurements may be taken. It would be so embarrassing for me if you were impotent and could not get hard that day. I already have to deal with the smallest penis in the club.” She reached up and stroked my cheek. “You are so sweet. Follow all of the instructions and I may allow you to jerk off in front of my friends after we are done with you.”

She picked up a magazine and began leafing through it absent-mindedly, ignoring me standing by her side with my pants and panties around my ankles and my cock twitching and jerking with excitement, now even without being touched, just with the thought of being displayed to her friends as she had planned. Mistress Monica ignored me until my arousal had subsided and I lost my erection. “Now run along and get changed. I want you in only your pink lace bra and panty set this evening, and your pink babydoll.”

I quickly changed and returned to the living room. Without a word, Mistress pointed towards the kitchen and I knew that she expected that I prepare dinner. It was a good thing that I had spent part of my chore time on Saturday making some meals ahead of time, so before long I was able to bring her a tray with her dinner. Before accepting the tray from me she stood up, hiked up her skirt and pulled her panties off. She pulled them over my head with the intoxicating scent of the gusset positioned just over my nose and she clipped it in place at the back of my head. “I have worn these all day, sissy Tommy. They must be rich with my scent, with the scent of my pussy, with the perfume of my femininity.”

I knelt by her side as she ate, the power of her scent intoxicating me. I felt so happy to be serving her so. She took the opportunity to give me more instructions for the meeting of the Domme Club. “I want you to build a little pedestal for you to stand on while my friends are here. I want your penis at about eye level, so since most of them will be wearing heels, let’s say that you prepare yourself a little perch that will put your penis at about five and a half feet.”

I didn’t like the sound of this.

She continued, “And I wouldn’t make it too small if I were you. Your hands will be bound behind your back and I don’t want you falling off. You will be on display here in the living room, so with the vaulted ceiling you will have plenty of room. You may build a little leaning post onto the perch if you want as the meeting will be about two hours.”

She continued eating and paging through a magazine, virtually ignoring me kneeling by her side other than giving me these instructions. When she finished she handed me her tray. “You may go into the kitchen and eat your dinner. Then clean up and prepare for me to join you in bed. I want you wearing the chin dildo. I feel like a little ride… and I want to cover your face with the my precious pussy juices.”

When I returned to the kitchen I wanted to jerk off in the worst way and I touched myself through my panties for a couple soft strokes—but I knew better than to cum without explicit permission from Mistress Monica. My days of unsupervised masturbation were over. Not only had I promised her that I would not ejaculate without her permission, but in days past when I had naively defied her believing that she would never know, she always somehow did know. She told me that there were many clues to my having been a bad boy including a look of shame on my face that I could not hide when she asked me if I had jerked off.

She also could read my arousal and I was quicker to respond the longer she had kept me chaste. So, I quickly ate my dinner as by now I was more interested in tasting her pussy than the meat loaf and mashed potatoes before me. Soon I was in the bedroom where I found the chin dildo, strapped it on, took one look in the bathroom mirror and saw how silly I looked with a silicone cock protruding from my chin, and I assumed my position on the bed.

She liked to keep me waiting and anticipating in this position, laying on my back with my head in the centre of the bed and my legs dangling off the side. This time, though, she was in the bedroom shortly after I was in position and she stripped naked; then sat on the side of the bed stroking the dildo and chiding me, “If only you had a cock as large as this one it would be entering me this evening instead of this imitation. And this dildo isn’t even that large. It is only six inches. Does it frustrate you, Tom, that your tiny penis is not allowed to enter your Mistress?”

I simply moaned. There was nothing to say. That tiny penis was pushing against the silky nylon of my panties and I could not wait to service her. I think it would be fair to say that I was addicted to the scent of her pussy; and I had come to relish the experience of giving her the powerful orgasms that I had been unable to provide when she had let me fuck her with my penis. She mounted me, slowly lowering her gleaming wet cunt onto the dildo giving me quite an erotic view of her hole as it opened and swallowed the dildo. If only that was my cock, but I knew that I would ejaculate immediately and disappoint her.

This was better, more fair to her, and I was proud to be able to satisfy her with my tongue in a way that I could not with my penis. Once she had taken it all the way in her clit glistened above my mouth and my tongue went to work sucking and licking as I inhaled her womanly smells. She rode me slow, she rode me fast, she rode me hard, she rode me soft, all the while chastising me about my inadequate penis and how fun it will be to display me to her Club.

“It will be a delicious humiliation, Tom, for my friends to see your tiny penis. They’ll laugh at you, Tom, but remember you have brought all of this on yourself. You asked for it, Tom. You begged me to dominate you… To humiliate you… To take control of that pathetic penis after I found you with my panties over your head jerking off into my favourite bra. You asked for this, Tom… Ahhhh… Ooooow… Fuck… Fuck… Fuck… I’m cumming on my sissy’s face. I’m cumming!”

After she dismounted she cuddled up next to me. I knew that it was now okay to take the harness off of my chin. My face was gleaming with the wonderful evidence that I had pleased her. “That was wonderful, Tom, something you could never do with your penis. You have a very talented tongue, sweetie.” She placed a hand on my panties and squeezed my throbbing erection. “After the women see it Saturday, you’ll be allowed to cum. Now go to sleep, my love, I know you have a big day at the office tomorrow.”

There was no more sex and I knew there would not be until after Monica had hosted the meeting of the Domme Club at our house. I had completed a simple platform that I had covered in pink satin that I had gotten at the fabric store. I placed it in the centre of the living room just as Mistress Monica instructed. When I stood on the tiny stage the base of my penis would be just about five and a half feet off the floor.


The morning of the meeting I was busy cleaning, preparing food, and getting serving dishes out and ready. Since I would be on display during the meeting I would be unable to serve the food—plus my vision would be blocked by the hood I would be wearing. About an hour before the guests were to arrive, Monica summoned me away from the kitchen. “I’ll finish the rest, Tom. You get in the shower and shave your chest, underarms, and legs. I don’t want any stubble. The stockings, flats, bra, and panties I want you to wear are on the bed. We’ll keep your little thing covered in nylon and lace until it is time for the unveiling.”

By the time the doorbell rang announcing the first arrival I was already on my perch, white lace top thigh highs, white patent leather flats, and a matching white nylon and lace bra and panty set. Mistress did not want me in my breast forms, so the bra had smaller half cups. Mistress said that she wanted me ‘all natural‘, whatever that meant. The hood was over my head so I stood in total darkness. I could feel my face flushing to the sound of heels on the wood floor. “This is my husband, Tom. He has agreed to show all of us his tiny penis today, isn’t that sweet of him?”

Two women must have come into together. I heard them laugh and then they seemed to move away as Monica offered her friends a drink. The joke was repeated each time the doorbell rang and soon I could hear snippets of conversation from various points in the room. Some said how they admired how Monica had trained me, some said how lucky I was to have her as most women would not tolerate a husband with such a small penis. Once all the guests had arrived and gotten something to drink Monica called the meeting to order and said that she wanted to start with the unveiling so that my period of exposure would be as long as possible. Suddenly, I felt hands on the waistband of my panties and they were yanked to my knees.

Embarrassment seemed to be trumping arousal. It was clear from the comments and giggling that my cock had shrivelled as though trying to hide from their curious eyes. I was worried this would disappoint Monica as she had told me it would embarrass her if I was unable to get an erection. Mistress Monica seemed to have anticipated this. Monica shouted above the chatter, saying, “Okay, Ladies! I warned him not to get hard until we had measured him in this flaccid state. I have some rulers, tape measures, and a box of plastic gloves for those who want to measure.”

Soon I could sense them gathering about me and I heard the snapping of rubber gloves being pulled on. I knew that my penis was roughly at eye level with all of these women. I was, as Mistress Monica had said I would be, on display. Once hands starting grabbing and pulling at my member and I heard announcements of measurements “It’s a fucking inch and a half soft,” one woman said.

I could feel myself start to grow. “It’s growing… Look, it’s growing,” another woman said.

I wanted to grab it and stroke it and cum right then and there, but Monica had cuffed my hands behind my back.

“Oh my god, I think that’s as big as it gets, ladies,” a woman said.

I heard Monica say, “She’s right, that’s it. Feel free to measure him now. I think you’ll find that he tops out at three-and-five-eighths.”

Again I felt hands at the base of my cock, and I could feel the cold plastic of rulers against its length. Roars of laughter and glee erupted from the ladies as they made fun of my inadequate penis. But my humiliation was just beginning. Monica called the unruly crowd to order again, saying, “I want to tell you a bit about me and Tom. This all started when I came home to discover him with a pair of my soiled panties over his head and he was jerking off into a cup of my favourite bra. After I busted him he begged me to dominate him and he confessed his panty fetish.”

The room was now silent. I could feel it twitching as Monica talked about me in front of her friends. This did not go without notice.

“You’ll see that he is unable to contain his excitement as I humiliate him and reveal his deepest secrets in front of all of you women. His cock, although inadequate for fucking, is a reliable barometer of his arousal. When I first told Tom that he was to be exposed and measured in front of the Domme Club, he asked me if he could jerk off right then and there. Of course, I said, ‘No Way, Jose’.”

They laughed.

Mistress Monica continued, “I know it’ll be humiliating for him for me to tell you his inadequate penis hasn’t entered me, or any woman now for several years.”

I couldn’t help the twitching and I was glad that my face was covered.

Monica continued, “Now you know Tom, and have seen him around town. He likes to think of himself as a bit of a big shot when he is in his law office, or in court. But if you see him around, keep in mind that under whatever male costume he might be wearing he is shaved, and wearing a bra and panties.”

One of the women, in a voice that sounded too familiar for comfort, asked, “How do you find satisfaction then, Monica?”

Was it the receptionist at Dr. Sylvester’s office, or perhaps it was that woman attorney who handled the divorce of one of my clients.

“Oh, so nice of you to be concerned about me, hon,” Monica said. “We have a nice collection of dildos that are more of a size to my liking, and of course he has a well-trained tongue.”

Some of the women laughed; others applauded.

Monica then said, “You can see by his twitching dick that he relishes humiliation. Let’s go ahead and have our snack and refresh our drinks. I’m going to leave him exposed. Oh, by the way, I told him that I would let him release to conclude our meeting, so those who want to stay it should be great fun.”

I heard some bustling about, a mix of conversation and the click of heels as the women walked about and chatted. I could sense that my cock was still erect and I had the sensation of curious eyes often inches from my exposed and hairless crotch. I was so aroused that I could hardly contain myself. Without thinking I had started gently thrusting my hips in a humping motion as though friction from the air alone could bring me some relief. One of the Dommes noticed and took immediate action. She swatted my bare ass along with a loud and stern command, “Stop, sissy!” I did.

It seemed like forever until I again heard Monica call the group to order. “Those who have to leave or don’t want to see this sissy make a mess can leave. The rest of you are welcome to enjoy the show. I’m going to release Tom’s hands and allow him to cum.”

I could hear the Velcro on the cuffs pull open and my hands were finally free. I stretched my fingers and hands and flexed my shoulders; waiting for further instruction from my Mistress. “You may cum now, Tom, in front of all of these women. I’m sure they’re most tired of gazing upon your pathetic little penis. So to enhance your embarrassment, I want you to pull up your panties and rub yourself through the nylon and lace until you thoroughly wet the front. Rub yourself like a girl masturbates, no stroking — that’s for men — just rub yourself Tom,that’s it. Now take your other hand and reach into the back of your panties and insert a finger into your tight little pussy,that’s it, sissy Tommy.”

Her words excited me. I pictured these dominant women watching me rub my small penis through my panties. They had seen how small it is, some had measured it, they had made fun of it, and now I’m going to release in front of them. It didn’t take long.

Monica said in the tone of a tour guide, “Another reason he’s not allowed to enter me is he has a problem with premature ejaculation. I think you will see… oh… It’s already happening… See, it doesn’t take him long.”

My hips bucked, my knees nearly buckled, I came in a powerful orgasm. My ejaculate wet the entire front of my panties. Once my body stopped convulsing I moved to cover myself with my hands and I felt an intense flooding of shame. The room erupted in applause and cheers.

“Don’t cover yourself, Tom, let the ladies see your cummies. I know you feel ashamed of yourself now, Tom, and you should. You have just been exposed to the Domme Club. Hands behind your back now, whenever you see a woman anywhere in this town you’ll not know whether she has measured your tiny penis or seen you cum in your panties. Yes, Tom, you should be ashamed, very ashamed, and that is why you need a strong Mistress to take care of you.”

The End.



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