Create a Picture Album of YOUR Pics

by SDC Webmaster

Finally, we bring you the ability to create your own picture album, featuring your small dick and kinky nudes photos. Other people can comment directly on your pics and you can reply. This is the feature you’ve all been waiting for. You have to be registered and logged in to create and upload images to your album, but this isn’t necessary if you want to view and comment on albums only. Click this link to go to the Albums page to get started.

Pictures uploaded to our regualr galleries won’t be added to these galleries, YOU have to upload your pics into your member album. People creating albums, but not uploading pics into them may find them getting deleted after a time. So don’t come crying to us if this happens to you.


  1. Also, now that I’ve submitted pictures, will they end up in the various categories, like Lead Members or Bronze…? Not sure how the categorizing goes.

    1. No, the Bronze, Silver, Gold etc albums are separate, and if you want them included there you need to upload them on the “submit” page and be judged by our resident dick judger – my ex wife.

      1. You mean there’s an actual woman working behind the scenes?? Yippee! Now how to get more female participation on this site… that is the question…

  2. Alright, I did it! I’m hoping to get lots of comments. Is it at all possible that a few women might even be ogling this site? If so, how can they comment? Doesn’t look intuitive at the moment. Do they have to sign in?

  3. Maybe it’s because I’m using iPhone as I can upload pics but only 1 per album it won’t let me add more others seem to be successful but I am a technophobe
    Never mind I’ve managed a couple now at least people can see and comment on my little turtle

    1. thanks for your feedback as it takes people letting me know what’s not working so I can figure out how to fix it. You should be able to add photos to an existing album and I have changed some permission settings, so hopefully that works now. I can’t guarantee that using your phone to upload will work, as the sites not really tweaked for that. What I can do is move all your images into one album for you so they’re together. Thanks again.

        1. I think I’ve worked out that you can just upload photos into your initial album, you don;t have to use thr add album feature once you start, just upload images. if you want to make seperate albums of pics then go for it. But if you just want to put a few pics them just use your initial album.

          1. I have tried to add again but no luck I’m convinced it’s my phone I will try later with my laptop see if that’s better but I’m happy that you have put my 3 pics together thanks

  4. What a shame I would have loved to do this but can’t get the register or the sign in page to display just shows a blank page ☹️

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