Confessions of a Taxi Driver!

by SDC Webmaster

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It’s a Wednesday, not a very busy night, generally. It’s raining. On the rare occasions it rains in this desert town, the black top on the streets turns slick and shiny, and the streetlights take on an aura of twinkling fire as they reflect on the surface of the wet pavement. From the driver’s seat of my cab,

I could take in the breathtaking scenery. I’m parked outside of the train station, enjoying a quick smoke in between charges, slowly savouring the rush of nicotine, a calming moment amidst the agony of driving among the rain crazed lunatics. The rain made people crazy. At least around here.

I check my rear-view mirror when I hear the distant call of a woman’s high heels skittering across the pavement. A girl hurries toward the line up of cabs walking at a quick pace, no doubt in order to seek shelter from the rain as much as catch a ride. I toss my cigarette out the window and quickly exhale as I turn on the ignition. There are no cabs behind mine, so naturally it is my cab that she tumbles into.

I check her out in the rear-view mirror and I can see she is extremely pretty. She looks a little wet from the rain and her make-up is just slightly smudged under her large blue eyes. Her hair is hanging in wet curls and she looks adorably dishevelled. She wipes her cheek and smiles as her eyes lock on mine in the mirror.

“Where can I take you, Miss”

Her gaze falls and she answers, “The Blueberry Inn, please,” very softly.

I nod and switch on my blinker, pulling out of the depot. We drive in silence for a awhile. She coughs slightly and I can smell the delicious scent of her perfume. She looks and smells good enough to eat.

Being a cab driver, I usually feel compelled to engage my patrons in conversation, to entertain them if you will. Typically only when one a single person gets in the cab. There is a certain sense of loneliness, something I have picked up over the past year, about people who take a cab alone.

Usually they are coming or going somewhere elicit. In my imagination, anyway. This woman makes me imagine she was sneaking off to see her lover while her husband slept alone in his bed at night as she steals away on a train to the city to meet her satisfying boy toy. I look back at her again.

Her face is turned toward the window and her eyes out at the majestic rain shower. Now safe and dry in the car she could appreciate it like I do. I quietly decide to re-evaluate my fantasy because she looks way too young to be married.

“So are you meeting someone special at the Inn?” I ask her, nervous and intimidated by her sexiness. I make my feeble attempt at small talk. For several moments she does not answer, as if she didn’t hear me. Then she clears her throat. “I’m going to see my sister and her husband.”

“Oh, are they from out of town?”

“Yeah, they are in from Washington.”

“Oh, that’s nice. Nice and cool up north.”


“What about you, are you a local? I’ve never seen you before. I work this beat a lot.”

“I don’t live in the city,” she tells me.

I nod as the conversation dies.

“Shit.” I hear her cry out from the back seat. The young woman slams her purse on the seat in apparent frustration.

I cock my head to the side. “Is something wrong, Miss?”

“Look, Mister, I can’t find my wallet. I must have left it on the train when I paid for my ride.”

Great, I think to myself, another beautiful woman trying to stiff me on her fare. It happens more than you might think. Not just beautiful women, but ugly women, and even sometimes men, old and young. There are so many people looking for a free ride. It irks me because I have to make a living and incidents like this definitely cut into my profit margin.

She looks at me with pleading in her eyes. She was mere feet away from where her sister stayed at the Inn. She hesitates, her hand hovering over the door handle.

“Do you have a cigarette?” I ask her, thinking she could pay me in cigarettes.

“No, I don’t smoke. But you know what? I feel really bad about not being able to pay.”

“It happens.”

“Maybe there is something else I can do. There has to be something, let me think.”

I see her close her eyes and a smile curls on her lips.

“I know,” she says, “I can pay you with a blow job.”

I raise my eyebrows and my dick becomes hard immediately. In all this time working as a cabby, this is a first. I turn around and look at her.

“You are going to suck my cock?” I stare at her beautiful face in disbelief. A little voice inside me tells me that she is just pulling my leg. What a fucking little cock tease. But there is something definitive in her voice, a determination.

I slowly roll the car forward and turn tight into the parking area. The lot is big, and I drive to a dark corner where there are no cars in the immediate vicinity. I pull into a spot and kill the engine. Crossing my arms across my chest, I lean back into the seat.

“May I come up front and sit next to you?’ she asks.

“By all means. Be my guest.”

She opens the door and for a moment I fear that she is going to flee. But she scooted right into the passenger side of the front seat. She looks at me and smiles shyly. Little wisps of her hair fall in front of her eyes. She puts her hand on my leg and strokes it, massaging it with her palms.

I close my eyes and savor the loving touch of a woman. It’s been so long since I have been intimate that I almost feel like a teenage boy making out in my parents’ car. My body reacts in accordance with nature and at this moment I am in love this woman. She crawls closer to me, her initial insecurity melts away and her body moves more seductively. I put my arm around her and draw her closer.

I jerk her toward mine and press her lips into mine. She does not struggle against my tongue as I swab the inside of her mouth with it. Her hand grips the crotch of my jeans and she rubs my rock hard dick. When she discovers how excited I am, she fumbles with my belt buckle, furiously trying to get in. Her enthusiasm only serves to turn me on more.

She manages to get the belt undone and then deftly unbuttons my fly like a pro. I squeeze one of her gorgeous tits as she reaches into my briefs and pulls out my cock. She looks down at my dick and snickers quietly.

“What’s so funny?” I ask in a whisper.


“You were laughing at my dick weren’t you?”

“Well you have to admit, it is kind of…small,” she retorted, smiling softly. She looks at me and wiggles her little pinky. Man, she’s beautiful, even if she’s insulting my manhood.

“It’s okay; I’ll still take care of it for you. You obviously don’t get a lot of action with a tiny thing like that. That’s why you’re in a cab getting head from a random stranger. For all you know I could be a prostitute. And you look like you’re gonna come! I’ve hardly even touched you yet. How pathetic. You really don’t get enough attention, do you?”

I shake my head. “No, it really is pathetic, isn’t it? God you are so hot.”

“Well you better not blow your load too soon, you little twerp. You’d only be cheating yourself out of a blow job if you do. Let’s see how much you can take, loser.”

With her insults thrown at me, my little stick stands up straighter, and I am impatient to get her lips on my cock. I rub her tits roughly, focusing on her nipples. She responds by lifting her shirt. Her big luscious tits ooze out of her tight shirt. Through her silky lavender bra her nipples poke rigidly.

“I bet you can easily deep throat me then, can’t you?” I ask, dropping a hint. I rolled her nipple around in my fingers.

“Why don’t you let me call the shots, loser.” She slaps my cheek playfully and laughs again at my little dick, as it drips with pre cum. She pulls it by the head between her thumb and index finger, eyeing the length and girth. Then she wraps her hand around my skinny dick. As soon as she starts working her hand up and down my thick shaft, I feel like I am going to pop.

The illicit nature of our game had me aroused beyond belief. And her ruthless humiliation is more that my pathetic wimpy dick could handle. I concentrate on holding back. She smiles and licks her lips with her soft pink tongue. She jerks it a little more and then lowers her head into my crotch, tucking her hair behind her ears.

Slowly she wraps her lips around my cock. Her tongue circles my head quickly as she slowly lowers her mouth. She continues jerking me off until she eventually took me all the way down to the base of my dick, and as I thought, she can do it with ease. Quiet little sucking noises emit from her throat as I begin to thrust. My little dick crammed tightly down her throat feels amazing.

I grasp the back of her head and thrust harder. I can feel my orgasm building and I can no longer hold back anymore as I splash the back of her throat with my thick load. It is one of the most mind blowing orgasms I have ever experienced. I lose count of the amount or spurts that jet out of my dick and down her throat. She pulls her mouth off my dick quickly after

I finished and she leans her face toward mine for a kiss. When her lips lock on mine, she deposits a mouth full of spooge into my mouth. She pulls away before I can react. I find myself with a mouthful of my own semen mixed with her saliva.

“Asshole. Never come in a girl’s mouth without asking her first.”

I gag as I swallow the thick mess in a big gulp. She pulls her shirt back down over her tits and grabs her purse from the back-seat.

“I can walk to the entrance from here. Thanks for the ride, Tiny Tim.”

And without another word, she opens the door, gets out, and slams it behind her. I watch her walk away and toward the Inn, but she never looks back.

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