Cabo Dreams

by SDC Webmaster

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By available44xx (edited)

Last spring, my wife Michelle and I went on a company trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. Though the trip was technically for training, it was mostly a vacation. Other people from the company also were there so it turned into a big party with lots of food, drinking and fun on the company’s dime. We always looked forward to these trips.

One afternoon, Michelle and I had been hanging out at the resort bar with one of the guys I work with, Danny. Danny’s wife was spending the afternoon at the spa so he was killing time with us. Michelle and I are in our late twenties and we get together with Danny and his wife several times a year, since they are about the same age. We have a lot of fun together.

After having several drinks, Danny and I were going to go fishing so we went back to our adjoining rooms to change clothes and get ready. We all walked in the door to my room and came across a young guy going through the room. He was a thief looking for anything of value. When I saw him, I said, “Who the fuck are you?”

He was very startled and almost jumped out of his shoes and immediately pulled out a pistol and pointed it at us. His hands were shaking. It was a small revolver and I was not really sure it was a real gun, but we raised our hands not wanting to take any chances.

We told him to just take off and we wouldn’t tell anyone. At that, he became agitated and started getting cocky pointing the gun at us. He could see Danny and I were nervous and Michelle was really scared. Then he got bold and said in broken English that he would leave when he wanted to and that we shouldn’t test him. Then he looked at my wife who is a beautiful long-legged blonde and smiled. “Time for show”, he said.

The he pointed the gun at me and Danny and told us to take off our clothes. At that point I was getting very nervous. We balked and he we nuts and hit me across the face with the gun. So we did as he said. We both started undressing and then paused at the underwear stage. He motioned for us to take them off, which we did.

As I dropped my drawers, I glanced over at Danny and just about swallowed my tongue. My cock is on the small side, I’m a bronze member of The Small Dick Club. It was more shrunken than usual considering the situation. But when I saw Danny’s dick, I almost got sick to my stomach. It was by far the biggest cock I had ever seen. Even soft, it hung down probably eight inches and was as big around as my forearm. It was a huge, mean looking, uncircumcised monster with huge low hanging balls.

I quickly glanced at Michelle, who was staring at Danny’s dick, mouth open is disbelief. I then saw her look over at me and then down to my cock. When I looked down at mine, it seemed to have shrunken more. I had never been this humiliated in my entire life. I felt like a little girl next to him.

Danny is a nice guy but never seemed to have a whole lot going for him. I am the outgoing one with all of the confidence. As soon as our dicks were on display, it seemed all of that changed. He was now the alpha and my wife was admiring what he had to offer. She couldn’t look away from it.

Gangster guy giggled at me when he figured out who Michelle was with. He then pointed the gun at her and motioned for her to strip. She hesitated and he yelled at her in Spanish so she finally started disrobing. Michelle has an incredible body with a great ass and perfect boobs. It took my breath away to see her taking off her clothes in front of two other guys. It was also a bit of a turn on.

As she undressed, I looked at Danny and couldn’t help but notice his dick was getting hard. It was beginning to rise as he watched by beautiful wife get naked in front of him. My God, it was getting even bigger. It was now sticking straight out and seemed a couple of inches longer than before. He also had a shit eating grin on his face! Once Michelle was completely naked, she looked up in shame and looked at Danny first. It was very noticeable to me. I was beside myself.

When she finally looked my way, to my horror, I noticed I was hard and sticking straight up. The comparison in her mind must have been very striking. My completely hard cock was maybe half the size of Danny’s still growing one. I was also absolutely turned on. I wanted to fuck her on the spot or at least jack off. It was a surreal experience.

The big concern was what the guy with the gun was going to do next. I was afraid he was going to rape my wife at gunpoint and I was not going to allow that even if he shot me. Instead, he said, “Fuck her.”

You didn’t have to point a gun at me to go fuck my wife so the situation improved instantly. As I started walking over to her, he said, “Not you,” and gestured to Danny.

I said, “Wait a fucking minute.”

He walked up and put the gun to my face where I realized it was a real gun. Michelle looked at me and nodded her head that it was OK. I didn’t know what to do. Danny shrugged his shoulders and walked over to Michelle with his huge dong bouncing with each step. Our captor, told her to suck Danny’s cock. So she squatted down in front of him and took his cock in her hand. Her hand wouldn’t even fit around it. I was ashamed and a bit turned on about what I was seeing. Then her expression changed almost instantly.

She was no longer being forced. She wanted to suck his dick and took it in her mouth. The thing wouldn’t fit in her mouth so she sucked the tip. Then she slowly licked down the entire shaft as she looked at me. I was watching my wife suck another man’s cock! She obviously liked it and I think I did too. She softly nibbled on his foreskin and then slowly took one of his huge balls in her mouth.

Then our friend with the gun told them to fuck. I guess he was a frustrated porn director because he knew how he wanted them to fuck. He gestured for Danny to sit on the couch facing me and for Michelle to sit in his lap also facing me. So it was doggy style, but she wasn’t on her knees. He had to hold her up. I was horrified.

Michelle grabbed his cock and directed it to her pussy. Once at the door, he lowered her down on his cock and I had to watch as every big, fat inch went into my wife. Very slowly at first her pussy accepted his dick. I was shocked that her little pussy could take it in. I shuddered when her ass rested on his crotch all the way in. The expression on her face I had never seen before. Eyes closed, breathing deeply and obviously loving it. My friend was fucking my wife in front of me and she was turned on.

Then Danny began thrusting and slowly lifting her up and down on his cock. Because of the length, it was a long way up and then down. I was watching it in what seemed like slow motion. Like a dream. In and out, each time faster and more powerful. She was moaning and began yelling out. The motion got fast with her yelling, “Fuck me hard, Danny,” and, “Give me that big cock.”

He was almost throwing her up in the air and she would drop down on that thing. I was in shock. I knew it would never be the same with Michelle. She had never had sex like that before. I was also turned on, big time. What did that mean? Did I like other guys fucking my wife and feeling humiliated? As they were really getting into it, I noticed I was pulling on my dick like there was no tomorrow.

Then Danny picked her up one last time and slowly dropped her down on his cock. Michelle screamed out in ecstasy and started cumming and looked right at me. At the same time, I could tell that Danny was shooting inside of my wife’s pussy. He picked her up again where just the tip of his cock was buried inside of her. Then I saw cum leak down his cock out from her pussy. Lots of cum! It seemed like a river of cum leaking from my wife. When I saw his cum, I came hard as Michelle watched and stared right at me. I had shot my load watching another man cum inside of her. My humiliation was complete!

When I finally looked up, the guy with the gun was gone. I was drunk, spent and humiliated. Would my life ever be the same? Where would we go from here?

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