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Bronze Members of The Small Dick Club 4.1 inches (10.3 cm) to 5.0 inches (12.7 cm) erect length. These members fall in the that small margin between Average and small and we refer to them as “Below Average”.

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  1. I will say I love a smaller thick dick. I love to give oral and smaller dicks hit the g-spot better. My lover has a small dick and is the best lover I have ever had. Don’t be ashamed you find a small dick worshipper like me one day.

    1. Thanks for your up beat statement Dawn I’m sure it will give a lot of little dicked guys hope
      Unfortunately for me there is little of that available
      To be a small dicked guy(bronze) who can rarely get an erection due to erectile dysfunction is bad enough but when that very rare erection occurs I ejaculate in less than 30 seconds
      Not sure any woman or man for that matter would be impressed by that
      Totally pathetic !! as my wife would say.
      Probably the reason why I have had no sexual intimacy with anyone for over 5 years.

    2. Makes me horney I want to tast everyone of them.i am 3.5 those that are 4 or 5 love them women don’t want 3 inches. So I suck when I can. Love the taste

    1. Yeah I lose out all ways I have quite extreme erectile dysfunction so takes me along time to get erect and when I do I probably cum in about 30 seconds
      So small dick ED problems and cum much too quick doesn’t sound too good does it

        1. Well that’s a kind offer Dion please feel free to suck away on my small offering
          My pic is the one with the yellow tape measure and tiled flooring

          1. you can always upload pics via the “submit” page, the link is in the menu bar. Otherwise, try the KiK group, as many share their dick pics on KiK

      1. I can only comment as a bronze member as that is what I am but I regularly see statements from guys in all categories seeking and wanting to make comments about dicks
        Now that the members albums have been created why not do it there it makes so much sense because you are commenting and receiving comments on a specific picture of a specific penis
        My album is “paul”

      2. lol would love to humiliate your little cock and laugh while you try to get it up then when its finaly hard squeeze your balls and watch that tiny little dick squirt in seconds lol then spank you really hard

    2. damn it already sucked being only 4 inches erect. but my cock is so sensitive I can fuck my ex girlfriends very wet pussy for about 90 seconds at most and its over. Anyone with advice on howto last longer?

  2. I just wondered if there is a reason why I can’t open the archived pictures of the bronze members I click on them but nothing happens

      1. Yeah I’ve cleared the cache several times on safari on my iPhone but still nothing
        Maybe this is also why the register page won’t display for me ??

    1. It’s not for me to say I guess but there is one guy in the latest bronze members pics who is very much only semi erect definitely putting down and looks to be a lot bigger than me when I’m fully erect

  3. So happy to have become a bronze member of the small dick club
    My penis is not only small but also I struggle to get an erection all the time so it was a real effort but worth it

    1. I meant to mention I submitted 2 pics in the bronze section one with the purple quilt which I think shows my size quite well but also one with the yellow tape measure which I took in the kitchen you can clearly see I’m within the required measurement erect to join the club

          1. That’s a very interesting offer Dion you can see it at tiniest and biggest in my members album “Paul”

    1. It’s possible some pictures have been lost in the change over of gallery software, if you can’t find yours then resubmit it.

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