Brainwashed! (Gay Themes)

by SDC Webmaster

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Slowly his eyes opened, bringing the room before him into focus. It was not the most well-lit room in the world, but as he adjusted to the gloom, he began to notice two things. One, that he was nude, and two, that he was secured into a chair by steel manacles on his ankles, thighs, waist and neck. His arms, oddly, were free.

“Awake at last, I see,” Purred a feminine voice from nearby.

He moved his head about as much as the neck restraint would allow, but she was walking around to stand before him anyway. She was a tall woman, with long brown hair and a nice face covered in too much slutty make-up. Her attire cried “I want to get fucked”, consisting of high heels, fishnet stockings, short black mini-skirt, and bright pink top that clung tightly to her large tits.

The woman looked down at him, taking in his nude body and smirked at his cock. It was small, barely three inches, and he felt embarrassed by her stare. “So small and pathetic,” She said. “That is why you are here.”

“What?” He demanded of her, channelling his embarrassment into anger. “Who the fuck are you? What is going on?”

“You have been deemed ‘too small’ by the Mistresses,” Said the woman calmly. “Men like you have no use to women, so you have been brought here for re-programming.”

He felt alarm rise. “What do you mean?”

“You will be fixed,” She said with a smile. “Instead of wanting women, you will learn to crave men instead. You will learn to desire REAL men with big cocks, and will soon beg to suck them and have them fuck your ass. Your job will be to satisfy them when women are not available.”

“No!” He protested, rattling in vain against his restraints. He had no idea if this insane bitch could do as she claimed, but no one was making him gay!

“It’s no use fighting it,” Said the woman, “Anyway, it’s going to be fun!” And so saying, she lifted her skirt, and revealed her own tiny cock underneath. She was a shemale! “The Mistresses fixed me too! Now I know the pleasure of being a mindless slave to cock! And when I am not being fucked by big hot men, I am allowed to wank myself silly to gay porn. Wanking is all a small cock is good for, as you will soon understand!”

“NO!” He screamed. “Let me out!”

“Shush…” Soothed the shemale. “Your cries will upset the others!”

He frowned. What others? Suddenly Gareth noticed the two other nude men strapped into chairs identical to his. The three of them pretty much filled the small and non-descript bare-brick room (it was, he decided, very reminiscent of a cell). All three of them were facing a large flat screen TV on the far wall, but it was currently off.

The shemale walked to the other two men in turn. Both were out cold, and she woke them with smelling salts. The first one, a dark haired guy in his twenties with a slim body, woke quickly and stared up at her.

“Good morning, Head Slave Michaela,” Says the man groggily to the shemale. “Am I to have more reprogramming today?”

“Yes, Paula,” Said the shemale, calling the other prisoner by a female name. “You have been doing so well these last few weeks. In just a few more sessions the last of your mind will be purged, and you can be a true cum slut!”

“Oh yes!” Said Paula, his voice full of eager desperation. “I want to suck cock so badly, Michaela! Please! Please let me suck cock!”

“Soon, soon,” Promised the shemale. “In the meantime, just watch the video as you always do. Don’t fight it, just watch and wank and let your will collapse. Watch and wank. Watch and wank.”

“Watch and wank,” Intoned Paula. “Watch and wank.”

Michaela smiled at how docile the young man was, and walked over the third and final of her captives. She woke this one with smelling salts too, but he was far less happy to see her.

“You again you freak!” Snarled the man, this guy about thirty and, despite a muscled physique, he too was severely lacking in cock size. “You’ve had me here for days and I still haven’t bent to your insanity! Just give up and let me go!”

“Now now,” Admonished Michaela. “We both now that isn’t true, Samantha. You came yesterday, I saw the evidence myself. I think you are starting to like the video.”

“Never!” Spat the man defiantly. “And my name is Samuel!”

“Samantha,” Said the shemale firmly. “Small-dicked wankers don’t need male names. Now, be quiet and enjoy the show. I know you did yesterday,” She added with a wink.

Then Michaela turned and walked back to her first prisoner. “Don’t worry about your cellmates,” She said to Gareth. “Just focus on the video and you will be fine. And before I forget, you are ‘Gina’ from now on, okay?”

“No it isn’t!” He snapped back, looking over at Samantha (er… Samuel) for support and seeing the other rebellious prisoner nod in encouragement. “My name is Gareth!”

“Not important!” The shemale told him firmly. “You will soon be a born-again slut, and sluts need new names. Now, I must depart. Enjoy the show, small-dicks, I shall see you all in a few hours!”

And with that she left the room with a door located behind the three of them. The heavy metal clang of a cell door locking told them of her departure, and a few seconds after the wide screen TV before them came on.

The day’s brainwashing had begun…


Gareth watched the images for the first time, horrified. It started relatively simple, with men. Nude men. Long camera shots across their bodies, homing in on their big cocks. One of the men was a well-endowed hunk with a tanned, ripped physique and a cock longer than the combined length of the three prisoners! He and his handful of friends stood around a bedroom, teasing their growing erections as the cameras circled.

Suddenly, words flashed across the screen, so fast that Gareth almost could not catch it. It said: Big men are superior to you!

He frowned. What?

“Big men are superior to me…” Intoned the ever-eager Paula to his left. Looking over, Gareth realised why their bodies and legs were bound to the chairs but not their arms. They needed their hands free to jerk themselves off, and Paula was already wanking himself steadily to the nude men on the TV.

On screen the show continued as a second group of men entered. These men were much smaller, lacking big muscles and having tiny cocks. These men were also hairless from the neck down, and were instantly submissive to the bigger men.

Small men must serve!

The words flashed on the screen as the three prisoners watched, and again Paula dutifully repeated.

Gareth decided that he had had enough of this already. He refused to watch this insanity anymore and shut his eyes instead.

Instantly an electric charge ran through his restraints, a jolt of agony that made his eyes snap open.

“That won’t work,” Said Samuel sadly. “They are watching us.”

“Don’t shut your eyes. Just watch,” Urged Paula. “Watch and wank…”

Gareth watched, but he kept his hands firmly at his sides. No one gave him an electric charge for not jerking off, and for the next hour he watched the images but did not give in.


Time passed, and the endless parade of instructions, accompanied by guy on guy action, continued. The puny men were now on their knees before the big men, servicing them with their mouths. They started out by licking the heads of the big, engorged cocks, tasting the sweet precum there. Then they took the lengths into their mouths, gleefully sucking as the big men moaned in pleasure at the well-practised blow-jobs. The commands continued across the screen.

Sucking cock is fun!

Swallowing cum feels good!

You are not a man, you are a slut!

Your cock is no use to anyone!

You will only cum through wanking yourself!

Sex with women is forever denied to you!

Women are supreme in the world.

Hot big-dick men are second only to women.

Sluts like you are slaves to both, the lowest beings there are.

Many times over these were repeated, fading in and out so often that Gareth began to get used to their presence. Paula clearly knew the script well, reciting each line as he pumped his tiny erection with his hands. Several times the most enthusiastic prisoner’s cock exploded with the small amounts of cum common to someone who masturbates a lot. Each time he erupted messily over himself and the floor, the twenty-something called “I am a slut!” in ecstatic joy. The orgasmic bliss on his face was something that made Gareth both fearful and, oddly, a little aroused.

After a marathon of oral sex, the big men on the TV came hard, and the small men eagerly tasted the thick white cum of their superiors. Then, as the hunks recovered, their sluts fell to all fours, presenting their asses to their masters.

“Brace yourself, new guy,” Warned Samuel, the pained resignation in his voice palpable.

Gareth wondered what he meant, but quickly the answer came. He suddenly felt something rising from the chair beneath him, and he quickly guessed what it was!

It feels good to have a cock in your ass.

This newest instruction began as the big men began to fuck their gay sluts on the video. And to drive the point home (literally) anal toys were rising up into the three prisoners. Gareth grunted and tried to shift his body to escape the slowly rising fake cock, but his lower body was too firmly secured to the chair.

The device penetrated deeper, and it caused Gareth such a pain! “No!” He cried, clenching in an attempt to stop it, but the machine in the chair was relentless. Soon the agonising insertion was complete, and though the fake dick felt huge, he had no idea just how big or small it was.

He stole a look at his fellow prisoners. Paula was, predictably, delighted, grasping with pleasure as he was violated, his cock hardening once again. Samuel was less than pleased, though he did not look pained by the experience.

Suddenly, the three anal toys activated, and Gareth realised that they were vibrators! His whole ass began to shake as it started up inside him, and though he told himself it hurt, it actually felt oddly soothing.

“It feels good to have a cock in my ass!” Cried Paula, repeating the words on the screen and starting to wank his hardening cock.

Meanwhile Samuel was trying to fight it. “No…” He protested meekly, “Please no…”

Gareth looked on in horror as Samuel’s tiny cock began to harden, though the prisoner fought it as best he could. For now Gareth was still in pain from the vibrator’s presence, but he wondered how long it would be before he too found reluctant joy in the violation of his ass. Could he fight it?

Certainly the small men on the video were loving the real thing being inside them. As the larger men pounded their asses, the sissies moaned and cried out in pleasure, begging their superiors to be harder and faster. Gareth had never seen gay porn before, and he was stunned by how enthusiastic the submissive males were. It was like they were addicted, like they were junkies for the drug called ‘cock’. Oddly, the commands reflected this.

You crave cock in your ass.

You NEED cock in your ass.

You will do anything for a big hard cock to fuck you senseless.

A big hard man fucking your ass is the highlight of your life.

You live for getting fucked by big cocks.

Without real cock, you feel empty.

You can only fill the void with frequent toy use.

You will play with anal toys in your free time.

Wanking feels better when you have something up your ass.

Wanking feels better when you have something up your bum.

Bum-fun feels great!

You need bum-fun!

Real cock or bum-fun, this is all that matters to you.

This is all that matters to a sissy slut.

You are a sissy slut.

You are a sissy slut.

You are a sissy slut…

As they guy-on-guy porn reached its climax, so did the commands, hammering home again and again what it wanted the three prisoners to be. Gareth looked over at Paula, who was crying out his sissy slut status while his cock exploded for the tenth time. The look of mindless joy on his face was indescribable. Paula was clearly addicted to wanking to gay porn, and Gareth knew that, were a real cock present, Paula would submit as eagerly as the small men in the video. The question was, was Paula always gay? Or had he come here just as defiant as Samuel? Did this video really break men as that shemale had claimed?

Gareth’s attention was then drawn to Samuel, who was also moaning in orgasmic release! The other prisoner was not even touching his erection, but his face was contorted in ecstatic ecstasy and he was cumming regardless.

Samuel had held back since the video began, and now he came so hard that his cock spurted fiercely in his own face and across his body. His eyes wide with joy, he seemed to relish the feeling of release for a few moments, groaning in delight, until he remembered himself. His face fell, suddenly looking sad and fearful, and his stared at his softening cock like it had betrayed him.

“Just like yesterday,” He mused regretfully. “I cum just from having my ass violated.”

“You can get off on bum-fun!” Said Paula with awe. The video had ceased and the vibrators were withdrawing from their asses and back into the chairs. Now free to talk, the most obedient prisoner seemed to notice his fellows for the first time. “You are so lucky, Samantha!”

“Samuel!” Retorted the other man sharply, but the anger was gone quickly, replaced with self-pity. Turning to Gareth, he said, “It’s happening, isn’t it? I’m going to end up like that queer over there. They are going to make me gay. And you too.”

Gareth had no answer. He was starting to be afraid of the very same thing. “I didn’t cum, at least,” He said, taking comfort in that.

“Neither did I on my first day,” Said Samuel. “Resist as long as you can, but I am starting to think we are all doomed.”

“Shush!” Said Paula. “The break is over, the video is starting again!”

“What?” Asked Gareth in a panic.

Samuel sighed. “Round two,” He said. “And we will watch it twice more before the day is done.”

The screen came alive with the hot men and Gareth watched in horror again.

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