True Stories: Boydick on a Man! (Gay Themes)

by SDC Webmaster

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Here is a true online chat transcript between two guys discussing the sizes of their cocks:

Me: I was looking at your twitter feed and noticed some comments about penis size, including “Do you think 4 inches is small? If it’s 4 inches erect, yes.”

Him: LMFAOOOOOO yes! Hahahaha but you cannot tell me that isn’t sooo true.

Me: Yeah, it’s true. Out of curiosity, how big are you?

Him: A little over 6.5″ I love it haha and you?

Me: Well … about 4″

Him: That’s fucking small, lol!

Me: Haha, right? You can be honest.

Him: Well average size is 5″ to 6.5″, so yours is small lmfao

Me: I’m open about it, I know I’m tiny. After reading what you wrote, I wouldn’t be able to satisfy you, would I?

Him: I don’t wanna be mean but to kind of answer your question, no 4″ does not appeal to me, lol

Me: No, it’s good to know ๐Ÿ™‚ Some of my exes were open about it. They said 4 just isn’t much to look at, doesn’t turn them on, you know?

Him: That’s pretty much how it is. It’s not a turn on really. Whatcha gonna do tho, right?

Me: Ya, agreed. There’s not much I can do with it, so I sometimes joke I was born to be on my knees :p

Him: Omg LOLOLOLOL that’s hysterical!

Me: Yeah. I’ve accepted that though. I really do like sucking cock anyway, especially real cocks like yours ๐Ÿ™‚

Him: What do you mean real cocks?

Me: Well I once saw a chart that showed average sizes by age. And the average 13-year-old is 5″, so if I’m smaller than a 13yo, can I really call it a cock? Maybe a boydick.

Him: LOLOLOLOL omg *dead*

Me: Haha, what would you call it?

Him: Boydick is accurate I guess lol

Me:Admit it, 4″ is never gonna please a guy. It’s not fun to look at, it can’t go deep, what’s the point?

Him: Oh no I agree for sure. I’ve just never come across this situation or heard about it before. It seems a bit sad though ๐Ÿ™

Me: Haha, true, 4″ *is* sad! :p But don’t you feel like guys with little boydicks are born to pleasure real cocks? And I enjoy it – I know my role, my place.

Him: Yeah, I guess so. LOL.

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  1. I don’t think 4″ is anything to be ashamed of. I don’t think it’s “not fun to look at”. If anything, I hate the look and feel of those overly massive veiny dicks. I’ve been dating a guy now for a while, and when we’re ready for it and I discover he hasn’t got “a real cock” I’ll still love him regardless.

    Life isn’t just about how far you can stick your dick up an ass.

    PS: I know you’re probably reading this going ‘he’s got a small dick’, no, to clarify I’m larger than the “him” in this story. And no it isn’t a fetish either. I just believe that if he makes you happy (not just in the bed) and you both love each other then why should it matter??

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