Bigger Is Better (Gay Themes)

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By Dave Miller

Hi, my name is Jon I’ve always seen myself as a Straight acting guy playing Rugby chasing women drinking beer being one of the boys. But for as long as I can remember there has been this other side of me let me explain. I am now 23 and have had quite a few girlfriends about six of them, I slept with they never complained about my undersized cock, but I could see it in their faces the first time that they saw it that they had expected more from such a tall well-built guy.

I’m 6.3 nearly 200 pounds of muscles without being arrogant, I am every woman’s dream in nearly every category except one that is My Cock is just under 4inches in length. My small cock has always preyed on my mind and I kidded myself that my interest in Bigger Man sized cocks was just curiosity. For years I avoided situations where I would have to be nude in front of my friends I seldom showered after games and if I did id make sure that nobody saw my cock. That was until last week.

I have recently moved to a new town to start a new job where nobody knows me and am renting a room in a big country house of a man named Tom. Tom is 59 but in fairly good shape for a man of his years and still regularly plays tennis. As I didn’t know anyone when I moved in and my job was not due to start for another 3 weeks I began spending a lot of time with Tom helping him in the garden watching films together and we became good friends. One day Tom informed me that his Tennis partner had dropped out and asked if I would like to play him. I agreed and we went down to the local tennis centre.

After the game, I began to undress next to Tom keeping my underwear on as usual and about to put on my pants and shirt when Tom asked if I was planning to take a shower. I told him that I had no towel or so I would wait till we got home. Tom told me that he had a spare towel which he threw at me, I wrapped the towel around myself pulled my boxers down headed to the showers hoping that I would finish showering before he arrived therefore avoiding the humiliation of him seeing my small cock which after playing sport always shrivels up as if trying to escape back into my body.

Tom joined me before I could finish and began a conversation. I tried to put my back to him, but Tom was standing in front of me, obviously not at all bashful and was talking about how I could improve my game. I don’t know why, but I looked down towards Tom’s crotch where I saw a Cock that must have been over 5inches soft, and twice as thick as mine was when hard. As Tom is much smaller than me in body size (he’s around 5.8 and 140 pounds his cock looked absolutely huge compared to mine). I continued talking to Tom and I found myself unable to look away from his cock. I noticed Tom looking down at my cock and then look at his and he smiled and laughed to himself. I quickly left the shower and headed to the changing room. Tom followed and we drove back home.

The next morning Tom called up to me that breakfast was ready and to my when I walked down Tom was just in his robe. After breakfast as it was a sunny day Tom and myself sat in his extension just looking out towards his large secluded garden. It was a very hot day and Tom commented that he was very hot in the robe and he asked if minded if he took it off. I was a bit flustered, but thinking that he probably had boxer shorts underneath, I mumbled, “Of course not.”
Tom opened his robe and to my complete shock, he was completely nude underneath. This man moved to sit opposite me proudly showing off to me the biggest cock I had ever seen as if it was completely normal.

I was obviously flustered and I was sweating and mumbling while staring in awe of this much smaller sized man who was 35 years my senior but whose cock made mine seem like a child’s cock. Tom asked me if everything was ok and I said sure wanting to get up and leave this situation, but afraid that my legs would turn to jelly. Tom asked me if his nudity made me nervous to which I didn’t answer. He said that he had noted my interest in his cock in the showers yesterday and therefore didn’t think I’d mind if he now spent more time around the house naked. He suggested that I also strip as it was such a hot day and that I was obviously sweating. I declined to which he said words that nearly stopped my heart, but at the same time shot a bolt through my cock.

“Don’t be ashamed that your cock is so small, Jon, I won’t tell anyone.” I was in shock, but he went on, “Come on, Jon, let’s compare.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. For some reason I wanted Tom to see how much bigger his cock was and I stripped to reveal my scared cock. My cock had shrivelled up to about one-inch in length. Tom laughed when he saw it and said, “Wow, I’ve never seen such a tiny thing on such a big strong guy like you, Jon. It looks positively tiny!”

His words had a strange effect on me and my cock began to grow and soon was fully hard. Even fully hard I noticed that his still soft cock looked several inches longer, and at least twice as thick as mine. “Even hard, it’s tiny, Jon. No wonder you like staring at my cock so much.” The more he teased me the more I loved it. “Wait here, Jon, I’ll be right back.”

Tom returned holding a tape measure and to my surprise he sat next to my surprise and delight he measured my cock. “Hmm, nearly four-inches, Jon,” he told me. “Shall we measure mine now?” I nodded sheepishly. Tom measured his still soft cock and showed me the marking which was six and a half inches. “Why don’t you help me get it hard, Jon, so we can see just how much bigger mine is than your boy cock?”

I loved his words of humiliation and I have never been so hard or so excited. I nervously reached out a finger to touch his cock so slowly as if I was seeing if it was real. I began to caress his rising cock with first a finger and then two and then my whole hand. I loved how it got bigger and bigger with my touch and how I couldn’t wrap my hand around its super thick shaft. Soon my touch had done the job and Tom moved my hand and began flaring the head of his now rock solid and amazingly sized cock. To me it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen Tom measured it, and it was more than eight inches of thick cock. “Mine’s more than twice the size of yours,” Tom told me, laughingly looking at my cock.

I laughed with him now totally enjoying the humiliation and being next to such a well-endowed man. Tom stood up and without him saying a word I got on my knees in front of him. “Put your hands by your side and don’t touch till it tell you too, OK?”

I replied yes to Toms command now totally controlled by his cock. Tom placed his cock just inches away from my face and flexed his angry cock head in my face. I watched as precum oozed from this giant cock. Tom now began slapping my face with his cock as I desperately tried to get at it with my tongue. He was teasing me and I loved it. “You love my cock, don’t you Jon? Tell me how bad you want it.”

“I want it so bad,” I replied with no shame, “Please let me lick it, Tom, please.”

Tom stopped moving and I began to kiss up and down his long shaft as if his cock was an actual person. I was kissing and licking as he rubbed his cock between my lips. I was like a man possessed trying to get as much as possible into my mouth. I tried as best I could and I managed to gradually work around six inches of his giant cock down my throat. Tom despite his age managed to keep his super cock hard for what seemed like hours and I continued to kiss lick and suck his man’s cock. Whenever Tom teased me about my little cock I just sucked more down. Eventually Tom Pulled his twitching Monster out and began stroking in in my face till he finally blew a bucket load of cum all over my face. I was licking it up like a starving man who hadn’t eaten in days.

To my surprise and delight, Tom stayed hard and told me to get on all fours, which I did. Tom then mounted me from behind and began teasing my asshole with his cock, telling me that I was about to feel what a cock twice as big as mine felt like my ass. I just begged him to stop teasing me and to take my virgin ass. I was able to look into the lounge mirror and the sight of this small man mounting me from behind trying to force this huge cock in my ass what too much for me and I blew my load on the floor without my cock ever being touched by either of us.

Tom then began to push into me describing to me as inch by inch went in my tight aching hole. When he had about 4 inches in he commented to me that this was all I was going to get. I cried, “Why, I want it all.”

He teased me by saying, “Think of all them women you’ve fucked who only got the same amount of cock I have in you now.”

I said, “Sorry, please put more in.”

“Are you mine now, Jon?” He asked and I nodded. “You’re now my slave and servant, and will you do anything and everything I tell you to do, Jon.”


Tom with one mighty push, shoved all his huge cock in me. Once I had got used to the size this slender built, but much bigger cocked man than me fucked me so hard and so fast, that I cried for him never to stop.


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