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It happened on a Beach in France – An English tourist gets busted taking pictures of some sexy French girls at the beach, and suffers some instant justice from them.

The All Male Gym – The first thing Steve noticed about this all male gym is what amazing shape everyone seemed to be in.

The Hunt – Two girls enjoy humiliating all the boys in school.

The Honeymoon Hiccup – A story about cock worship and slut-wifery that revolves around a newly married couple on their honeymoon.

Getting Caught – A guy is sprung spying on his sunbathing teen sister and her friends and they get some payback.

Expectations – Shouldn’t a fire fighter have a big hose?

My Week With Laurie – A co-worker discovers his secrets.

First Time With Hannah – After meeting her parents, a couple has sex in the dark.

The Son She Never Had – A 19yo is taken seduced by a ravenous cougar.

Mean Girls — Fourteen days in his new apartment and John Fields already felt like a lucky man.

The Act – A man joins a phoney hypnotist act to be the foil for the main attraction.

Matter of Size – Sometimes it’s better to think small.

The Party – Frank gets humiliated by his girlfriend at the party.

Tiny Tits Tanya – A small breasted woman finds the perfect partner.

The Prank – Manny is convinced his Asian dorm mate has a tiny penis and plans to expose him.

A Size Matter – Greg is really down about the size of his dick, but gets some unexpected help from someone close.

The Big Man On Campus – Robert learns that he has the biggest dick of all his friends, in fact statistically, it’s bigger than most men. Boy, does he feel good about himself now.

The Jock & His Incredible Shrinking Cock (SPH/Fantasy) – An arrogant Jock is brought down to size.

The small and the large of it – A woman tells her story of her first two boyfriends, losing her virginity, and prom night

Jakes Dilemma – His stepmom catches in nude in the pool, so he lies about being a naturist so she wont think he’s a pervert. Unluckily for him she loves the idea of him being so open-minded and now he has to go nude much more than he ever wanted to.

Smaller than Average Part 1 – A guy has a wild weekend with his new girlfriend as they explore each others bodies and he learns that he is not an average size dick as he thought.
Smaller than Average Part 2 – The four head off to the gym for a workout but the girls have more humiliation fun in mind for our hero.
Smaller than Average Part 3 – An Anniversary Surprise for the ‘smaller than average’ guy.
Smaller than Average Part 4 – Small penis humiliation at a doctors visit.
Smaller Than Average Part 5 – Our guy is caught masturbating, so his wife steps in to help out.


Little Big Boy – A local body builder seems to be able to make all his muscles big, bar one.

Humiliating My Stepbrother: Part 1 – A devious, manipulative girl enjoys humiliating her shy, naive stepbrother.
Humiliating My Stepbrother: Part 2 – Zoey continues her game to convince her brother he has a small dick.

The Small Penis Club – A man gets involved with a humiliation website and has some interesting experiences.

Hot Pants in Hot Yoga – Small penis exposed in a hot yoga session at his new gym.

Rubber – A wife complains to her friends about finding a condom that fits her husband.

Afternoon Tea – Two women get tea served to them by a submissive male.

The Asian Hooker – I’m Bobby, and I’m 36 years old, 5’1″, 103 lbs and my penis is very tiny. When I say tiny, my penis is almost inverted when soft and barely an inch on a good hard day. This is my story.

The Happy Hooker – A man desperate for love turns to a prostitute with surprising results.

Heather Left Me in the Bathroom – A guy gets humiliated at a bar.

The Involuntary Ejaculator – A man looses control during a physical exam.

The Contest – Some guys are put through the toilet roll test. How would you go?

I’m Where You Belong – The story of a couple and the trails and tribulations they suffer in the name of love.

Little Clean Up Man – His alluring supervisor teases and torments him

Finding out the hard way – A guy gets set up by his wife to learn some home truths about their relationship and his equipment.

Cocktail Frank – A Mother discovers her son’s shortcomings.

The High School Freshman – His first day at High School is shall we say eventful.

Caught – A guy gets busted by his female flatmates for being a pervert.

The Doctor’s Office – A guy has to have a medical check up for a new job.

Joshua Learns His Lesson – Some punishments in school leave a lasting impression.

Oh Fiona – Tom’s new stepmom accidentally discovers his short-comings and starts having fun bossing him around.

A Birthday Surprise – It was a birthday I’d never forget. Karen, my wife, had arranged a surprise party for me.

The Guy Next Door – He’s decided to embrace the naturist lifestyle. It’s just a shame he has nothing worth looking at.

The Family Vacation – A vacation to Hawaii makes a man finally see the truth about himself.

Anything For Lindsay Part 1 – A ‘Little’ guy is controlled by his dream girl.
Anything for Lindsay Part 2 – The pool party begins.
Anything for Lindsay Part 3 – Jason begins to be controlled by the whole family


Little Ricky: Little Dicky Part 1 – What happens to Ricky when he finds out he is not well hung?
Little Ricky: Little Dicky Part 2 – Will Amber see little Ricky again or will she expose him?
Little Ricky: Little Dicky Part 3 – What did Bryn see? Does Ricky see?


In Through The Out Door – When the kids are away, the parents do play.


The Strip Club – A man becomes an object of humiliation by the strippers at the local strip club and he loves it.

The Stripper – A man decides to do some stripping to help pay the rent under the stage name of ‘Mr Massive’.

Poker Night – What starts out as a friendly game of poker turns into a night of revelations.

My Asshole Boss – Toni just got accepted into Grad School so she plans to get some revenge on her arrogant sexist boss before she leaves.

The Story of Doug – After several years of marriage Doug learns his wife isn’t as happy as he thought.

Class Reunion – The head cheerleader finally gives tiny Tom what he has wanted his whole life.

The Bet! – With his arms secured over his head, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist, Richard regretted big-time bragging about how well hung he was, especially when his vindictive stepsister discovers the truth.

The Storeman – A guy working in the storeroom of a female apparel shop finds it too tempting to resist those silky panties and decided he needs to feel them on his cock.

A Little Honey – Giving birth stretches her vagina so much she can no longer feel her husbands dick, so she calls in some outside help to turn things around.

Big Brother’s Baby Boner – His 16 YO Sister and her friends humiliates him about his tiny penis.

Exposed by the Pool – After having his togs pulled down at a friends pool party and being humiliated in front of his peers, a small dick guy suddenly finds he likes public exhibitionism and humiliation.

Running into an Ex-GF – A small dick guy runs into an ex and just needs to know how much bigger her new man is compared to him.

Virgin University – A married couple help a good looking friend who seems strangely afraid of women when they find out he is still a virgin at 25 years old.

Busted By My Foot Fetish! – “Wow you must really like how they smell your little guy feels like he could cut diamonds.” Nikki said with a giggle. “Go ahead smell them some more.” She teased as she again raised her stinky foot up to my face.

The Secrets Game – Tell us your biggest secret and if it’s the best you take home the money.

The Minuteman – With my thick pubic hair, you’ll need glasses to find it. A Doctor my mom took me to see told me I had a condition called micropenis and even though I took some hormones during the early years of puberty they did nothing to make my micro cock grow.

Allison Swallows… NOTHING! – Suddenly, and for no good reason, petite Allison lost all semblance of self-control. She spun around, dropped to her knees, pulled Liam’s gym shorts down to his ankles and started to kiss his penis very lightly.

Expectations! – We’d been dating for months. We’d both agreed to wait for sex because the anticipation would make our first time much more memorable. Every night when a call came and you rushed out of the fire station in your turnouts and I would get so turned on just thinking about how big your cock was going to be.

The Hallway Incident – A submissive boyfriend is locked outside of his Girlfriends dorm rude in the nude.

Paying For It – “It’s a nice… little… cock,” she cooed, “and you like being told that don’t you? You like it when I say you have a baby dick. You like me staring at your little prick?”

Save the Teeny Weenies! – A woman’s plea to mankind!

The Naughty Nurse – Nurse Angela Montez loves to dominate men and has had this compulsion since high school. Her career has made it easy to enjoy her little kink.

Reversal of Fortune – A small dick guy is humiliated in the ER by all the sexy nurses!

Julie – A small dick guy is humiliated by his sexy sister in-law one morning.

Big Brother Has Little Package! – A small dick guy is humiliated by his younger sister and her friend!

Jerking off to Jessica – three teen boys get a chance to jerk off in front of a hot chick.

Nude beach Horror – the girl of his dreams is single again and so he decides to make a move!

My Foot Fetish Exposes Me – his buddies wife’s dirty socks prove too much for him.

Sprung by Boss – A nice day of co-worker bonding ended up a sordid experience of humiliation.

The Life of John – John life takes a turn when he is blackmailed for his tiny manhood.

The Artists Model – An Artist Tim has the hots for asks him to pose nude for her painting.

The New Toy – A man gets a chance to be something he never thought possible!

The Torture Chamber – A man is lured into a BDSM lifestyle by a dominant woman.

The New Job – A man goes for an interview as a house servant and finds out the job is more demeaning than even he thought it would be!

The Medical – A small dick guy gets a new job but needs a medical check up first. Will this turn into another episode of humiliation for him?

Blackmail – Todd has been stealing money to support his GF’s needs. But after he dumps her she decides she isn’t finished with him just yet!

High School Initiation – A freshman at High School on his first day is teased mercilessly by some older teen girls.

The Girl Scouts – A group of horny girl scouts humiliate their small cocked master.

The Examination – A trip to the Urologist turns into a life changing humiliation event.

My Voyeuristic Neighbour – A man discovers the single mother next door is a peeping tomette!

dang-that's tiny-small

It’s Not You. It’s Your Penis! – A sex romp with a co-worker leads to an embarrassing realisation.

The Femdom Student & The Professor – A small penis Professor is taught a lesson in submission.

The Homework Assignment – A small dick man learns that it is to his benefit to do a pretty girls homework for her.

The Night Watchman – A group of daring female burgler’s discover the night watchman isn’t packing.

The Babysitter – Sick of their sons bad behaviour they hire a sitter who will put him in his place.

My Psychotic Roomy – A small dick guy is humiliated by is crazy flat mate.

The Panty Sniffer – A tiny dick man is caught smelling dirty panties.

Confessions of a Taxi Driver – A small dick man gets his fare paid in a unique way.

The Night Nurse – A man’s pre-op shave turns into a harrowing tale of small penis humiliation.

The Sister In-law – A small dick pervert is caught sniffing his sister in-laws panties.

My First Time Naked In Public – A small cock man learns he likes exposing himself.

The Landlady & Babydick – A nice landlady helps a Tennant after he is injured.

Small Dicks Anonymous – A man learns his secret is out. He has a very small cock and someone knows!

Seeking Help – A guy decides to talk to someone about his small cock issues.

Sorority Girls & the Professor! – A sorority initiation exposes a well liked Professor as having a tiny penis!

The Teeny Peeny – A small dick guy exposes himself and becomes an object of a fetish.

The Job Interview - A man is berated by his younger female boss for his tiny penis.

The Devil Wears Pigtails – A Father confronts his wayward daughters behaviour only to have the tables turned on him.

Mommy Likes To Suck My Pinky Dick - A small dick loser finds a woman who likes his small cock.


One Thing Leads To Another Part 1 – A girl embarrasses guy with tiny dick.
One Thing Leads To Another Part 2 – Humiliation of guy with small dick continues.
One Thing Leads To Another Part 3 – Small-cocked man forced to strip outdoors.
One Thing Leads To Another Part 4 – Sarah takes advantage of small cock.
One Thing Leads To Another Part 5 – Steve takes advantage of Sarah.
One Thing Leads To Another Part 6 – Small-cocked man gets revenge.
One Thing Leads To Another Part 7 - Steve faces his tormentors.


How My Interest in CFNM Got Started – A college smartass gets busted as a “home nudist”.


Solving my Little Problem Part 1 – Small-dick man becomes plaything of aggressive girls.
Solving my Little Problem Part 2 – Coed takes virginity of small-dicked man.
Solving my Little Problem Part 3 – Little dick man proves he can eat pussy.
Solving my Little Problem Part 4 – Small man gets anonymous blowjob from secret admirer.
Solving my Little Problem Part 5 – Investigating the identity of the Mystery Girl.
Solving my Little Problem Part 6 – Man is handcuffed, blindfolded, and molested.