52 Things you can say to humiliate a small dick guy!

by SDC Webmaster

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52 things that no man with a small penis wants to hear but should be told anyway:

1. Oh, it’s so cute! Like a little boys dick!

2. I’m really sorry for you it’s like a disability or something!

3. Oh, come on, it’s ok! It’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean eh? (laughs)

4. I have seen bigger clits to be honest!

5. What if we just cuddle a bit instead?

6. You know there’s an operation…

7. It is much more fun to look at than if it was normal size!

8. Can I draw a smiley on it?

9. Wau, your feet are really big! I only just noticed it…

10. My last partner was at least 4 inches longer!

11. Look, there’s an inch long worm on your thigh!!!

12. Does it squeal if I squeeze it?

13. Oh, I’m sorry, I have a headache today…

14. (You giggle and point your finger.)

15. Can I be honest with you? Your dick is too small.

16. My 8-year old brother has one just like it!

17. Just a second, I have to get the tweezers…

18. How lovely, you brought a scented stick!

19. This explains your huge car.

20. Apparently you haven’t stopped growing yet…

21. Is that it?

22. Oh thanks, I really need a toothpick!

24. I never new it could be so small!

25. What did God punish you for?

26. At least it won’t take long…

27. Let’s just hold hands…

28. Oh! That’s interesting…

29. It’s like a penis, only smaller!

30. Is it in yet? Ohhh it is????

31. Does it even work?

32. Are you on steroids cos I heard they shrink your dick?

33. I heard that excessive masturbation shortens the penis!

34. Maybe it’s the lightning…?

35. I think I have a dildo in my drawer!

36. What if we just skipped the action and lit a cigarette instead?

37. Tell me when you’re done…

38. Oh, I didn’t know you had an accident…

39. Oh look, it’s hiding!

40. Are you cold?

41. Only, if you make me drunk enough…

42. Is this an optical illusion?

43. Does it run in the family?

44. Were you castrated?

45. It’s good you have so many other talents!

46. Do you have an air pump for this?

47. Ahaaa, this is why we have to judge people by character …

48. Look, I can easily put it in my mouth!

49. Deep throat?!? Honey it wont even reach the back of my tongue!

50. Can you please pull the pencil out of me?

51. Can I hang my coat on this?

52. Look, my Barbie clothes are a perfect fit!


  1. love this stuff i get off on being humiliated, small and limp… my wife and her BF are always teasing me about that.. She def needs her BF to satisfy her as i am unable to 🙂

    little limp dics in panties are sexy for sure

  2. Love to be humiliated with such comments
    The other day I was standing naked in front of the window my wife said cover your self up quick in case someone sees not thinking I reached for one of my socks to hold in front of me she said
    Oh you won’t need anything that big to hide your little self

    1. Ashley. I love to be humiliated. I am 21/2 hard . Not even a inch shoft.. in high school they called me peanut dick or acorn dick. Lol

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